----- Founding Athens -----


Book/Music/Lyrics: Michael MacDonald


Writer’s Guild Reg. # 088-552-00

Copyright 2000 PA 994-870



  - Director’s notes appear always in italics -- concerning lighting, sets, or dialogue descriptions interspersed throughout the script.

-- Most scenes are augmented with ‘background music’usually consisting of chords from songs occurring later in the scene-- using orchestral instruments from low cello to light flute, strings, or other.

-- PACING : Generally the intended pace of dialogue in most scenes would be one minute per page, in the enclosed printed version. Conversations are meant to run quickly, naturally -- with very few dramatic ‘pauses’ -- speakers often overlap each other in a ‘back and forth’ pattern.

-- MUSIC/DIALOGUE RATIO : through overall production -- approximately 60% dialogue and 40% music/song on average. Or 75 mins. dialogue and approx. 50 mins. music/song. Though varying from scene to scene.

-- See attached material for individual song lyrics and choreography.

-- Most characters, and character groups have particular ‘theme’ music associated with them and their causes, or activities.

-- ‘ Foreshadowing ‘ plot devices are used extensively throughout production –which can be noted or observed from scene to scene..

--- Certain characters have particular gestures or body language associated with them, recurring throughout the production-- as described within the script.

--- We would remind readers that this production is

designed to illustrate particular social-political themes , in a realistic, historical setting-- with an educational sense and purpose -- and traditional entertainment value. All character profiles, projected plot elements and particular conceptual phrasing are protected to the fullest  extent of existing Copyright laws and regulations.

Prologue - Overture

THEATER LIGHTS GO DOWN -- Narrator reads the creationist myth of “ the Lost Days” -- as the words appear against the ‘ night sky’ appearing on the large screen in front of the Curtain  :     [ Deep ‘James Earl Jones-like’ voice  ]


This for the Days when the Gods walked the earth -

Wherefore the world was a gift -- and unto Each a Gift for the World

Unto Each a place --- unto Each a value ….

And so the world was the richer then --- for EveryOne ---

for the gift of each…. Only this …


But for such days are long ago --

Days of Balance when the world was young

and the time came for the Gods to leave---

And so that now they would watch from a great distance

To see what Men and Kings will do….

Stone Tablet -Library of Nineveh - Hittites 5,500 B.C.



Overture begins and the screen dissolves to the full-length title shot :

[ THESEUS ] -- with the first big orchestral “down-note” -- then the Mediterranean Map appears and the Prologue begins to scroll upward from the bottom-- setting the historical scenario of Greece and the Island-Empire of Crete in 1400 B.C. against the giant, full-color map of the Mediterranean world.


PROLOGUE on screen against Mediterranean Map :


The Year is 1405 B.C.

-- The Bronze Age --


The Cretan Empire reigns supreme over the Mediterranean Ocean -- the world's first great sea-going nation -- for the first time linking the vast land empires of Asia with crucial trade surplus and shortage ---Second only to Egypt in world power.


Mainland Greece, at this time, is still locked in the Mycenean Feudal  system – a rich military class ruling over large peasant and craftsmen populations—in dozens of smaller kingdoms, often at war.

Only Athens, under King Aegius, makes progress toward civilized economy and the rule of law.   But the dream of a Greek nation is still years away --


-- At the Close of the Bronze Age --

Facing declining trade with Asia, to the East --- better caravan routes ---- and rising

competition from the sea-going Phoenicians, Phrygians, and others ---

the Golden Age of Crete is threatened for the first time . .


On the verge of two possible futures : a policy of trade and development --

Or one of conquest and subjugation throughout the Mediterranean world.


The written words on the screen now fade away as camera appears to zoom in on Athens on the map.


Narrator Voice now returns ---  with map now in close-up :


“ Already with tribute colonies in Iberia, Gaul, and Britannia to the West -- and

disturbed by the growing economy and coastal trade of Athens to the North --

The Council of Crete has imposed an Imperial Tax on the lands of the Greek

peninsula -- with a surtax now on the rising young city of Athens :


( now montage of several “Bull-dance’ paintings / pictures ]-- with Voice:


“A demand for payment of athletes to perform in the famous Cretan spectator sport --The Bulldance -- the most popular stadium event of its time --

the ancient Spectacle of the Rich -- the Dance of Life over Death.

[ map returns now]

And the Council Edict has arrived in Athens --either pay the tax --

or pay the consequences”........

Shimmering, CHINESE GONG now goes off – MAP fades- lites up



Scene I of Act 1 begins : [Act 1 is 60-65 mins Total ]

Act 1 60 mins. Total

Scene 1 – “Athens”  --- 7 mins.

Scene Summary :

In the throne room at Athens , Theseus and his father, King Aegius, argue

over the Cretan tax, leading to deeper issues of Theseus' painful childhood, the

social vision of the Lost Days, and the future of Athens. Father and son 'split'

is evident. Lights go down. Theseus sings ‘Memory’--- recalling a time when

the social vision of the Lost Days seemed like a real possibility at Athens.

Setting : The torch-lit Throne Room in Athens

Characters: Theseus and King Aegius

Actor’s Note: Theseus stays relatively still, lieutenant-like, near center. But

Aegius moves and paces : i.e. Aegius- ‘the salesman’ &  Theseus-‘the customer’


Theseus : But you said they wanted trade before -- even the Emperor --

Aegius: The Emperor doesn’t rule by himself -- he merely presides over a council -

Theseus: Council?

Aegius: Senators -- they pay in gold every year for a voice in the government -- [lower].... rather ingenious, actually --

Theseus: Then they’re doing it for a reason -- to make us look bad -- that’s why we have to protest --

Aegius: Do you think I’m going to take a gamble like that? -- Everything depends on stability right now --

Theseus: You said everything depended on trust --

Aegius: What do you mean trust?

Theseus: Trust -- in the system -- Trust that if you give something here -- then you get something -- you can’t have economy without it --

Aegius: That has nothing to do with this tax and you know it, Theseus --

Theseus: Yes it does -- If we pay it, we look like all the other kingdoms -- this could be a turning point !

Aegius: Oh, everything's a turning point with you -- Ever since you got here -- 6 months -- it feels like 6 years --

Theseus: I’ve done everything I’ve been asked ever since I got here - I’ve done more- !

Aegius: I know, that’s the problem -- you do too much !

Theseus: This goes against everything we stand for -- the Craft Guilds-- the Freemarkets--- everything we talked about in ...the Tablet...... you agreed --

Aegius: Oh yes, the “ Stone Tablet “ ....[looks up] .. “ the Lost Days” -- [gesture]

I told you there are no absolutes, Theseus--

Theseus: But there is direction -- --

Aegius: What do you mean direction ?– [cynical]

Theseus: The Value of the Individual – the closer you move toward that -- everything else falls into place --

Aegius: “Falls into place” –

Theseus: [pointing out]   Starting with the Crafts, then Specialization, leading to more Trade, more Progress— all driven by opportunity -

Aegius: Yes, driven - --- [ exasperated ]


Theseus: [louder] ... Days of Balance -- you agreed --

Aegius: Balance --- hah !

