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"... Ancient history, mythology, romance, intrigue, philosophy ... .. a meditation on the facts behind the myths of ancient cultures .... obviously a labor of love ... this production has a haunting quality that won't go away ..."
Journal Enquirer (source)

".... clearly deserves a much wider audience ... Rich music .. set decoration is striking ... features just the right balance between lyrics and drama which makes musicals entertaining and greater than the sum of any of their parts ..."
East Hartford Gazette (source)

"...There is nothing like this show available at this time...a powerful, resource and teaching tool that makes basic social studies concepts come alive in a highly realistic, theatrical setting."
Dan Gregg, Director of Social Studies -- Connecticut State Department of Education

"...This is a musical-theater presentation with an unusually wide scope and depth -- conveying basic concepts and ideas very important to the American system -- especially today. And I believe it also has the ability to capture and engage a young student audience -- which is an important element in itself..."
Gary LeBeau, State Senator, Teacher: American History ( see other excerpts - endorsement letter)

" We look forward to working with you in the future-- and your program of early history ..... it is important for our youth to understand the early forms of government and how they came about so they can truly appreciate living in America and the freedoms our democracy provides. "
Steven McLeary -- Exec. Director, Special Operations Warrior Foundation

" .. a beautiful production ... this would be a great supporting project not only for volunteer recruitment, but also for public awareness of basic American viewpoints ..."
Craig Hancock, Development Coordinator -- Citizen Corps, Conn. Chapter

" ... One of the best things is the portrayal of average people within the context of ancient history ... We would like to request tickets for underprivileged students in particular programs in the Hartford area. "
Dr. Martha Risser -- Classics Dept., Trinity College

"...has clearly done his homework on the ancient Athenian and Cretan cultures, and political unrest .... The bull-dance becomes both a central symbol of the sophisticated Cretan culture and a metaphor for its political intrigues, as democracy and monarchy battle for control .... a work that could garner serious attention in musical theater ... "
Journal Enquirer

" ..... Here is a production with everything a family audience could ask for .... music, characters and a story that actually means something ... it's too bad that current producer's have totally abandoned the middle-class audience ..."
Bo Decker -- Showcase News, New York City

".... The music, in particular, stayed with you ... it really lived up to its billing as a 'musical for all ages'.......... ... children enjoyed the characters ...."

"...the character of Theseus .. superb as a Hamlet-like figure caught up in a clash between the elite island culture and the brewing revolt among the palace's indentured gladiators training for the famous bull-dances ... ...... East Hartford's Main Street Playhouse could attract a broader following ..."
Bill Doak -- Editor, New Britain Herald Publications

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