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Romantic Leads ..... Ancient Connections

Theseus & Ariadne
The future founder of Athens and the high priestess of Crete -- A meeting of two cultures, two religions, two social visions...but both seeking elusive wisdomn from a distant prior age.
Sinjah & Maicedonia
The story of Sinjah, an outcast from a tribe of outcasts,
the Amazons -- who finds her own meaning of freedom and self-esteem
in a special friendship with the Gladiator from Sparta, Maicedonia.

Opposing Groups ... Opposing Beliefs

Populist: Theseus & The Athenians
The belief in social committment: the idea that every generation has to work for a fair and balanced society ..... or run the risk of losing it.
Authoritarian: Rhadamanthos & the Cretan Council
The powerful Cretan Senator, with the belief that societies and nations will always be driven by the need for status first - and that those who cannot dominate militarily or economically, will be relegated to the lowest class.
Individualist: Maicedonia & the Free Thinkers
The belief that society will always be subject to corruption at the highest levels. Therefore, individuals must serve themselves first, unless society is doing something for them.
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