-Sinjah -
an Omazon girl

A rare acquisition for the Bullcourt of Crete -- captured from the isolated land of the Omazons in Northern Greece.

Historical Theory--the Omazin, or Omazons, were an independent tribe arising from the Earth Goddess peoples of southern Greece after invasion by Northern Shepherd Kings -- who vowed never to accept these military overlords, or their male-dominated Sky-Father religion---- making a living by breeding and selling their horses across the northern frontier ; sometimes raiding local villages in sparse times -- sometimes stealing female infants to raise as their own.

The character of Sinjah is a surprising projection -- a natural heterosexual raised in what was a strict, conformist all-woman society.. Unable to choose a "secret friend" [ life-partner ] --from her sisters: and too sensitive for hunting or raiding -- she believes she is a "bad seed"-- the Omazon term for potential traitor, and coward...

Personality -- Serious self-esteem issues. Appears proud and defiant at times, but vulnerable; easy to hurt underneath. Probably wise, but very inexperienced. Can't stand to be laughed at. Joins the Athenians when they desperately need a seventh member for their team -- maybe to prove something . But eventually is drawn to Maicedonia, after realizing he may be an outcast from his own people as well --- both looking for an answer.

Appearance -- Not the stereotyped muscular 'Amazon.' Strikingly exotic, but much more elegance here than strength -- probably enough to make most girls jealous, though she may not understand this yet.

Coltish Legs -- long, mane-like tresses. Young, expressive eyes. Much more of a Pocahantas, child of nature type; than a warrior. Though clearly there is some power in the slim, athletic form.

Movement / Gestures -- Careful, deer-like awareness and grace. -- probably a beautiful dancer. Often uses Omazon hand-signs to emphasize a point --- sometimes tosses the hair or stamps the foot when upset.

Speech -- certainly foreign, English a second language -- accent is broken, but definite Spanish or French sound to it.. Charmingly upright delivery. Very fond of the phrase: "And so... " Insists on calling Maice by his full name, Maicedonia -- much as an Italian mother might call her son Antonia, instead of Tony -- like his friends.

Voice -- Soprano with belt. Songs: Maice, and Scared of Me [ duet ]

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