Prologue - Overture  

THEATER LIGHTS GO DOWN -- Narrator reads the creationist myth of the Lost Days -- as the

‘ night sky’ appears on  the large screen in front of the Curtain  -- dissolving to the title shot

[ Athens&Knossos ] -- as the Overture starts and the Prologue begins to scroll upward from the

bottom -- against map of the Mediterranean world -- setting the historical scenario of Greece and the Island-Empire of Crete in 1400 B.C.] 

The Year is 1405 B.C.
-- The Bronze Age --

The Cretan Empire reigns supreme over the Mediterranean Ocean -- the world's first great sea-going nation -- for the first time linking the vast land empires of Asia with crucial trade surplus and shortage --

Second only to Egypt in world power.

Mainland Greece, at this time, is still undeveloped -- a wide collection of smaller kingdoms -- locked in the Feudal Class system of military overlords ruling over large peasant populations--

Only Athens, under King Aegius, makes progress toward civilized economy and the
rule of law.

But the dream of a unified Greek nation is still years away --

--At the Close of the Bronze Age --

-- facing declining trade with Asia, to the East --- better caravan routes ---- and rising competition from the sea-going Phoenicians, Phrygians, and others --- the Golden Age of Crete is threatened for the first time . .

. on the verge of two possible futures: a policy of long-term trade and development -- or one of conquest and subjugation throughout the Mediterranean world.

Music now fades away as camera appears to zoom in on Athens. 
Narrator now reads last segment

       “Already with tribute colonies in Iberia, Gaul, and Britannia to the West -- and
       disturbed by the growing economy and coastal trade of Athens to the North --


       The Council of Crete has imposed an Imperial Tax on the lands of the Greek

        peninsula -- with a surtax now on the rising young city of Athens:


       (curtain now begins to open slowly)

"A demand for payment of athletes to perform in the famous Cretan gladiator sport --

the Bulldance -- the most popular stadium event of its time -- the ancient Spectacle of the Rich -- the Dance of Life over Death."


Narrator: “And the Council Edict has arrived in Athens:
Either pay the tax -- or pay the consequences ”.......

[ Shimmering, CHINESE GONG now goes off ]

Scene 1: [Action -- Theseus & Aegius / mid-argument]


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from Scene 1: Athens
Aegius: Do you think I’m going to take a gamble like that? -- Everything depends on stability right now --
Theseus: You said everything depended on trust --
Aegius: What do you mean trust?
Theseus: Trust -- in the system -- Trust that if you give something here -- then you get something -- a social contract.. -
Aegius: That has nothing to do with this tax and you know it --
Theseus: Yes it does -- If we pay it, we look like all the other kingdoms -- this could be a turning point !
Aegius: Oh, everything's a turning point with you -- Ever since you got here -- 3 months -- it feels like 3 years --
Theseus: I’ve done everything I’ve been asked -- ever since I got here --
Aegius: I know, that’s the problem -- you do too much --
Theseus: This goes against everything we stand for -- the Craft Guilds-- the Freemasons-- everything in ... the Lost Days -- you agreed --
Aegius: Oh the ‘Theory’..... I told you there are no absolutes, Theseus--
Theseus: But there is  direction -- -- The Value of the Individual ----the closer you move to that -- everything else falls into place --
Aegius: Falls into place --
Theseus: Specialization, Trade, Progress-- --   Driven by opportunity-- --
Aegius: Yes -- “driven” -- [ exasperated ]
Theseus: [louder] ...days of  Balance -- you agreed --
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 from Scene 2: The Bullcourt


You only train for the commeeshin --


The comeesh ---The commission ? -- Well, it only adds up when I train a whole class -- Not just one, single person!


Then why do you do it!?


Well, now -- Maybe I’m starting to wonder myself . . .   Maybe something in those big “valley-blue” eyes - my very stubborn friend, Sinjoe -- (gazing) 


It is not  SINJOE -- but  SINJAH --!!


 ‘ Sin-jah’.... [nicely]


 (relenting)  . . . “ Mm-Maicedonia” --{ holds out hand shyly, properly }


{ takes hand, charmed }  Not Maicedonia -- Maice -- All my friends just-- call me “Maice” [makes sweeping gesture--as to the girls before-- Sinjah notices ]


And I do not wish to be one of these -- “friends”! -- (pulls hand away)


Alright then, I’ll make you a deal -- show me one good escape - and you can practice alone -- away from the others -- and .......... away from me --


Well --[ off-guard ].. well then good! -- What is the move?


 “Hornspin”, close-up, Right to Left --


{ Other dancers now enter -- Sinjah notices }


But I do not want the looking . . . or the laughing -- You must promise!


Alright I promise -- no laughing -- just want to see the move -- Right to Left -- (waves off others)


Right to Left -- (sets up and does move quickly) . . “ And so “--


And so’-- -- very graceful . . . very pretty --


(toss of head)  Thank-you --


But you should’ve gone outside-- not inside-- --  with the flow -- fear is your energy --


And what if I  am not scared! {gesture}


Well, you damn well better be { gesture } scared! -- What if you’re caught , between the horns?!


I do not get caught!  My way is better --


Better !?


Because is faster! -- Why don’t you try it and see!?


(pause, then)   Alright I think I will --   Right to left?


Right to Left --


Hmm . . . they keep these horns pretty sharp --


This I know  - (pointing) . . .  -- and not to go slow  on purpose --


Don’t worry -- this is gonna be “real-time” and  (goes now)  Full speed all the way  -In--sah...ah..side---m ! (recoiling dramatically -- Big, breathless gasp)




Must . . . (gasp) Have gone too fast -- (collapsing realistic--apparent wound ]


M--Macedonia! -- [bending close]  It is all my fault!  (stands up)  Everyone! Come quick!  Sinjah need help!