Theseus: That was the Goal --You agreed when I came here--

Aegius:[peaking] Yes I Agreed ..... I agreed -- And I only agreed for you!

Theseus : [quieter] .... For me ?


[ Aegius  change in tone here -- now regretful, apologetic- but grizzled ]

Aegius: Because this ... ‘ theory’ meant so much -- to You -- Something you must have latched onto from - the Temple -- your Mother-- up North  -- somewhere ! --- after we ..well, after we had to send you away –

But I told you I had no choice -- There was a war on -- Threats were made --

We had to be sure you were safe -- [ lower ] ...  in case we lost  …


[ tone change -- more fatherly-—Theseus uncomfortable, hand to chin ]

......I know, at the Citadel -- -- you were too young for that place –

….taken from your Mother --

Theseus: [ back turned, not wanting to hear this] That’s all in the past --

Aegius: Only half the age of your class-mates -- and all of them Nobles -- while, you didn’t even know who you really --

Theseus: That’s all in the past --

Aegius: Maybe you felt “inferior” all that time - maybe that’s why this obsession with this -- [looks up]

Theseus: (turning around--cutting him off)  I said that’s all in the past!! --


Aegius: That’s the point, in the past - couldn’t be helped - You're here now -- and your strong . . . -- and the best young commander that ever came out of that school, or Mycen-ea -----------[ almost puts hand on shoulder, but walks away ]

But you've got to see things the way they are -- We’ve got to hold onto

what we have -- ( tone changing -- hoping to "pass over" issue)

...... Now -- these Cretans -- all they really want, is order -- “progress”- [pointing] They won’t keep us from ruling on the Mainland here -- the fact is . . I’ve been thinking ...they might even help --

Theseus: (whispered, incredulous) What!?

Aegius: (already turned away) And this tax - No one’ll remember in a year or two -

[almost conspiratorial) After all it's only six .....athletes – just 6 .....“people”--


Theseus: (slowly) . . . Only six... “ people ” . . just another . . . Compromise --

(conclusive now) I'm telling you I can't agree with this --

Aegius: Oh, uh -- can't agree -- is that what I am then-- the, uh, compromiser ??

Theseus: I didn’t say that --

Aegius: Saying you would oppose me publicly on this? [ pacing more ]

Theseus: I didn't say that either. . . just that we've got to find another way --

Aegius: [patience gone now] Well there is no other Way !!-- We lose 6 now -- or

6,000 in a war -- That's the choice -- That's what a King has to do! And if you

can’t to do it you better tell me right now! Because -- I am not gambling

everything on some half-baked theory from the past -- I'm not going to do it!

Theseus: (tight, controlled) So what are you saying?

Aegius: I’m saying, there's two roads here, Theseus -- And only one of them is real --And you better decide which one you're on!

Do you understand, Theseus? [ no answer ]..... Theseus?! ....

.... That’s my final word. -- Two roads! (Door Slam -- Exit)


Soliloquy: [Theseus in stoic silence after door slam: Lights go down- spotlight on ]

Theseus: Yes, Father . . . Two Roads -- there is a time to choose -- what you think is real -- which way to go and -- what kind of a world you would wish for .. [heart/mind/soul gesture)

[ points at door-- stubborn]..... There IS a time.....of Balance...Somewhere ….


[ low shimmering cymbal as opening notes of song begins ]


Theseus : And there is always, a time .. to remember......

...... to remember ............ [ goes to one knee, then rises slowly ]



Set Notes :

The altar with lit candles and the huge round ‘Shield of Athens’—

White Horse on a field of blue – clearly visible above and behind Theseus.

Movement Notes : First section : He sings introspectively, not to the audience – though he may look out that way – uses subtle vertical or ‘tai-chi ‘ gestures :

touches temple, looks at hands, crosses arms at ‘colder now’ lyric. When instrumental starts, ‘evening breeze’ sweeps in – he glances behind him -- concerned – audience sees candles sputter out on altar. Theseus goes back to altar quickly and to re-lite candles -- he kneels as they sputter again,but he raises hands – and they go back on .

As instrumental ends, he turns back dramatically to audience to continue lyric. Similar  gestures in this section ending to rest on one knee – then head

down as lites fade.







Scene 2 - The Bullcourt --15 mins.

Scene Summary :

The large Olympic-like training facility in the city of Knossos, on the

island-nation of Crete itself. Introduction to the world of the "The Bulldancers," most of them peasants -- "tax payments" from mainland Greece-- with their leader,

Maicedonia -- and his tight-knit peer group, ‘the Free-Thinkers’. 

Conflict, and beginning romance between "Maice" and an outcast Omazon girl, Sinjah. Announcement that the Athenians and the King's heir, Theseus, are coming --- and reaction by peasant-athletes in Maice's anti-nobility speech. Arrival of 'the Courtmaster,' representing the new Expansionist Party of Knossos -- and the news that Sinjah will join the Athenians as a team in the Bulldance.


Setting :  The main practice court -- vaulted ceiling-- stone pillars, back wall to

perimeter-- athletes arranged on wide practice floor, and on steps

leading up to huge stone doors --- ‘ practice’ bull at center-- deep color

lights and costume-- lights open on ‘martial arts drill’....


Scene Opening : Chorus music in darkness--- then lights up on “The Bullcourt” --

symphonic dance music as Maice orchestrates practice session around huge, life-like practice bull -- baton in hand -- sometimes kneeling, appraising –

Instrumental – The Bullcourt -Track 3 - CD

SEGMENT 1 [ Music builds with CHORUS : ah-ah-ah-ah--- HAH !! ]


Maice: [as music continues)   No, no, No -- you’re too tight . . . you’ve got to be loose -- loose!  Remember --Viega -- fear is your energy -- but you make it work for YOU!.... and center balance -- Center balance -- Everything is with the flow of action --- Try it again --


Maice: Alright everyone -- Break it down -- Let’s break it down --

Reeba: Next class vaulters only, Maice-- [disdainful, exiting]

Perius: Vaulters only !

Maice: Alright, next class vaulters only - -- Break it down..

(2 girls now passing near him-- as music concludes --all others exit)

Maice: Well ---you’re showing good potential -- come back everyday this week –

Girl 1: [flirting) .. Really ?

Girl 2: ... and how about ‘every night ?-- (giggles)

Maice: Well... (charming stance) . . . even more potential there --

Clarisse : Until tomorrow then-- [ both leaving, excited ]

Maice: And who knows what tomorrow brings -- (sweeping hand/eye gesture)


(Sinjah clearly visible now at center-- statuesque, unhappy looking-- stage empty now -- just her and Maice ]




later song -- “SCARED OF ME” ]


Maice: Well, my lovely friend -- and where have we been hiding this time?

Sinjah: I come early like before -- but I see you are busy -- and so I have to wait --

Maice: But I wanted you to join in -- your vaulting is superb, but you need work on

your escapes -- that was the whole point of the drill --

Sinjah: I do not wish to practice with the others -- I am already just as good --

Maice: Now listen, Vade --

Sinjah: I am not a baby, so do not call me one!

Maice: The word is Va-de, “Va-de-dore “ -- it means ‘those who must survive’ -- what do you think I’m here for ?

