-Minos -
Emperor of Crete

Minos, with the Taurean Crown
(possible inspiration of the Minotaur legend)

Father of Princess Ariadne --
advanced in years, taken with illness. Supports further trade and development in the Mediterranean, but unable to stop the tide of support for conquest and expansion, led by Rhadamanthos. Likely soon to be voted out by the Cretan Council (of nine cities). Appears in only one scene with an offer of help for Theseus and the Athenians.


Believes in a theory that the world will always be torn between two opposing forces within human nature
(The Ancient Door)

Compassionate vs. survivalistic, nurturing vs. aggressive -- or simply what he calls "give and take." Similar to 'Yin and Yang' from the Chinese, or 'Eros and Logos' from the later Classical Greek.

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