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 from Scene 2: The Bullcourt
Perius: From the auction---Six new dancers -- from . . . -- They're from Athens !!--
Maice: The proud city --
Reeba: Tax came to them, too, Maice --
(more tapping is heard)
Perius: And wait -- one of them is -- the Prince --
Reeba: Maice, the nobility -- here --
Maice: Must've been too ambitious for his own good --
Perius: Wait -- there's something else -- they told the ship's captain they wanna stay together -- one group -- they want to dance as a group --
Maice: Typical noble -- wants to keep his own little circle of power --
Perius: The usual treatment, Maice ? --
Maice: Ha -- Even more so -- Let's have a council meeting -- --
(all go to top step-- Maice turns away, thinking --hand to chin)
Reeba: Listen up ! Listen up!
Tarku: We've got news -- Got News --

[ striking pose on very top step ]    GONG  shimmers ...
[Australian accent:]
HEREBY  CALLING to  ‘Council Meeting’ ---
all due Craftsman -- and  Practitioners  of ....the BULL-DAHNCE  !!!
[ athletes 20-30 quickly gathered now below Maice, up on the top step -- general hub-bub ]

Maice: Alright EVERYONE-- ....... 6 new conscripts... but this time a little different.. ..... from the  Proud City of Athens” --
  (others  --general buzz  and reacting to each statement) 
Crowd: BOO! Hah!  The rich city!
Maice: The city that would  rule the whole mainland, if it could --
Reeba: And bring more wars than all the nobles put together ! --
Crowd: BOO!
Maice: "Those who would be ‘Lords -- of your Lords’" --
Crowd: BOO!  Uh-uh!  Think again!  Wrong, Maice!
Maice: And maybe they think it’s like the mainland here -- Where they got one class to own everything -- - [ gesture ]---   and another class to work their fields --- and build their castles --
Crowd: BOO!  Not here!  Wrong!  No Way!
Maice: And the workers get to fight the wars and pay the taxes too --
Crowd: BOO!  (No way, Maice -- ) (Uh-uh) (Hell no)  isolated:  Bull****! (laughter)
Maice: And  they didn’t even think we were worth that --.[ makes small gesture ]  .....and so they send us here.......
Crowd: (low, sullen Reaction) 
Maice: (hand up)  Well we might be prisoners here  for now -- But if we live 6 months -- all the gold we get is ours -- to make our own life -- wherever we want --
Reaction: That’s right! --
Maice: And we don’t  owe  NOTHING -- to  NOBODY -- ANY MORE !!
Crowd: OOHs, YEAs --
Maice: (Maice and friends pointing to one side)  Am I right -- ?
Reaction: That’s right!
Maice: Am I right?
Reaction: That’s right!
Reeba: (hands up)  You . . . are . . .Right! .. ....right...right ... [ like a conductor ]
Crowd: Right, right, right, right! 
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 from Scene 3: Misty Dreams

Ariadne: [echoing in darkness ] “From a grove of myrtle shall the white horse come -- from a grove of myrtle shall the white horse -- the white horse -- From a grove -- of myrtle -- ”
  [Then lights come softly up on Princess, center stage - kneeling with scroll in hand - surrounded by vast number of other scrolls now visible on floor and shelves – as if she’s been rummaging all night --She stops – and speaks very clearly as she reads it intensely:]
  From a grove of myrtle shall the white horse come -- To meet the bull in the land of two peoples -- Who seeks a gift, but brings one greater --In the latter days -- the days of circles -- When the key to the ancient door lies hidden....-- ( She looks up now, repeats :) ... ‘The Ancient Door ‘. .
  (Now turns to altar backstage and approaches-- speaks appealingly to Goddess statue:)
  Tell me what is true, Mother Goddess -- why does my father refuse to see me? Why does he allow his enemies to speak? Why do you send me dreams of a stranger ??
  [Music begins, Ariadne now kneeling]
  Tell me as a child, Mother Goddess -- who is this Northern Prince....

..... and what should he mean to me?
  Song: A Long Way to Athens Track 4 – CD
  Choreo notes: first – elaborate genuflection – leading to lyric section with this ‘pattern’:
[ apparently the song is addressed to the glowng, goddess figurine -- ]
she sings out toward audience, but alternately turns or steps back to the ‘goddess’ figurine on the altar at center back – as if asking for some kind of approval.
[ this may be the only mother she has]
After the last song- lyric she goes back to altar, with genuflect/meditation – and says :
“ Do you send me dreams…. or memories of the Future ? …” then comes up out of this for ‘ballet / dance’ – possibly lighting candles with ‘wand’ all around stage during dance.
Very big, live drums come in toward the end as ‘lit-up’ stage starts to fade.
Ariadne- with the wand - does whirling, Arabic spins to ‘sacred bow’….
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 from Scene 4: The Inner Circle (NOTE: Rhadamanthos abbreviated to Rhadam.)


Spot-lights come up on stage -- cheers rising to music as 2, then 2 more ‘associates’ arrive onstage-- each making the ‘pyramid’ rising gesture as the crowd cheers more.  Spot-light center on Rhadamamanthos-- back is to audience, now turning to face them -- impressive, lordly appearance -- long, flowing cape -- dark costume -- “cossack” pants, boots -- “Arabian look” -- gold medallion at the chest.  Now at podium.

Low, deep, “musical” voice -- very statesman-like; conveying inclusive, comrade-like feeling to audience -- as if  they are his political

“inner circle”.  Pattern: as he speaks -- hand  gestures seem to control

musical chords in the background -- evoking a sense of subtle ‘power’.

Melichor: (at podium)  Application for Imperious Speaker -- the Senator-Consul from Iberia -- Ilor -Dante- Rhadamamanthos -- (steps aside)
Rhadam: We deal, gentlemen -- with the inescapable fact of history -- 10% of the people -- controlling 90% of the available wealth.  -- In all the empires of  history, in Egypt -- Persia -- and Troy -- today -- In every case, 10% controlling 90%! 

And, I would submit -- if the world’s entire wealth were to be gathered up -- and shared out equally to every man, woman and child -- tomorrow -- [pause] .
And this may be the life ambition of our distinguished emperor .....

[ hearty round of sophisticated laughter ]    But if it were done  -- and we returned in a year .... a month ...... or even a week -- we would find that same formula once again  -- 10% controlling the 90% !!!

