-The Courtmaster -
"Captain Ominix" -- charged with scheduling and supervising the nearly 200 athletes living and practicing in the Bullcourt. Appears awkward or comic in dealing with the young athletes, who clearly resent his authority -- yet proves to be smarter than he appears. Member of the Expansionist Party.
-Expansionists -
Supporters of Rhadamanthos for the Emperorship -- who support conquest in the Mediterranean as a way to secure the Cretan future. Chief senators featured in the Banquet Scene: Solomaine, Exeter and Melichor. Also very much representing the conflict or distrust recurring in the ancient world between the older cultures of the Southern Semitic peoples, and the Northern Caucasian peoples moving down from Northern Europe and Russia -- which in some ways, may still exist today.
-Old Guard -
Senators supporting trade and development, as opposed to conquest in the Mediterranean. Preferring "the days before Empire" when Crete was an isolated island with its own harmonious and independent economy. See Scene 9

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