-The Free Thinkers -

Reeba - Boca - Slade
Perius - Tarku

"The Free-Thinkers"-- friends, supporters of Maicedonia, sent here from smaller kingdoms on the Greek Mainland as tax payments; therefore with no sense of patriotism to their homelands -- and no trust of political leaders whatsoever.

Dim view of society -- a la generation X . Lots of teenage attitude, very survival-oriented, serve yourself first -- especially in The Bulldance --They look on Maice as their big-brother and mentor.

Very animated types
brash Australian or Liverpool accents. Reeba, Boca and Slade-- the in-crowd of the Bullcourt -- extremely jealous of Sinjah -- along with Perius and Tarku -- outspoken young comrades of Maicedonia.

All are elite bulldancers and trainers -- looking forward to the Cretan offer of freedom and gold after a period of service in the Bulldance.

Individual Characters: Ages 16-18

Perius: Closest in age to Maice -- quick thinker, natural joker -- especially to Reeba, Boca, and Slade -- but probable romantic intentions emerging for them. Sees Athenians as self-serving, ambitious types.

Tarku: Youngest of the group but doesn't like to think so. Tries to emulate Maice -- seems to favor expressions featuring the words, "damn" and "bloody hell." But fast becoming a young man.

Reeba: Precocious, feisty -- tom-boyish. Rough, but good-hearted. Short, but athletic. Very concerned with her appearance -- flamboyant dress like Boca & Slade. Outspoken, likes to be in control but always defers to Maice -- for which there is a clear underlying infatuation.

Boca & Slade: Tall, colorful, sister-like protectors of Reeba. The three are inextricable, probably from the same village on the Greek Mainland. All share similar teenage insecurities.

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