And to what factor of Reason ??......
We see the higher place goes not to the most productive people , No -- but to those who can organize -- those who control land and resources. --

And the key to organizing anything -------Is not the offer of  equality for all -- NO, but in status -- In the offer of status! [ pause for effect ]
because people will always care less for society, and more for their own place in it --- and Nations will always care less for the world -- and more for their own status, in the world ...

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from Scene 5: The Bulldance (NOTE: Archimedes abbreviated to Archimed.)
Cassie: We haven’t changed our minds, Theseus --
Samantha: We think it can work --
Archimed: Yes -- But if we close in the bull -- it’s high risk -- he might kill all of us --   not just one --
Theseus: How  do you make  the odds, Archimedes -- for the Closed Circle --
Archime: Hard to say, Theseus -- Short-term, not as good -- Long-term . . it gets better --
Dierdre: Something like politics, Theseus - on the mainland
Cassie/Sam: Oh Yes
Theseus: (to all)  Then it’s a matter of choosing -- short-term or long-term --  the best way to survive --
Ajax: Or even . . . the best way to die --
Archimed: We’d have to have a pledge, Theseus --
Samantha: Life or death --
Deirdre: All or nothing --
Cassie: We’ve already decided, Theseus -- the Closed Circle . . . Ajax?
Ajax: Well -- I’m not saying I’m braver than anyone here -- But -- if I have to die -- I just don’t want to die scared -. . . for myself --  rather be busy....thinking of something else -- . . . or . . . someone else . . .  --  if you know what I mean --
Archimed: I know what you mean --
Deirdre: (bravely)  Me too -- the closed circle . . . brothers and sisters  -- Theseus?
  (Sinjah, upset -- starts to turn away)
Theseus: . . . Brother and Sisters . . .  -- are we all in then . . . Sinjah?
Deirdre: (noticing, goes to comfort)  Sinjah -- ?
Cassie: (going over with Sam, sisterly)  Sinjah, what’s the matter?
Samantha: What’s wrong?
Sinjah: .I.....Do not think ......I am worthy...... to join ...
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from Scene 6: Gift of the Goddess
Ariadne: The land of Crete is a land of two peoples -- There may be help later -- But you need something now -- a gift -- from the Goddess --
Theseus: A gift? ....... and ......what would I give in return?
Ariadne: The gift is only knowledge -- assurance -- that “great” things can be done, even when you feel great weakness and fear -- inside --
Theseus: { covering } And .. uh ........ what would something like that ... have to do with someone like me? [ typical male ]
Ariadne: Everything ! --Because you want great things for your people -- but you don’t think you’re wise enough -- or strong enough -- to do them --
Theseus: [quite put off ] And just how?! [relenting] . . how does one receive this gift ?-
Ariadne: Only by confessing, to the Goddess -- If a man will admit he’s a child in her eyes -- only then can he find his true strength --
Theseus: Just by “confessing” --
Ariadne: Yes -- all your fears, and all your hopes --
Theseus: So . . . if I hoped my people were free of this tax -- and this Empire -- I would just, “confess” that --
Ariadne: Yes -- and she would understand -- the Goddess is against the Bulldance --
Theseus: Against it? And if I had friends, people to help -- would I pray for them too?
Ariadne: Oh yes -- and she would help -- She would reach out --{ stretches out hand }
Theseus: [conclusive now] Oh I’m sure she would just reach out { accusing }, if she know where to look -- [turns to her] ....’little priestess ‘--
Ariadne: What?
[ pace now picking up ]
Theseus: And how many others are here tonight, as witnesses? (looking around)
Ariadne: Witnesses? What are you talking about?
Theseus: You want some kind of confession -- of Treason? How much is the reward?
Ariadne: Reward -- there’s no reward -- There’s no one here -- No one knows I came --
Theseus: Oh Nobody knows? You said you were sent! Did you lie about that?
(steps forward)
Ariadne: I didn’t lie -- . . . The Goddess sent me -- (backs up)
Theseus: I came here because I trusted that message --
Ariadne: .... I Know !!... [urgently apologetic]
Theseus: Then why can’t you tell me who you are?
Ariadne: Because . .. Because I can’t! Stay away --
Theseus: How do you know these THINGS about me? [ advancing again ]
Ariadne: I saw it in your eyes -- I thought you were the stranger -- in the Dream --[looks to stairs, but Theseus turns]
Theseus: What – what dream ? -- what stranger?!!
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from Scene 7: The Supper Hall (NOTE: Archimedes abbreviated to Archimed.)
Ajax: What he’s saying is -- you don’t believe in anything --
Perius:  [ quite resentful ]    Maybe what we believe in...... is ourselves.
Cassie & Sam: Maybe there has to be more -- !
Ajax: More than just YOU
Reeba: Who do you think you -- (cut off)
Ajax: What do you CARE  about? .. for real .. Your friends?
Perius: What do you mean, friends ??
Ajax: What about Justin of Odessa?  Or Linia from Thebes?
Cassie: (concerned -- over the line)  Ajax --
Perius: You better shut your mouth --
Ajax: Don’t see them around here, anymore --
Cassie: (worried)  Ajax!
Ajax: Oh well -- that’s their problem -- some make it, some don’t --
Maice: You better shut him up --
Ajax: Why don’t you try and make me --
Perius: (standing, cleaning table)  Son of a bitch --
Tarku: We’ll shut you up --
Ajax: (clears table and jumps up)  Come on then --
  (Ajax has jumped up on table facing  Perius and Tarku -- Girls screaming in general -- Guys also -- Cassie and Sam shouting “Ajax, No” -- noise -- dishes clearing)
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from Scene 7: The Supper Hall

Reeba: Who needs ‘em, Maice -- or anyone foolish enough to follow them --
Maice: (gets necklace) Damn it--she could have been one of us, but now she’s one of them --
Reeba: (to Boca & Slade) (about necklace)  That’s who the necklace is for --
Tarku: She made her choice, Maice --
Reeba: She’s got nothing to give you ,Maice --
Boca: She’s an Omazon --
Maice: That’s Oma--zin --
Reeba: Some say Omazons don’t even need men !!!  for anything --{ Reactionion---OOH--}  ... if you know what I mean --
Maice: Old Wives Tales!!
Boca: But Maice, don’t you see -- it’s the group mind--
Slade: They’re like  a tribe -- a Cult !!
Perius: They do whatever the leaders tell ‘em !
Tarku: That’s why she joined the Athenians---
Maice: I don’t think so --
Reeba: { taking by the arm } But Maice, they’re not free-thinkers like us --
Slade:  {pleadingly} And they don’t understand choices!!
Clarisse: But how do you--


Shshh !!
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from Scene 8 -- Secret Friends
Maice: . . . Night of Wishes?