Sinjah: You only train for the commeeshin --

Maice: The comeesh ---The commission ? -- Well, it only adds up when I train a whole class -- Not just one, single person!

Sinjah: Then why do you do it!?

Maice: Well maybe I’m starting to wonder myself . . . Maybe something in those big “valley-blue” eyes - my very stubborn friend, ‘Sinjoe ‘-- (gazing)

Sinjah: It is not Sinjoe ----- but Sinjah --!!

Maice : ‘ Sin-jah’ .... I see …[poetic, charming look]-- named for her spirit - ?

Sinjah: (relenting) . . . “ Mm-Maicedonia” --{ holds out hand shyly, properly }-

um – [ awkwardly] .. named for a land ..?

Maice: {laughs, takes hand } Ha-ha -- Just a place I’d like to go – and it’s ‘Maice’ –

all my friends just-- call me “Maice” –

[makes sweeping hand/eye gesture--as to the girls before—Sinjah / reaction ]


Sinjah: And I do not wish to be one of these -- “friends”! -- (pulls hand away)

Maice: Alright then, I’ll make you a deal -- show me one good escape - and you can practice alone -- away from the others -- and ..[dramatic]..... away from me --

Sinjah: Well -- [ off-guard ].. well then good! -- What is the move?

Maice: “Hornspin”, close-up, Right to Left --

{ Other dancers now enter -- Sinjah notices }

Sinjah: But I do not want the looking . . . or the laughing -- You must promise!

Maice: Alright I promise -- no laughing -- just want to see the move -- Right to Left -- (waves off others)

Sinjah: Right to Left -- (sets up and does move quickly) . . “ And So “--

Maice: ‘And so’-- -- very graceful . . . very pretty --

Sinjah: (toss of head) Thank-you --

Maice: But you should’ve gone outside-- with the flow -- fear is your energy --

Sinjah: And what if I am not scared!

Maice: Well, you damn well better be  scared! -- What if you’re caught

between the horns?!

[others noticing – Sinjah reacts]

Sinjah: I do not get caught! My way is better --

Maice: Better !?

Sinjah: Because is faster! -- Why don’t you try it and see!?

Maice: (pause, then) Alright I think I will -- Right to left?

Sinjah: Right to Left --

Maice: Hmm . . . they keep these horns pretty sharp --

Sinjah: This I know - (pointing) . . . -- and not to go slow on purpose --

Maice: Don’t worry -- this is gonna be “real-time” and (goes now) Full speed all the way -In—sah [at the horns now] ...ah….[cough].. .side---m -m-m!

(recoiling dramatically -- Big, breathless gasp---- back is to Sinjah )


Music – deep, tragic chords to later song / oboe --“Maice”

Sinjah: Maicedonia?!!

Maice: Must . . . (gasp) have gone too fast -- (collapsing realistic— rib wound ]

Sinjah: M--Maicedonia! -- [bending close]  It is all my fault!   (stands up) Everyone! Come quick! Sinjah need help!

Maice: Everything . . . getting dark . . . now

Sinjah: No -- please -- You have to hold on --[ kneeling to help again ]

Maice: . . . Need... bandage --


Synnjbah: Yes -- we will stop it -- [to others:]  Why do you just stand there?! -- Somebody have to get help!


[others shuffle one or two steps -- knowing glances -- half-hearted calls for help --

“Help- Help, please”  Um, someone? Very urgent -  “Help! Help wanted-- “ 

Boca: It’s too late--- [ very harsh ]

Reeba: He shouldn’t have gone to the inside-- [ very disapproving ]

Maice: Think I . . . can see something now --

Sinjah: What-- what Maicedonia -- what do you see?

Maice: Pa . . . Paradise! [ enjoying this close attention from her]

(CROWD REACT stifled laughter from others)

Sinjah: No Maicedonia -- don’t look -- you have to believe! [ very close now ]

Maice: If . . . (gasp) you would take my hand . . in friendship.... I could - believe . .

Sinjah: Yes, I take your hand -- please, I have to fix --

Maice: I believe . . .

Sinjah:  But . . . Where is the blood? . . .

Maice: I believe . . .

Sinjah: There is no . . . wound -- (drawing back)

Maice: (now looking also in surprise at ‘ wound’) I believe .. uh...

I believe you have cured me !

[ now quickly standing up ]

Sinjah: Cured you !!?. . .

Maice: By faith! - [amazed] .. and friendship. ….. it was a wound of the Heart ---

[big smile now]-- Iknew you really liked me!

(Big laughter from everybody)


Sinjah: It . . . It is a joke --

(Even More Laughter)

Sinjah: Stop it!

Maice: I still give you my hand --

Sinjah: [ slaps hand away ] Shut Up -- I do not take your hand -- You are a cruel,

selfish little boy --and I do not like your friends --

{ Crowd Reaction: O-o-o-oo }

Reeba: Well, maybe nobody likes you either!

Perius: What’s wrong with her eyes? [ Blue streaks can be seen under her eyes ]

Boca: Using berry juice on her eyes, Maice --

Slade: Trying to look pretty...!!

Reeba: Trying to get attention!

Maice:   [scolding] Reeba --

[ more laughter ]

Slade: How... .. .... FAKE !! { then checks her own mascara }

Sinjah: Stop your evil words !

Perius: She looks crazy!

Chandrika: Outlander !! [Sinjah turns right]

Joti:: Horse Woman! [Sinjah turns left]

Clarisse: Barn raider!

Reeba: Witch! Witch! Witch! Witch! [like a conductor-- advancing with others)


Maice : Wait a minute !! [trying to get control]

CROWD: Witch..Witch.. Witch.. [ from both sides ]

Maice:   HEY !! [others stop now]

Sinjah: { cross-gesture --whirling around } E- VHAN -- da - zae-- Ge-- ZHOE !!

[ her language --- like a horse turning to face the wolves -- Stamps foot --

throws something from small herb pouch on shoulder- then martial position }

Reeba : [ backed up by this-- banging into Boca and Slade) Whoa -- Oh !!


Sinjah: [turns to other side, martial position]  ZHOE !!

{ turning to Maice, very upset} You break your promise -- !!

(running off stage right, cross-gesture again) You break your Promise ! --

Reeba: { semi-panicked } What did she throw !? What did she throw ??

Boca: { brushing her off } Nothing --it was nothing --

Maice: [ calling to Sinjah offstage ] Wait a minute -- I …..I’m sorry ! --

Boca : [ to Reeba ] It’s okay-- you’re alright – you look good !—

Reeba: [very concerned] Are you sure ??

Boca: Y-a-a – come on, girl -

Perius: It was only a joke -- (calling after Sinjah)

Boca / Slade: Just trying to make a point .! . (sweet snicker, moving toward Maice)

Maice: [to Sinjah, off]  I’m never giving up on you -- You’re gonna need me here!

Boca, Slade: [ looking offstage, to Sinjah] .. Um ... well ... Goo-bye now......

[ artificial waves ] … Goo-bye...


