Mission Statement

1. As a production:
-To illustrate basic American social concepts -- and the forces that often oppose them historically.
-To offer an audience all the power and entertainment value of any current Broadway production -- but in the classic, hallmark tradition emphasizing story, characters, and relatable meaning. This production does not depend on shock value and the cheaper, short-term marketing techniques often employed in theater today.


2. Support:
-Supporting Education: to offer an educational vehicle emphasizing basic concepts and ideas important to Social Studies and Human Values courses -- in a way that will capture and engage a student audience.

-Supporting Community Organizations: to raise funds, and to encourage recruitment for volunteer organizations promoting community service and commitment to the American future [e.g.: America's Promise, Freedom Corps, Network for Good, Citizen Corps, associated groups].


3. Focal Point: Unique Position -- Global Picture
-We believe Athens & Knossos may be in a unique position to support, or be a 'focal point' for volunteer networks primarily because it emphasizes American concepts and motivations that drive these organizations in many cases. [see THEMES: the Social Contract, Activism, Individual Fairness, Base-Economic Model, Tolerance]
-And because it also addresses, allegorically -- a "global picture" within the story -- something which a great majority of Americans are beginning to wrestle with today, in this particular moment of history; in effect -- asking themselves:

"...what kind of a world, do we wish for ?..."

This production attempts to illustrate the basic concepts and ideas that have played a role in the past, and may well be important in defining this vision of the future.

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