. . the first night of spring -- when the moon is out --  and the stars --

The time to choose a secret friend -- from all the sisters . . .  to be together --

Maice: Together....[ realizing the meaning ]

But I am the strange one  . . . who only stay in her tent --  the selfish one -- . ... who cannot share secrets . .

To hear them whisper in the night . . . to hear them laughing -   (eyes totally misted now ]...... How they laugh at Sinjah ....

  (Maice silently listening -- makes gesture, but can't find an answer)
Sinjah:   But . . . so  the book says:  "The Bad Seed is easy to tell... like the ‘chaff ’ . . .         ......the one who stand apart -"
Maice: But don’t you see -- it doesn’t mean you were wrong, just that you were different . . . The thing about books of rules -- they’re not made for you, to help you survive, they’re made for the group -- to  make sure the group survives --
Sinjah: And . . . what do you mean --
Maice: I could show you books of rules in Sparta -- so  everyone marches all in line -- to keep others in control . . . and whoever doesn’t join the parade -- they’re made to feel wrong . . . about themselves . . . even if they’re right --
Sinjah: But -- is not the same, Macedonia --
Maice: Yes, it is -- just tell me this -- when you were captured with your sisters -- If you wanted to die - Not them -- Would you have asked them to die with you ?-
Sinjah: . . . No -- I could not --
Maice: How come?
Sinjah: Because . . .
Maice: Why not? --
Sinjah: I could never ask someone to die for a choice I make myself --
Maice: No you wouldn’t -- you couldn’t . . . But what did they ask of you?
Sinjah: (silent Reaction -- thinking)
Maice: And tell me this -- when you joined the Athenians . . . Was it because they could keep you alive?
Sinjah: We . . . could not be sure -- if it would work --
Maice: Then why did you join?
Sinjah: Because --
Maice: (pressing)  Why?
Sinjah: Because . . . because they say they need me --

(conclusive)  Because they needed you -- and you’re always getting hurt for them (points to injured  leg) -- Doesn’t sound very selfish -- 

And in your whole life I don’t think you’ve ever taken more than you’ve given -- And all I’m saying is . . . what’s wrong with that?

Sinjah: (solemn, doubtful)  You make it all sound so simple --
Maice: But why can’t it be? -- As long as you don’t take more than you give -- then how can anyone say you’re wrong?  And why should you  feel wrong -- ?
Sinjah: You mean -- as long as one is . . .  “fair” --
Maice: Yes -- Fair -- that’s the word -- Don’t you see .. there has to be a place.... a safe place .. yourself --- where nobody can accuse you --


















from Scene 8 -- Secret Friends
Sinjah: My own reasons ? [ looking over - obviously thinking --reappraising ]
..Macedoniadonia .......[looks again-- ‘goes out on a limb’]
.. I ……...there is another time....... I do not tell you --
Maice: (looking up, quietly) Another time?
  [ soft music rises here, theme for “the Burros”-- lights change]
Sinjah: (very gentle, warm) . . The time . . . I take the horses -- to the high ground –
  in the spring . . when I see the ‘buuh-rros’ come to the secret valley --
Maice: The ... bur-ros? (straight pronunciation -- no roll)
Sinjah: The “Buh--rros”... (rolling r’s -- pursing lips) .......He is like a little horse -- But there is not a stallion . . (gesturing) . .always in pairs -- A boy and a girl --
Maice: (charmed) I see . . .
Sinjah: And so I watch them on their valley meadow – And to wonder . .
  what would be this? -- Someone to walk with .... to smell the flowers...--
.... Someone to be mad with ...
  [slight, scolding glance in his direction -- Maice smiles to himself]
  .............. and to make me laugh --
  Someone to “share” . . . “Secrets” -- (very subtle -- “Secrets” gesture }
Maice: (carefully choosing the words) Well . . . it sounds like a place you couldn’t show just anyone . . . only someone . . very special.... (cautiously) . .
Sinjah: Yes, very special----
Maice: Like---- A secret friend? . . . --
Sinjah: . . . Yes, only that ..
Maice: (standing now-- advances) Well I wonder . . . if, there were, two travelers on separate roads . . but they could see a place ... ahead ... (gesture) where the roads joined -- like, in a ‘valley ‘--
Sinjah: . . . Yes? . . .
Maice: Could they become . . . Secret friends . . . ?
Sinjah: If they were very sure . . .
Maice: Yes . . . so . . . maybe -- they would give a promise -- or a necklace?
[ takes out ‘the necklace’ -- from previous scene -- ready to present it ]
Sinjah: But so is written: The one to break the first promise -- also the one to break the last -- In the time when the others laughed . . . so you were laughing as well --
[ Sinjah turns away from him now ]
Maice: But sometimes you break a promise without meaning to . . . and sometimes, you can be so sure of something -- it only makes you scared of losing it --
[quieter] ..When the You ....... becomes greater than .... the Me ....
[ Sinjah now turns to face him -- looks in his eyes ]
Sinjah: When the you becomes greater than .....??
Maice: Hope you’re not -- “scared of me” that way-- -- (tries to smooth her hair)
Sinjah: (gesture to break away) ...I am not ‘scared’ of you, Maicedonia -- (sharply disagreeing)..... Only of a promise to be broken --
Maice: Well, then I’d have to think of something strong -- that can’t be broken ---
Sinjah: (school-girlish, walking away) Well then that is what you should do -- and I do not lis-ten until you are ready --
Maice: Well, alright -- Hope I can think of one today -- [starts to stage right]
Sinjah: I think you will -- [pert smile-- goes to sit on bench]
Maice: Just have to go to my own space, and . . . think my thoughts --
Sinjah: (looking away) I cannot hear you . . . Maicedonia... (on bench -‘ waiting’]
[ Maice acknowledges -- smiling-- goes to stage right ]