[ Maice and friends now to ‘location lighting’ ]

SEGMENT - 3  -- [ 1 min. ]   Maice & Friends

Perius: Can’t teach ‘em if they don’t want to learn, Maice –

Maice: (overruling) She’ll come around -- you’ll see --

Reeba: But she’s different -- Maice --

Slade: She keeps to herself --

Boca: She’s an A mazon --

Maice: That’s Oma-- zon ... --

Slade: What’s the difference -- they’re strange --

Reeba: One of those cults, Maice --

Maice: (emphatic) No -- just a little misunderstood -- she’ll get used to things --

Boca: [ resentful) We understand her---

Reeba: She just thinks she’s so much---

Slade: “Everyone -- come quick” “Sinjah need help! -- “ { tragically, imitating }

(laughter from all ) ... Sinjah need help !

Maice: Slade -- that’s enough --

Perius: Really had her going, Maice –

Maice: Perius ---

Tarku: { imitation } “ Zhocka-Zhocka--Zhoe !!!

Maice: { very stern } TARKU !!

Tarku: Well I didn’t mean anything, Maice ....Geez --.[ sheepish , backing off ]

[ Perius toussles his hair]

Boca: (chiding, pouting) Maice -- what do we always say?

Slade: When you are lonely --

Reeba: You can come to Reeba --

Boca: Or Boca --

Slade: Or Slade -- [ striking poses ]

Tarku: What do you think, Maice? --

Perius: Can you find three rich ladies like this?

Maice: Ah -- they’d kill me sooner than the bulls -- [ laughter ]

Perius: Well, Maice -- if you gotta die, you gotta die ....(behind Reeba, tickling -- she turns to slap)

Reeba: Watch your sneaking hands! --

(Boca and Slade toussling Tarku now)

Tarku: Hey, watch your hands !! Bloody Hell -- [others laugh, he’s the youngest]

Maice: Come on, you’ll see -- I’ll make her one of the best -- just like us --


Others: “Right, Maice”, “Sure”, “Whatever you say”

Maice : Hey -- are we the Best or Not ??   Best ??

Others : [automatic shout/answer]  BEST !!!  [ hi-5’s to center ]

Maice : Damn right !!

Others:  Damn Right !!  Damn well Right !!

[Now loud tapping is heard from platform steps in back, up by large water pipes]



SEGMENT 4 -- 2 1/2 mins

NOTE: ‘the talking pipes’ are the large Cretan water conduits used as a communication system between prisoners and/or servants in different parts of the city.       tap –tap-tap

Perius: Maice --- got somethin’ -- over the pipes -- [up on top steps now]

Maice: What is it, Perius -- ? [all join up on steps]

Perius: From the port auction--six new dancers from -- they’re from

Athens !!-

Maice: Athens --The proud city --!!

Reeba: Tax finally came to them, too, Maice --

( more tapping is heard)

Perius: And wait -- one of them is -- the Prince --

Reeba: Maice, the nobility -- here --

Maice: Hm-m, too ambitious for his own good --

Perius: Wait -- there’s something else -- they told the ship’s captain they wanna stay together -- one group -- they want to dance as a group --

Maice: Typical noble -- wants to keep his own little circle of power --

Perius: The usual treatment, Maice ? --

Maice: Ha -- Even more so -- Let’s have a council meeting -- --

(THEME MUSIC NOW -all go to top step-- Maice turns away--hand to chin)

Boca and Slade now calling out front : “ Come on everybody” “Everybody”- kids start arriving quickly]

Reeba: Listen up ! Listen up!

Tarku: We’ve got news -- Got News --

Reeba: [ striking pose on very top step ] GONG shimmers ...

[‘Liverpool ‘accent:]

HEREBY CALLING to ‘ Council Meeting’ --- all due Crahfts-men -- and Practition-ers  of ....the BULL-DAHNCE !!!

[ athletes 20-30 now assembling below Maice, up on the top step -- hub-bub ]


Maice: Alright everybody-- ....... 6 new conscripts... but this time a little different....... from the Proud City of Athens” --

(others --general buzz and reacting to each statement)

Crowd: BOO! Hah! The rich city!

Maice: The city that would rule the whole mainland, if it could --

Reeba: And bring more wars than all the nobles put together ! --

Crowd: BOO!

Maice: “Those who would be ‘Lords -- of your Lords’” --

Crowd: BOO! Uh-uh! Think again! Wrong, Maice!

Maice: And maybe they think it’s like the mainland here -- Where they got one class to own everything   [high gesture]---- and another class to work their fields --and build their castles --[low gesture/

Crowd: BOO! Not here! Wrong! No Way!

Maice: And the workers get to fight the wars and pay the taxes too --

Crowd: BOO! (No way, Maice -- ) (Uh-uh) (Hell no) isolated: Bull**it! (laughter)

Maice: [big gesture]  For those who control the Doors-- of Opportunity !

......and they didn’t even think we were worth that --[ makes small gesture ]

..... so they send us here.......

Crowd: (low, sullen reaction)

Maice:  Well we might be prisoners here for now -- But if we live 6 months  -- all the gold we get is ours -- to make our own life -- wherever we want --

CROWD REACT:That’s right! --

Maice: And we don’t owe  NOTHING -- to NOBODY -- ANY MORE !!

Crowd: OOHs, YEAs --

Maice: (Maice and friends pointing to one side) Am I right -- ?

CROWD REACT:That’s right!

Maice: Am I right?

CROWD REACT:That’s right!


Reeba: (hands up) You . . . are . . .Right! .. ....right...right ... [ like a conductor ]

Crowd: Right, right, right, right!


CROWD REACT : Right, right, right, right . . . (chanting) . . . Right, right--



Trumpeter off-stage: Courtmaster, make way for the Courtmaster!

INTERLUDE 4 –--  3 mins.

Chanting: “Right” “Right” “Right”

Guard: Courtmaster -- Make way --

(Deep trumpets -- ‘Ominix’ and guards arrive -- crowd parts)

Ominix: (takes out scroll-- booming voice ]   By order of the city commander --

six new conscripts to be transferred --

Maice: Pardon me, sir -- but transfers can only be made by the Courtmaster --Captain Olivieri-- and -- I don’t think I see him here --

Reeba: (concerned) He doesn’t seem to be here --

Boca: Captain Oliveri! ....Captain Oliveri!!


[ note : picture an actor something like ‘Newman’, from Seinfeld- as Ominix ]


Ominix:   That’s because there’s a new Courtmaster appointed -- and his name--  is Ominix – Court-Master : Ominix ‘-- [ self-pointing ]

Reeba: Ominous? Well, Maice -he doesn’t look very ominous to me -

Boca: Oh no, not at all....

Ominix: That’s Omin-IX -- with an “X” -- [ stepping forward ]

Maice: With an “X”! [ imitating now ]

Ominix: Transferred .....from the city... of Phaistos-ss -- [starting to pace]

Maice: Phaistos-ss!

Ominix: Because security here -- is a little bit – loose-ss!

Maice: Loose-ss!!

Ominix: And the new council likes people ambitious-ss --


Maice: [very imitative] Ambitious-ss!

Ominix: facing audience) Ambitious enough -- to raise-zz.. themselves -zzz!

[ makes pyramid-rising gesture – to be seen later ]

Crowd: (Maice conducting) ZZ -- ZZ -- ZZ --

Ominix: (whirling around) ..... That wouldn’t be funny -- in Phaistos --!

