-The Athenians -
Ajax - Archimedes
Deirdre - Cassie - Samantha



The Athenians -- friends, comrades of Theseus, sent here as tax payments from the largest city on the Mainland, Athens. All believe in the vision of a working-class society for the Mainland -- under Athens -- if the Cretan Conquest can be stopped.

They are very much in conflict -- with Maice and the "free-thinkers," especially when they begin training others in the risky, all-or-nothing Team-Method of the Bulldance -- and when rumors of a gladiator revolt begin to surface.



Individual Characters: Ages 16-18

Ajax: Wants to be Theseus' right hand man. Quick temper, bold, emotional. Tendency to speak before thinking -- but loyal to a fault. Has particular dislike for Maicedonia and the "free-thinkers."

Casseiopia & Samantha (Cassie & Sam): Tall, atheletic no-nonsense types from the farming regions of Attica. Plain-spoken, plain-dressing, but obviously very efficient, competent in all they do. Underlying affections for the emotional Ajax. No affection for the antics of Reeba, Boca, & Slade -- or the "free-thinkers" in general.

Deirdre: Blonde, blue-eyed -- very pretty. But also natural diplomat, peacemaker -- conveys almost mother-hen feelling toward the group. Very sympathetic to Sinjah. Seems to be fond of Archmedes.

Archimedes: The analytical thinker of the group -- very logical, tries to be unemotional -- often assessing the odds for various situations. Sometimes conflicts with Ajax. Seems to enjoy his role within the group.

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