Song: “Scared of Me” Track 9 - CD
Music starts -- each on opposite sides of stage ... Maice singing reflectively -- sometimes gesturing -- looking over -- Sinjah, on the bench-- sometimes appearing to listen -- other times looking away -- ‘ignoring’-- like a bride properly awaiting the right overture --at the mid-point of the song she rises gracefully to ‘challenge’ his lyrics -- hands coquettishly behind back, -- Maice turns -- ready to continue ‘the game’.....
DIALOGUE: Mid-point In Song:
Sinjah: Maicedonia--I would wish to share a thought--
Maice: Why yes, lovely one---
Sinjah: That you have never had a secret friend..... So you are just as scared..!!
Maice: Then shall we put it to a test ? The first to move away ?!
Sinjah: The first---
{ circling dance begins -- ‘ horses in a field’ --then DURING: }
You moved, Maicedonia--!
Maice: No more than you--
Sinjah: And so... ?
[ both walk away, backs to each other -- but Sinjah turns back to surprise him, but he turns]
[Sinjah freezes – then runs]
Maice: And so, who’s running away now?!!
Sinjah: And so... who is the one to follow?!! [ gracefully eludes him ]
Maice: And so ?
Sinjah: And so ??
Maice: And so ? .............. [face to face now ]
Sinjah: And so ? [gently walking him back - hand at his chest, ending in push- away]
Maice: [lyric, return to song]
“ And you know it’s true ....”
{ SONG and finishing choreography – ending with face to face/ reciprocal kneel ]






















Scene 9 -- Winds of Rebellion
Ariadne: We can’t be sure -- you couldn't approach any one directly --
Theseus: But maybe indirectly -- just tell me this:  How do they feel about things -- What do they want for the future?
Ariadne: (starting to focus)  The future?  I don't really think they'd be doing it for the future -- if anything . . . they'd be doing it for the past -- 
Theseus: (intense, but perplexed here)  The past?
Ariadne: Well the Santoristo - it’s the oldest part of the island -- they prefer the old ways  -- the days before "Empire" . . .
Theseus: Before Empire? . . .
Ariadne: Well, everything was simpler then . . . wealth depended on, what you made ....... what you built or what you grew -- What you did . . . to make life better for everyone else -- There’s a word from the early scrolls -- "Er-moni’a" --
Theseus: Er-moni’a?
Ariadne: It means harmony -- [gesture] .."connected" -- -- but later on -- the word disappears -- .... you see  BEFORE .... it was all based on ... what we could give each other --- but  NOW..... it’s all ..... what we can take from each other .... (searching)  People don't understand -- "the Economy" -- how it's supposed to work --
Theseus: Only a few people do -- those at the top --

(affirming)  Yes . . . that's why it's different now --  everything is status -- "influence" -- . . . now -- knowing the law, is better than -- "following it" -- . .  and people who make weapons are richer than farmers or craftsmen --

 (passionate now)  And they say we have to go to war to keep our wealth -??-------  In order to Grow -- We have to destroy -- And it doesn’t make any sense --  (reaching a peak)  and that's why the rebels would fight -- to get their country back -- what they understand ! --

Theseus: (absorbing, paraphrasing)  A simpler time . . . when it seemed . . . everyone had -- something of. . . “value” to give -- And the world . . . was richer because of it -- ?
Ariadne: Yes . . that’s it ... that's what we've lost --
Theseus:  Then I understand -- I know what they want --(Toll of Bell } I have to go --
Ariadne: Oh Theseus -- If only I could go with you --
Theseus: { kiss on her forehead } Wish me luck -- (turns to go)
Ariadne: (calling after)  I wish you more than luck, Theseus -- I wish you life -- Be careful, Theseus -- Be careful .....    (exit to down-stage darkness-- out of sight )
  (Curtain now opening on The Banquet-- Lights Up )
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from Scene10: The Banquet  (NOTE: Rhadamanthos abbreviated to Rhadam.)

Rhadam: Power can only flow in one direction --- to have effect --
Melichor: Order occurs from the top --- down -- throughout history -
Rhadam: Within nations ... and between nations ...
   [ assent by others ] --    
Theseus: ... Yes... in the short term ...... but only for a short time.....    
Exeter: [ angry ]  So what then is your answer ?? [ Reaction ]
Lady: What an insolent young man !--
Melichor: [ pressing ]   What is the Shape of Order ??
Theseus: Power should flow from the outside - to the center -- and back again !--
Exeter: Answer the question !!
Theseus: Those on the edge -- included within ... [gesture]
Exeter: [very loud] Then what IS the Shape of Order ?? [ assenting Reaction ]
Theseus:  [ over them ] The Shape of Social Order -- is like a Circle.... A Great Wheel --- ...... Driven by opportunity !! -- [ turning now, sweeping gesture ]
  [ loud, protesting Reaction -- general hub-bub-- specific comments, charges: ]
Exeter: Preposterous-- where is the evidence ?!
Arragon: Nowhere in history --
Theseus: I believe there was a time --
Melichor: Utterly ridiculous --  [ rising hub-bub from the others ]
Solomaine: Obvious propaganda !
Exeter: He must think us all peasants here, Consul--
Rhadam: [ raising hand for quiet ]   Yes, yes-- Gentlemen,  I quite agree-- listen to the words : ‘driven by opportunity’ ... And by Ambition !! --  [ starting to pace]   No doubt this ..’ theory’ of his would play very well -- with  the peasant populations of the Mainland --  maybe enough to unify .. a Country ?? [ to Theseus ]
Theseus: That ...would be our hope --
Rhadam: Well, .......and what then, Theseus, if you succeed .... what next for this ... strong, new, Northern country ??....
Theseus: We seek only ... fair trade a World .. of Balance....--
Rhadam: Balance??
Exeter: Balance-- there's that term again---
Melichor: They would balance us right out of the Asian Trade ! -- [ reaction ]
Rhadam: [ orchestrating now ] Yes, gentlemen.... and I seem to sense... another..
Grand Circle forming -- perhaps--- a Circle of Nations, Theseus ??
Theseus: If it were possible-- yes... we would support that--
Rhadam: Well, what a great relief it is to hear you say that ... [ sophisticated laughter ]
And would there be no conflicts of interest here ?- No possibility of war ??
Theseus: --- Only to safeguard the circle --
Rhadam: I see .... And - what about Racial--Regional--Religous differences --
would they all just disappear ??
Theseus: There would always be differences, Yes---- But overall one
common, guiding principle-- above all others--- a Higher Law--
Exeter: A Higher Law?? [ reaction others ]
Rhadam: And just what would this ' Higher Law ' be ??
Theseus: The Highest Law... .. is the Value of People ....common people..
[ very serious now ] Every nation ... every person.....
.. every.... single ....LIFE !-- [ silent reaction ] [ turns to audience, two-hand gesture ] ..... BELIEF !!
PAUSE< THEN SIMULTANEOUS CHORUS OF LAUGHTER FROM ALL Shifting to specific comments, accusations and demands --- :
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from Scene 11 -- Village Children