Reeba: (coming over -- friendly, on shoulders) Well, that’s why it’s so good to have

you here in Knossos!


Slade: So-o good to have you---

Ominix: (angry) Guards-ss-ss!

Maice: (quick) Do you know what the rule is for striking a bulldancer in Knossos ?

Reeba: Five silver talents --

Boca: And loss of rank --

Tarku: That’s the rule, in the city of Knossos --

Ominix: (gritting--hand up to halt guards) I know what the rule is -- For Now --

(waves off guards) . . . And I have a little message for one -- (looks at scroll)

“Maicedonia” of Sparta -- and all his little friends --

Reeba: That’s Maice to his friends --

Perius: Of which you are not --

Ominix: (talking over them) That the new stone Kurfew doors are self-locking --The only way in or out !

[Crowd parts -- Ominix goes to upper steps -- pointing to doors ]

Crowd: Ooh -- ooh --

Ominix: So, anyone coming late from any feasts or banquets ...which you don’t deserve to attend to begin with --

Reeba: We go because we’re invited --

Crowd: Yeah -- Yeah

Reeba: (striking pose) We add color -- to the festivities --

Ominix: Anyone late will be treated as escapeez--zz-...

Crowd: Ooh -- ooh -- ZZ -- ZZ

Ominix: (talking louder, looks at scroll) And I have a training assignment for this

(bitter) “Maicedonia”--- and friends ...


Reeba: The tribute from Athens -- we already know --

Ominix: To be trained together -- as a team --

Maice: [serious] There’s no teams in this -- there never could be --You should know that --

Reeba: You make it on your own here --

Perius: Or not at all--

Ominix: (smile) Well, it seems there’s been a flurry of wagering on that very fact --

very profitable --

Reeba: You could get ‘em all killed in the first event --

Ominix: (ignoring question, relishing) The state doesn’t care if you die one by one -- or all together ...

Perius: Only one problem -- you need 7 in the Bulldance -- they only have 6 --

Reeba: And there has to be a vaulter -- in every event --

( guard whispers to Ominix -- tells him who Maice is)

Ominix: Well, it seems there’s a certain young Amazon girl --

Maice: (pointing) That’s OMA--ZON ----

Ominix: A vaulter -- who might be willing to join them --

Maice: What!?

Reeba: She’s not good enough --!!

Ominix: A little dissatisfied with your training approach -- (exposing) ... Maicedonia! of Sparta !--

Maice: She’s not joining any team of newcomers --

Reeba: And we’re not gonna train ‘em --

Ominix: (pacing away -- expanding) People on the bottom of the scale do not

dictate policy --

Maice: They do if they have leverage -- Your rich spectators want sport --not just a slaughter -- You need athletes to train athletes ----

Perius: They want the thrill of the life and death struggle -- without going thru it

themselves --- [assenting reaction]

Reeba: That’s how it is -- we get something -- you get something -

Ominix: ( trump card ) Then I’ll make it very simple -- No training assignment -- no training commissions -- past or future --

Tarku: Past or future --??!!

Maice: You can’t do that!

Reeba: He’s full of it , Maice --

Ominix: Well, I think that happens to be the RULE -- (referring to scroll -- relishing) -- in the City of Knossos --[ waving scroll as proof ]

... in the city of Knossos -- ha-ha-ha(exit)

Others: We’re not doin’ it – Not doin’ it –We know better –

Maice : No Way --They’ll be killed in a week–

Tarku : Sure as hell !! [ pointing]

Ominix: That’s the Rule --In the city...of Knossos!!! [ offstage now ]


[ ‘ Supper Bell ‘ can now be heard -- music rises-- kids all chatter :

“ 6 th bell” – “Supper Hall”—“Don’t be Late” – “Let’s Go”-- Bell again]


Reeba: Oh come on, sports they can’t say we didn’t try-- we’ll sort it out later -

Perius: Right, Reeba --Center table-- gotta get there first ---[ as all 5 exit ]

Tarku: And I’m not sharing any of my wine this time ... Bloody Hell –

[others tousle him again, laughing, running out—

Reeba: OH --Come on, big fellow”--

Tarku : [ running after ] And I mean it this time !!



Maice: (pointing) You can’t do this -you understand? She’s gonna be one of us -

Ominix: That’s the rule -- [ echoing chatter -- kids are gone-- only Maice is left ]

Maice: Listen -- I’m talking to you -- You’re gonna need me here -- [ exiting ]


[ CURTAINS CLOSING -- Music up and lites fades out ]



Scene 3 - Misty Dreams ---5 mins.

Scene Summary :

Alone in the candle-lit library of the Temple-- as the statue of the Goddess

looks on -- Ariadne puzzles over an isolated scroll concerning the "latter

days" of the Empire -- and a recurring dream concerning a "stranger from the

North" -- leading to the ballet song-dance: "A Long Way to Athens"


Setting :  Darkness on stage -- Ariadne’s voice can be heard echoing a single phrase repeatedly against misty, dreamlike music: as if pacing back and forth,

trying to solve a puzzle --


Ariadne: [ echoing in darkness ] “From a grove of myrtle shall the white horse come-- from a grove of myrtle shall the white horse -- the white horse -- From a

grove -- of myrtle -- ”


[Then lights come softly up on Princess, center stage - kneeling with scroll in hand -surrounded by vast number of other scrolls now visible on floor and shelves – as if she’s been rummaging all night --She stops – and speaks very clearly as she reads it intensely:]


“From a grove of myrtle shall the white horse come -- To meet the bull in

the land of two peoples -- Who seeks a gift, but brings one greater --

In the latter days -- the days of circles -- When the key to the ancient door lies

hidden....-- ( She looks up now, repeats :) ... ‘The Ancient Door ‘. .


(Now she turns to the altar backstage and approaches-- speaks appealingly to the Goddess statuette :)


Tell me what is true, Mother Goddess -- why does my father refuse to see me? Why does he allow his enemies to speak? Why do you send me dreams of a stranger ??

[Music begins, Ariadne now kneeling]

Tell me as a child, Mother Goddess -- who is this Northern Prince....

..... and what should he mean to me?

Song: A Long Way to Athens Track 4 – CD

Choreo notes : first – elaborate genuflection – leading to lyric section with this ‘pattern’:[ apparently the song is addressed to the glowing, goddess figurine -- ]

she sings out toward audience, but alternately turns or steps back to the ‘goddess’ figurine on the altar at center back – as if asking for some kind of approval.

[ this may be the only mother she has]

After the last song lyric she goes back to altar, with genuflect/meditation – and says :

“ Tell me what is True, Mother Goddess --Do you send me dreams…. or memories of the Future ? …”


then she comes up out of this for final ‘ballet / dance’ – possibly lighting candles with ‘wand’ all around stage during dance.

Very big, live drums come in toward the end as ‘lit-up’ stage starts to fade.

Ariadne- with the wand - does whirling, Arabic spins to ‘sacred bow’….






Scene 4 - The Inner Circle -- 3 mins

Scene Summary :

In his nomination speech to the Expansionist Party, Rhadamanthos outlines

a convincing vision of world domination for Crete, using the Pyramid-elite

structure and the all-important control of land and resources.


