-Theseus -
heir to Athens

Son of King Aegius, of Athens -- but raised in a foreign land. Stubborn young philosopher with his own vision of the future of Athens. Probably an early organizer of the Craft Guilds and/or Free-masons originating at this time. Attitude and manner would be much like a young civil rights lawyer.

Has been credited with the Greek theory of the polis -- that the best society is where the most people have the most chance to contribute their own talents -- which may have come from his early ancestors, the Hindu priest-kings to the North.


Physically -- not over-imposing, but athletic and somewhat military in manner-- always seems to be focused, but searching also. And if he does have doubts or insecurities inside--- he does not share them. Height--5'7'--5'10' .

Average to good looks. tenor/baritone, Broadway stage; lead-level.
Stage Age: 19-23

Songs: Memory, Now


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