Perius: In less than a month we’ll have our gold -- and freedom !--
Tarku: Then we’re gonna run a ship-- off the Levantine coast--
Boca: But we already told you -- we’re gonna have a silk shop in Babylon --
Tarku: Right -- that’s all part of the plan – we’re your suppliers !--
Slade: O-o-h -- suppliers
Perius: Sometimes we stay with you[outward gesture]
Tarku: Sometimes you come with us –[sincere, inclusive gesture]
Boca: [quickly conferring to Slade] Well that does sound rather acceptable –
Slade: Yes, and we would get a lot of traveling in – more than we –[cut off]
Reeba: [harsh, breaking in] You don’t know anything about running a ship --!!
Perius: Doesn’t matter, we can learn -- Maice said if you believe in yourself, [cut-off]
Reeba: You only believe in yourselves when he’s around -- same as us !!
Tarku: He said he would wait for us --
Reeba: He’ll be waiting alright -- for Her -- not us !
Perius: He never said that, Reeba --
Reeba: He doesn’t have to --
Tarku: [flustered at this] You --You’re wrong, Reeba --!
Perius: [ to Boca and Slade] We have to go -- something in the catacombs --
the Athenians -- Maice said to keep an eye out --
Slade: [subdued] See you at kurfew -- [all four touch hands here]
Perius: Kurfew ---
Tarku: [still upset, jaw clenched] You’re wrong, Reeba !
[ Perius and Tarku exiting]
Boca: [scolding] Why do you talk like that Reeba ?!
Slade: You know how it’s been for them .... and us --
Reeba: [regretful now, looks down] ....… I know .......
[background music starts here]
[ light theme music starts here / oboe/strings –mood ]
Boca: If we were home -- we would have been betrothed this year ---
Slade: Late summer .... just before the village harvest ---
Boca: ‘Autumn Signs’ ....
Slade: ‘ Demeter’s Moon’ ..... [nostalgic]
Reba: You know we can never go back..... after they sent us here ....
Boca: Then where, Reeba --- ?
Slade: Where do we go ??
Reeba: Don’t you see ... everything would have been different if not for Her ...
.... I mean ..... if ..... if he were mine ...
Boca: .... Or even -- if he were mine --- [insistent]
Slade: [more insistent] Or mine !
Reeba: [quietly] ......... I know ...
Song:  If You Were Mine
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from Scene 12 -- Dark Meetings

Archimedes: She’s still in the house of healing -- It’s her leg again --
Cassie: But she gets out tomorrow --
Sam: And she’ll be with us --
Deirdre: We’re sure --
Theseus: Alright -- the Rebels have the Militia -- but everything depends on the diversion . . . and surprise -- They pick the day and the time --
Archimedes: It has to be before Kurfew --
Theseus: They need us to open the city gates --. But we’d have to beat the Palace Guard -- What about weapons?
Archimedes: Copper, Theseus -- from the old storerooms --
Deirdre: We can hide ‘em in the Supper Hall --
Ajax: They’ll be enough -- with all the team dancers; that’s almost a hundred --
Theseus: Palace guard is 300 --
Ajax: (quickly) But we won’t run into all of them --
Theseus: Maybe not . . . But our chances would be better -- maybe double if ...
[ takes a breath ] if we had Maice and the others --
Ajax: There’s no-o WAY !!
Archimedes: They’d never support us, Theseus --
Ajax: We couldn’t trust him!
Cassie: Maybe there’s a chance --
Ajax: What chance!?
Sam: Well, because we think Sinjah . . . and Maice --
Cassie: We just think------
Ajax: Yes ???
Deirdre: We think . . . maybe . . . they’re in love --
Ajax: What !? You’re – you’re crazy! (pacing now)
Sam: That’s why she always stays so late in the far practice court --
Deirdre: She’s waiting for him!
Ajax: (pointing) I don’t believe it -- I’ve never seen them together --
Archimedes: (analyzing) Omazon custom -- never show affection in public --
Cassie: And we think he’s been helping her -- how to train the vaulters --
Archimedes: That would explain how she does it so fast --
Cassie: Remember how nervous she was at first --
Deirdre: But she settled down after -- I wonder if --
Ajax: I’m telling you I’m against this!
Cassie: We think there’s a chance --
Deirdre: Maybe -- if Sinjah asked him -- (looks at Archimedes)
Archimedes: Maybe --
Ajax: No way on earth!
Theseus: Alright .[ to Ajax ] . . we leave it at maybe, for now --
Cassie: Theseus, we called a meeting of the team leaders -- tonight --
Sam: Down in the catacombs --
Deirdre: Just the leaders --
Theseus: After I see the princess -- I’ll be there --
Archimedes: Theseus -- we know the plan is high risk --
Deirdre: What do you think we should tell them --
Cassie: About the future?
Theseus: (pause) We tell them ... the future -- . . . the future is Now! ..”Athens”---
  [All point to each other as exiting opposite sides -- lights go down]
Others: Athens---!
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from Scene 13 -- Slowdown