Setting:  Spot-lights come up on stage -- cheers rising to ‘Imperator’ theme music

as 2, then 2 more ‘associates’ arrive onstage-- each making the ‘pyramid’-

rising gesture as the crowd cheers more. Spot-light center on

Rhadamanthos-- back is to audience, now turning to face them --

impressive, lordly appearance -- long, flowing cape -- dark costume --

“cossack” pants, boots -- “Arabian look” -- gold medallion at the chest.

Now at podium .

Low, deep, “musical” voice -- very statesman-like; conveying inclusive,

comrade-like feeling to the theater audience -- as if  they are his political

“inner circle”. Pattern: as he speaks -- hand gestures seem to control

musical chords in the background -- evoking a sense of subtle ‘power’.



Lites come up with sweeping Music:

SONG – Imperator – Track 5 CD -- then :


Arragon: (at podium) Application for Imperious Speaker -- the Senator-Consul from Iberia -- Elor -Dante- Rhadamanthos -- (steps aside)


Rhadamanthos: We deal, gentlemen -- with the inescapable fact of history -- 10% of the people -- controlling 90% of the available wealth. -- In all the empires of

history, in Egypt -- Persia -- Troy -- today -- In every case, 10% controlling 90%!


And -- I would submit -- if the world’s entire wealth were to be gathered up -

- and shared out equally to every man, woman and child -- tomorrow --


And this may be the life ambition of our distinguished emperor .....

[ hearty round of sophisticated laughter ]

But if it were done -- and we returned in a year .... a month ...... or even a week –

we would find that same formula once again -- 10% controlling 90% !!!

And to what factor of Reason ??......

We see the higher place goes not to the hardest working-- the most productive people , NO -- but to those who can Organize -- those who control the flow of goods -- and resources . --


And the key to organizing anything ---IS NOT the offer of Equality for

ALL -- NO, but in Status -- In the ‘Offer of Status!’ [ pause for effect ]

because people will always care less for the country, and more for their own

place in it --- and Nations will care less for the world -- more for their own

place -- in the world ...

And so we found in the western provinces -- petty kingdoms, war, chaos --

Yet we gave them a system of order -- You offer 10% of the people a better life

-- a higher place -- And the rest fall hopefully into line --

If you control the markets ...IF you control the resources .......

and if you cannot control -- then you must be controlled.


And in a world of winners and losers -- rulers and ruled --- there is only one real

question for men of reason -- men of vision :

...Which group, would you rather belong to ?? [low, subdued assent]


And with the current Emperor --- we see a nation once the Master of the

Mediterranean ... now threatened by competition, from Everywhere !!....

Phoenicians, Phrygians on the seaways -- caravans, coastal trade to the North,

.. Gentlemen !!.... [rising reaction, upset ‘buzz’ from crowd]

[using momentum] ... And he says we must ‘make new markets’ --

-- Invest -- in the ‘best possible world’ -- you see -- It’s a matter of Trust !!

...... [more reactive buzz]

[expanding] AND  we need not fear the future ... a day when nations could be

jealous of a certain….  small island in the Mediterranean .....

[comes forward from the podium]

“Mother Creta” -- Alone at sea ... [dramatic]. .

....drained by her investments around the world -- stripped of the once proud fleets ---- Open now, Vulnerable, Trusting --....... Trusting!

[almost slumping now, very vulnerable looking-- clutching his cape around him]

[very upset reaction by Delegates -- “calls for action -- revolt -- militia --arms “

but Rhad raises hand for order, back at podium now] :


Gentlemen, gentlemen, yes -- surely we could take power by force - - right here

now… Today ... But we need a nation undamaged -- intact -- ----Peacefully --

FOR we do not seek only a nation -- [small gesture] ... Rather --

we seek a place -- [big gesture] ------ In the WORLD !!


[ IMPERATOR- music begins again -- rising to a peak: ]


And Gentlemen power belongs to those, who see the world as it really is –

Where everything falls into place -- 10% . . 90% -- [pyramid gesture]

And if we cannot rise to the top -- then we must sink to the bottom --

...... The way of the world .........

But I would pledge heart, mind and soul :

this beautiful island ... Mother Creta -- what the ancients call Ata-lis-ia . . .

“AT- A- LIS-IA ” ------------ Shall ..... Never ..... Sink ... Below !!

------ Time Yielded!

(Rising -- applause -- cheers -- ‘Imperator’ Music comes up big)


Arragon: (back at podium) Application accepted!


[Cheers rise and fade with music, lights dim -- as he and associates accept graciously and depart-- ‘Arabic’ spin and bow -- ‘pyramid-rising’ gesture-- to rising cheers ]




Scene 5 - The Bull-dance 8 mins.

Scene Summary :

Theseus and the Athenians, along with Sinjah, make the final decision to use "the Closed Circle" teamwork method in the Bulldance. Scene concludes with their final training session with Maice, who fails to dissuade them in the musical dance-drill sequence: "Symphony of Purpose" -- which then transforms into the actual Bulldance -- on stage.


Setting  : Lights go on in main practice court -- Theseus and Athenians- including

Sinjah-- in solemn “mid-conversation” near practice bull -- as if they have

all just ‘seen’ something - together.... somber theme music in background


Ajax: That’s why they don’t show you the real thing when you first get here -- “bad

for the nerves” . . .

Deirdre: He was so scared -- I could feel it -- But he wouldn’t call out --

Theseus: That’s the Open Circle --- it’s not a team -- Everyone’s on their own --

Archimedes: They were playing the odds, Theseus -- think about it -- they stop the event if someone is killed -- or the time runs out -- So, the odds are 6 out of 7 to

survive --

Cassie: That’s only for 1 event --

Samantha: What about after 7 --

Deirdre: (quickly) Or 14, 21 . . .

Ajax: That’s long-term! -- Sooner or later the bull has to pick you --

Cassie: And how many people can really dodge the bull on their own? -- on their own skill -- natural ability --

Archimedes: Only the best ones here -- Only the Elite --

Samantha: Like the vaulters -


Ajax: (with an edge) Like that one from Sparta -- the one they call Maice --

Cassie: And all his little friends --

Ajax: They only have to dance once a week -- everyone else is three --

Archimedes: That’s their incentive for doing the vault -- the crowd likes it --

Ajax: They have it easier --

Archim: Easy - if you know how to do it... and when to do it-- (looks at Sinjah)

Theseus: (changing direction) What about the closed circle now, Archimedes -- ?

Archime: Well -- it’s like the old stablehands said -- It’s from the past -- when the

Cretans performed it themselves --

Cassie: But it’s the same idea -- if somebody went down -- the rest would close in -

Ajax: To tire him out --- like wolves!

Deirdre: Until he gave up --

Archime: But the horns and hoofs were padded then -- not a ‘death-sport ‘--

Theseus: What do you think -- Cassie, Samantha ?

Cassie: We haven’t changed our minds, Theseus --

Sam: We think it can work --

Archime: Yes -- But if we close in on the bull -- it’s high risk -- he might kill all of us -- not just one --

Theseus: How do you make the odds, Archimedes -- for the Closed Circle --

Archime: Hard to say, Theseus -short-term, not as good -long-term . . it gets better

Theseus: Deirdre ?

