-Two World Views-

The second view [Knossos] assumes a world of limited land, wealth and resources, wherein the strong will always struggle to secure the higher place -- or run the risk of being subjugated and deprived by someone else. Power structure tends to be pyramidal in form - and the prime social motivation is status within the dominant group. Focus on Winner/Loser Scenarios
20th Century Examples: WW II Japan, Germany, Stalinist Russia, modern Iraq, revivalist Iran, the Taliban, other third-world countries.

The first view [Athens, or American] doesn't recognize limitations on wealth, because the real resources lie in the productivity of people as a whole. That a richer world is possible for all , when you move in the direction of this far-reaching higher law -- the value of people. Power structure tends to be circular in form -- and the prime social motivation is guaranteed rights and general opportunity. Focus on Winner/Winner Scenarios
20th Century Examples: America, Canada, Western Europe, Israel, modern Japan, others.

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