Perius: Then we turn HIM in -- him and the Athenians ! --
Maice: We’re not doin’ that either –
Tarku: [ pent up emotions now coming out]
Maice, we don’t even know where YOU’RE GOING after this !!
Reeba: He’s right, Maice – you NEVER talk about it !!
[ Others react to outburst – tension – hands on belts – looking away]
Perius: [lower] It’s true, Maice ….
Maice: [ surprised, needs a breath here ] …Listen ….. I’m not abandoning anyone-- [looks around at all – not meeting his gaze] .. Do you understand me ??
…. Tarku ? ..
Tarku: [looks up,very upset - pointing] … I’m sick of being someone who doesn’t
matter – Maice !! [ chokes on last word – turning away]
Perius: [sees the emotion ] …Tark ---
Reeba: [concerned – big sister ] …hold on, Sport –
Tarku: [turned away – muffled] …. bloody hell ..
  [ R-B_S step toward, but Maice holds up hand – knows it’s up to him]
Maice: [searching – tight voice] …well ……..well you matter to me…I ...
[ looks at the others] …always …[out of words now- head goes down]..
….. that’s all I know…… [ Tarku half glances back]
Others – maybe realizing they’re older now – seeing him at his limit for first time
R-B-S: [sympathetic reaction] …’ Maice ‘ –
Perius: Well…alright, Maice….[looks at the others]
Tarku: Bloody hell, Maice !
All converge now around him – fists to center-
Maice: together ? …
ALL: Together – [ fists altogether down and up to finish]
Reeba: Make the call, Maice -- what do we do about this ??
[ all coming forward now – Maice thinking- anticipation]
Maice: What do we do ? – … what we do is …we go with what we know ---
what we’ve always known …
Perius: What do you mean, Maice ?
Maice: Simple -- we’re gonna put out a warning -- to everyone at the meeting -
{ looks out over audience—gestures across—as if addressing them}

- Everyone out there-- that they’re only being used---just like always---
(Others perk up now again -- Yeah – that’s right -- you know that’s right ]
Maice: So he says he’s got a fast ship, sun in the sky, all the way home -- . . . but they better think about it first --
Perius: (demonstrative) Better watch it, Vade --
Reeba: Better step back,Vade---
Boca: ‘Cause you’re gonna lose --
Slade: You’re gonna fall
Maice: So you better just -- slowdown --
  (Music starts:)
Song: Slowdown
  High energy dance number -- Maice sings stage left or center -- Others formed out on stage right -- Song ends with eerie, descending stillness -- Conversation ensues:

All of them still in their final formation , facing audience, staring ahead --

Perius: Maice, the ones at the meeting , I remember now
-- they were the team leaders –
[ low strings in background --alternating ]
Tarku: From the ones they trained -- that’s over half the bullcourt now -- a hundred or more --
Reeba: (poignant) Maice, that’s definitely going to affect us --
(Maice turns head to each, but doesn’t answer --)
Perius: Maice --if it’s that big, --
Tarku: She’s gotta be part of it -- She’s one of them ! --
Maice: (Long pause -- hands clench and unclench -- tight controlled voice:)
We’ll find out tonight --
Lights go down – low strings rise and fading out
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from Scene 14 -- The Ancient Door


No, there’s still time [embracing, but sobbing Ariadne breaks away, exits]
..... We’ve still got time .... [ calling after her ]
[ Huge shimmering GONG  now sounds as curtain opens on the ‘Chamber of the King’--dark-blue lighting, misty fog -- Minos visible on raised platform wearing Taurean Crown --  torches and ‘sentinel guard’ on each side ]

Minos: Return for these orders -- when the moon is past its peak . . .
  (guards, hands to chest -- exiting with the scroll-orders in hand)
Theseus: (hand to chest)  . . . "Imperator" --
Minos: You may approach, Theseus -- The mask you see is not meant to intimidate -- but the creeping disease . . . can be far less forgiving -- A gift, shall we say -- from the opposition --
Theseus: Your daughter told me --
Minos: The enemy controls the port cities and all of the west -- in the great game unfolding --
Theseus: Yes, sire -- and yet all of it could have been avoided - all of it - if not for one man --
Minos:  No, Theseus -- no  leader leads by his own will -- but only by capturing  what people already feel -- already want -- and what they want -- is More --
Theseus: More?
Minos: Yes, more than each other, more than other countries --Simply More -- and the fear of having less -- there are forces at work here --
Theseus: Forces?  Forces of greed, jealousy, arrogance -- All the forces of evil --
Minos: (over-ruling) NO, Theseus-- There are but two forces in this world -- only two -- The one fueled by hope and the other by fear --  And though you think of them as good and evil -- virtue and greed -- Yet both are real -- both will always be -- . . . "Give" and "Take" --
Theseus: (off-balance)  Give and take? --
Minos: For every person may may give -- But every person must take-- in order  to live -- while there is compassion, and love -- there is the need to survive -- Two forces, Theseus -- and the key to the Ancient Door -- It is the balance between them --
Theseus: The Ancient Door?  Then it’s up to every person --every country--to seek out that balance -- whatever it takes --
Minos: Yes, Theseus -- but balance -- Real balance-- we can only see it  . . . behind us -- Only in a memory ......
  -- Only in those . . . points on the Pendulum where Give and Take equal happiness, only there......  But there is no formula -- none that we can hold -- For the key to the Ancient Door ---- does not lie in this World --
Theseus: (subdued now, pause -- unarguable)  Your daughter spoke of a plan, sire -- A final plan -- for the revolution --
  (music starts here)
Minos:: All in good time, Theseus----
Theseus:: I was like you once, -- You see the world -- through a young man’s eyes -- (stands up)  So you must listen to me -- (Theseus kneels-- stage left)
Song:  The King with No Kingdom:
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from Scene 15 -- The Night of Wishes
  (Long shadow of Theseus falls across stage now, Maice turns to face:)
Theseus: Well, I wasn't sure you'd come --
Maice: ( barely constrained)  I’ve heard all I want to hear --
Theseus: Sometimes it pays, to hear a little more...-
Maice: And just why would you say that? --
Theseus: Once I traveled near  Sparta -- I heard of a student a student in the city -- young swordsman -- He  could beat all of the teachers and all of the masters --- and all the village children said oh yes, greatest athlete the city’s ever seen -- Wish I could have stayed to hear more --
Maice: And so ?
Theseus: So now the time and place are different, but still they say: ‘greatest athlete the city’s ever [cut-off] --