Deirdre: [poignant] Something like politics, Theseus – on the Mainland …

Cass/ Sam: Oh-oh yes … [silent nods – others]

Theseus: (to all) Then it’s a matter of choosing -- short-term or long-term -- the best way to survive --

Ajax:  Or even . . . the best way to die --

Archime: We’d have to have a pledge, Theseus --

Sam: Life or death --

Deirdre: All or nothing --

Theseus: Yet… we’re not related by Blood --

Cassie: But we are related by Blood --We’ve already decided, Theseus -- the Closed Circle . . . Ajax?

Ajax: Well -- I’m not saying I’m braver than anyone here -- But if I have to die –

I don’t want to die scared - . . . for myself ….. rather be busy....thinking of

something else . . .or . . . some-one else . . -- if you know what I mean -


Archimedes: I know what you mean --

Deirdre: (bravely) Me too -- the closed circle . . . brothers and sisters -- Theseus?

(Sinjah, upset -- by herself at stage left)

Theseus: . . . Brother and Sisters . . . -- are we all in then . . . Sinjah?

Deirdre: (noticing, goes to comfort) Sinjah -- ?

Cassie: (going over with Sam, sisterly) Sinjah, what’s the matter?

Sam: What’s wrong? [bringing her back]

Sinjah: … [whispering something in Deirdre’s ear]

Deirdre: She doesn’t think she’s worthy --- to join....

[ pace picks up here ]

Cassie: Not worthy? Why?

Sam: You’re better than all of us --

Deirdre: (maternal) Good as the best ones here --

Sinjah: (shaking head for emphasis) No -- I am not as good as them --

Ajax: You’re the fastest, the quickest --

Archimedes: I don’t know how you do it --

Sinjah: (shyly) From the taming of the horses -- in my land –

[ pace picks up here ]

Theseus: You’re the only one who can do the vault --

Cassie: Without a vaulter they’ll break us up --

Archime: And there’s something else -- the bull always turns after the vaulter -- so if somebody gets trapped -- it’s a last resort – to turn the bull --

Sinjah: I do not know if I could -- (very doubtful)

Deirdre: Yes, you could -- you’ve got what it takes --

Sam: We can’t do it without you --

Cassie: We need you, to stay together --

(all gathered round her)

Sinjah: (still very doubtful) Only -- if you wish -- if -- if you think you wish --

Others: We wish, we wish . ..(laughing) We can do it -- together --- all the way --

Ajax: Looks like you’re stuck with us –[all hands on her shoulders, tussling hair]


Sinjah: (happy look) …Then I . . . (others lean close) .... I try to stick ---- I think--

{ Quick - amused laughter from others-- “funny foreigner” }

Deirdre: (quickly) Pledge, Theseus -- Call it to witness -- Like on the ship --

Theseus: Call it to witness --

Cassie/Sam: To Goddess of Earth --

Ajax: and Father Sky --

Deirdre: Whether to live --

Archimedes: Whether to die --

Theseus: We are Athenians, and --

(Deirdre whispers to Sinjah then:)

Sinjah: And . . . we do not go a-lone …

Theseus: This  circle is : ... Closed --

Each in turn: (putting hands in) “ Closed, Closed, Closed, Closed, Closed, Closed “

(as all go down on one knee in circle -- lights dim overhead)


(Maice enters, pausing -- they look over -- )

Maice: (subdued) They call us ‘Vade-dores’-- those who must survive -- Something you find in yourself -- But I offer the best in training -- if you can listen --

Theseus: (evenly) Offer accepted -- but we might have our own ideas about survival

Ajax: That’s right, Spartan -- show us the moves -- but not like you and your friends -- “dancing for gold” -

Theseus: Ajax --

Maice: (pointing, quick temper) Listen, I don’t have to be here --

Ajax: It’s for the commission, Theseus -- Nothin’ but a mercenary --

Maice: (over-riding) And you’re nothin’ but a military brat from a rich city --

Ajax: Hey, you better watch your -- (cut-off)

Theseus: (quick) Hold it! -We’re not rejecting anything - Offer is accepted . . Ajax?

Ajax: (sullen, low) . . . with gratitude --

Maice: (quickly, pointing) Well, you can keep your gratitude! -- (gesture to all ]

And your rich City!

EVERYBODY: (quickly, proud-- pointing back) Fine -Right.. Good...- we will --

Maice: Good! Then let the training begin . .[dramatic :] .... So you will know what it means -- To live and die . . . A Vad-edore !!!   [ drums kick in immediately ]

SONG: The Bulldance Track 6 - CD

[ see recording and speaking ‘ lyrics ‘ ] [below]

NOTE : The instrumental music is composed of 4 sections, each with speaking parts for characters involved. For section 1, the dialogue appears below – for sections 2-4, a summary description is given.

SECTION 1 : Maice supervising, Perius and Tarku ‘supporting’ on raised platforms behind.

DRUMS kick in – Maice : [very staccato, focused drill instructions- Athenians in circle around practice bull- ‘carrying out’ instructions]

First formation is the revolving circle- open and wide- 6 paces off the Bull -- Hands and Elbows up – starting ‘ade-lante’- right – ‘sol-ari-se’ left – to stall and confuse the bull but when he picks a target -- it’s one-on-one --You and Him alone !!…

The bull is attacking OFF- balance – you will be ON- balance

[pointing ] You’re Off – You’re OFF !! YOU’RE off !!

From head to toe YOU will keep a Center-line of energy in every move--

Everything works from the ‘center core’ and every move is with the flow

If you LOSE your center-balance you will go down – If you go down, you will be ON-YOUR-OWN --- Therefore I want balance in EVERY MOVE –[music rise here]

Ahs-te SPIN –‘transire’ --- KICK – ‘ah – ja te ‘—DODGE – ‘ e- lu dare’ YOU WILL DRILL - until- you- are- PERFECT !! ‘ HALF—SPEED’—




MUSIC SHIFT -- Maice withdraws from view as Perius and Tarku take over the drill – calling out ‘escape moves’ for Athenians to perform each in front of the bull’s horns in a ‘round-robin’ format – On the last move, Deirdre appears to stumble and fall under the horns – whereby the others immediately ‘close the circle’ to harass the bull from all points – as Maice reappears – Perius and Tarku leave in frustration— Maice tries to take over, but the Athenians reject and form a ‘team huddle’ stage right as Maice makes a final pitch to Sinjah, stageleft.


As the mellow, pretty section of music arrives Maice tries to convince Sinjah the Athenians will only get her killed using the vault – that she can make it on her own – or that he’s even willing to take her place. But as the music rises to a peak , Sinjah returns to her friends now forming the ‘final circle’ at center – andMaice can only withdraw.


