-Maicedonia -
from Sparta

Maice: [ may-ss ] A commoner from the city of Sparta, sent here in the tribute to Crete after angering the military elite there.


Charismatic, super-athlete, natural leader without even trying. Contradictions: likes his freedom, doesn't like obligations-- but doesn't like to abandon people either. A champion student swordsman -- who hates the idea of war --- convinced it serves only the upper classes, and those "in control." Tendency to reject authority figures almost automatically.

Free-thinking, working-class philosophy that plays well with the other peasant-athletes from the mainland, also rejected by their kingdoms. Take care of yourself first -- You owe nothing to anyone unless they're doing something for you.

Designated lead trainer of all the Bulldancers -- could have any girl he wants, but seems attracted to the lost -sheep quality of Sinjah; though certainly charmed by the foreign manner and quick temper of the girl as well. And beneath the joking, challenging exterior of Maice -- Sinjah may sense a calm, protective presence -- able to give things internally, she has never given to herself.

Movement / Speech
-- young, college-quarterback movement, style. Alpha-type. Often hand on hip; gestures and points with other hand -- casual-sounding speech, but always to the point. Tendency to pace and move when explaining things. Always confident, clearly considered "the best" by his peers -- yet also appears somehow distracted, unsatisfied at times -- like something is missing.

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