 { interrupting]  Well, maybe you should’ve stayed --  they would’ve told you he was no good -- to the city or anyone else --  that he followed his own music, not -- somebody else’s drum -------
I don’t want her in that stadium tomorrow --  I take her place !!--

Theseus: (pause)  Maybe -- could be arranged -- for tomorrow --
Maice: And as long as it takes --
Theseus: And what if I told you it doesn’t matter after tomorrow -- When the new order comes, everything they promised’ll be swept away -- And when they come to the mainland, worse than all the nobles put together, for all of us -
Maice:: All of us?  And what do you know about us? You and your kind -- ‘Leaders’-- You’d say anything to get what you want --
Theseus: What do you  mean?
Maice: [bitter, sarcastic]  Every couple of years -- “Save our country", “ Save our people”-- for what?  To  see which one of you lives in the castle -- That’s all --   (renewed)  And no proof but your own guarantee.  Well, who are you to ask? -- In fact, who the hell do you think you are?
Theseus: Who do I have to be?  By the time I had proof it’d be too late.  (passionate)  I'm telling you we need you.  And oh yes, -- Everbody's free to make their own choices in this world --
Maice: You’re damn right they are ! ..
Theseus: But if the right people don’t step up at the right time,  then there’s nothing worth having---  and I think you know that better than anyone ----
Maice: [ silent Reaction ... turns away ]
Theseus: So maybe you’re not even asking who I am -- not really -- (gets sword)  Maybe the real question is ---  Who --   (throws sword)  .... are you?!
Maice: (catches sword, but indignant) You can go to hell!
Theseus: (walking away, cape flowing)  I know what I believe --
Maice:   Oh, don't put that on me --  (gesturing with sword)
Theseus: (cool, crisp)  I need an answer by tomorrow night (exiting)
Maice:  You’ve already got one --you hear me !?--- You’ve already got one !!--
  (Lights go down -- Maice still has sword, then ----at centerstage . .)
SongMy Friends in Sparta

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from Scene 17 -- The Battle
Theseus: The Princess ? What about the Rebels?
Archimedes: They couldn’t wait --
Ajax: We’ve been getting reports over the pipes all day -- There’s a large force coming up from the middle valley -- headed for the city --
Theseus: Then somebody’s got to open the gates -- (trying to rise up)
Ajax: (holds gently) Can’t, Theseus -- We’re locked in -- they must’ve known we’re involved -- from their spies -- All the doors are sealed --
Cassie: The whole garrison’s up on the walls -- waiting for the rebels --
Theseus: But with no one to open the gates -- they won’t have a chance -- they’ll be slaughtered . . . (friends heads go down) -- and then they’ll come for us -- .........looking for conspirators --
( friends have attitude that they’ve already accepted situation-- but sympathetic to him )
Ajax: They said they’re gonna hold public trials --
Cassie: Promising a lifetime of gold to anyone who testifies -- against the rest --
Sam: Trying to split us up --
Perius: But it won’t work --
Tarku: .... Because it’s not enough --
Theseus: Not enough?
Boca: We’re worth more than that --
Slade: More than gold --
Reeba: All of us --
Perius: Right down to the last man --
Theseus: (ominous) The last man -- ??
Boca: And that’s what they’ll have to remember --
Slade: Whoever comes here --
Perius: Only one regret, Theseus -- I would’ve liked to see your city --
(Maice’s friends now proceed to backstage darkness)
Cassie: We gave out all the copper weapons, Theseus --
Sam: The ones in the catacombs --
Ajax: And we can jam the doors when they come, Theseus -- to slow them down -- So it’ll cost them, Theseus -- Cost them alot---
(now withdraws after hand to shoulder)
(now audience can hear banging of chisel bar)
Archimedes: Progress on the main door, Theseus --
Theseus: The Main door?
Archimedes: We‘ve chiseled out 3” so far -- since morning --
Theseus: (still in shock) 3”? . . . Out of how much?
Archimedes: 36 -- But Ajax has a theory -- Sometimes you hit a place in the stone -- where all the different veins come together -- and everything shatters -- everything falls apart ....... Do you think he could be right for once ?
Theseus: (devastated, very poignant) Yes . . . Yes, I think he could be .....
Archimedes Ha --I knew you’d say that ...uh ... don’t ever change, Theseus....[ironic]
[ DEEP LOW CHORDS can now be heard for upcoming SONG ]
Cassie: Theseus, Deirdre made up a final prayer for everybody ..... for the battle ......whenever you’re ready --
  (Now the lights change -- Theseus slumps to kneel, head resting on one knee -- lights off of Theseus but now come up behind him -- Misty Blue-ish glow on all dancers 40-50 -- arranged like “tabernacle choir”on platform steps leading to the large Stone ‘Kurfew Door’ at center top.
  Deirdre clearly visible at lower front-- like ‘choir-director’ -- back to audience --- strikes pose --raises hands dramatically with the Indo-European phrase:

“ MANNA-BAE .... NEDT-ZEA .. [then translated]: .. “ JOIN HANDS” ....
  ALL Dancers join hands-- as MUSIC CHORDS rise -- but Deirdre stops -- pauses -- and repeats request with a wide, inclusive gesture --
then turns back as “CHOIR” repeats the climbing chant- lyrics to peak of SONG –

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