Lites go out momentarily – crowd noise comes up with continuing music

when lites come back, Athenians are apparently in the actual event, frantically calling ‘signals’ to each other over the music and crowd noise as the huge lifelike bull appears to attack one side to another. When Ajax goes down, Athenians call for ‘the vault’ from Sinjah – who performs it at the peak of the music – after which the bull whirls away from Ajax to backstage – guards appear on each side

to call ‘time’ for the event – and the crowd cheering continues- lites out


Scene 6 --- Gift of the Goddess 8 mins

Scene Summary :

A huge statue of Goddess in the background, dark lighting, misty

fog. In spite of Ajax's warning, Theseus responds to a message of

help for his country from a disguised Princess Ariadne, but

becomes suspicious when the girl offers the gift of belief in himself, obtainable by confessing all his hopes for his people to

the Mother Goddess.

When he realizes her sincerity too late, the girl runs off, but

Theseus sings for her return in the song: "Now "


Setting Ajax and Theseus -- mid-conversation-- in front of curtains -- urgency

INTERLUDE 1  Theseus and Ajax --  [ 1 min. ]

Theseus: The message had the temple seal -- it talked about help for the country--

Ajax: But Theseus -- what would the reward be for trapping a foreign prince into . . . conspiracy --??

Theseus: My father said there were factions here -- they wanted trade before --                        1              maybe it’s a chance - to get the tax lifted --

Ajax: But for how long? They see the Mainland as a threat -- they’re thinking

conquest - Look at their provinces in the west -- mining camps--labor farms--

Theseus: Well then, we come to the bigger question -- to be secure -- We’d have to unify the whole mainland -- all of Greece --

Ajax: I agree -- but it’s never gonna happen unless you make it back alive --

everything depends on that --

Theseus: Me? You think the whole thing could depend on one person?

Ajax: No doubt in my mind -- The whole future depends on you --

Theseus: Ajax -- (hesitating) What if I told you that . . . all I really have is just . …..a basic idea -- what a country can be --? That’s all -- just the idea?

Ajax: Well -- then I’d say the idea’s enough -----”Everybody gets a place-”

Theseus : ‘Everybody gets a’ ..huh .. that’s not bad …

Ajax : You’re welcome, Theseus --- [ ironic ]

Theseus: But what if it meant war with the nobles at home -- then this empire -- or another ? And if we lose at any step-- What’s the guarantee that all those

people , don’t end up worse off--- than they were before ?--

Ajax: (pause) Can’t answer that, Theseus -- All I know is . . . whatever you decide -- I’ll follow YOU --

Theseus: (still doubtful) . . . But why Ajax -- Why do you say that? --


Ajax: Well, because I know with you -- I’d feel like I was really doing something -

           Like -- like . . . I was really .. there --

Theseus : There - -?

Ajax : (turning) That sound crazy, Theseus? --

Theseus: Well--not really, Ajax-- seems like you’ll always be ..’there’ [both laugh]

Ajax: Then let me go with you --

Theseus: No, Ajax -- if anything goes wrong --We need you with the others -- to   train the new ones --- like we said---

Ajax: (poignant) ‘Like we said’ --haha . . . See you at kurfew, Theseus --

Theseus: Kurfew -- { both point to each other }


(Lights change -- Ajax gone - CURTAINS OPEN - eerie lights --Theseus in darkness --‘ Labyrinth’ music -- 30 seconds -- vague outlines-- scary shadows]


THEN : lights up on Temple scene)

(Setting: The Temple of the Goddess -- dark lighting -- misty fog -- huge statue of

Goddess backstage -- eyes glowing softly -- Ariadne appears in the light in front of Statue-- robe and hood disguise ]



INTERLUDE 2  Ariadne and Theseus ---  [3 mins. ]

Ariadne: Theseus -- Theseus of Athens? [ appears near statue ]

Theseus: [ in foreground]  Who’s there ? [turning]

Ariadne: I am a servant of the Temple -- sent by those who care -- Do you come in good faith -- ?

Theseus: I come with respect --[wary] .. for the Great Mother, who sees all things

Ariadne: The eyes of the Goddess are the eyes of age -- . . . In the times of weakness and fear--  All men call to HER -- Twilight and Dawn -- Birth and Death -- ---- But in between ..... they forget . . .

Theseus: [ eyes adjusting ] Maybe so---

Ariadne: They say the goddess chose this land for the heart of its people---

and if ever she left ..... so it would sink, into the ocean.....

Theseus: You speak . . . more like a priestess than a serving girl --

Ariadne: All of us are servants in the Temple --

Theseus: And did you write the message ??-

Ariadne: The message comes from those who care -- those who would help -- but there are things to be known -- Symbols from your past --

Theseus: From my past?

Ariadne: There is a grove of Myrtle -- and the symbol of a white horse --

Theseus: [suspicious] I was born at the Myrtle Grove in Troizen -- my mother was a priestess there --

Ariadne: (hopeful) Your mother was a priestess of the Temple?

Theseus: But I wasn’t raised there . . . and there’s a white horse, on the shield of Athens - I need to know the reason for these questions -- what kind of help - and why --

Ariadne: The land of Crete is a land of two peoples -- There may be help later -- But you need something now -- a gift -- from the Goddess --

Theseus: A gift? ....... and ......what would I give in return?

Ariadne: The gift is only knowledge -- assurance -- that “great” things can be done, even when you feel great weakness and fear -- inside --

Theseus: { covering }  Assurance ? ... and .. uh ........ what would something like that ... have to do with ……..someone like me?    [ typical male ]

Ariadne: Everything ! --Because you want great things for your people -- but you

don’t think you’re wise enough -- nor strong enough -- to do them --

Theseus: [quite put off ] And just how do You -- [relenting] . . how does one receive this gift ?-

Ariadne: Only by confessing, to the Goddess -- If a man will admit he’s a child in her eyes -- only then can he find his true strength --

Theseus: Just by “confessing” --

Ariadne: Yes -- all your fears, and all your hopes --

Theseus: So . .if I hoped my people were free of this tax -- free of this Empire --

I would just, “confess” that --

Ariadne: Yes -- and she would understand -- the Goddess is against the Bulldance

Theseus: Against it? And if I had friends, people to help -- would I pray for them too?

Ariadne: Oh yes- and she would help - She would reach out -[stretches out hand }

Theseus: [conclusive now] Oh I’m sure she would just reach out { accusing }, if she knew where to look -- [turns to her] .... little priestess ‘--

Ariadne: What?

[ pace now picking up ]

Theseus: And how many others are here tonight, as witnesses? (looking around)

Ariadne: Witnesses? What are you talking about?

Theseus: You want some kind of confession -- of Treason? How much is the   reward?

Ariadne: Reward - there’s no reward - there’s no one here -- No one knows I came -


Theseus: Oh Nobody knows? You said you were sent! Did you lie about that?

(steps forward)

Ariadne: I didn’t lie -- . . . The Goddess sent me -- (backs up)

Theseus: I came here because I trusted that message --

Ariadne: .... I Know !!... [urgently]

Theseus: Then why can’t you tell me who you are?

Ariadne: [looks for a way out]  Because . .. Because I can’t! Stay away --

Theseus: How do you know these THINGS about me? [ advancing again ]

Ariadne: I saw it in your eyes --  the Goddess showed me!  I thought you were the stranger --the one in the Dream --

[looks to stairs, but Theseus turns]

Theseus: What – what dream ? -- what stranger?!!

Ariadne:  Someone who cares -- for the future -- But you don’t! Only yourself --

Theseus: The future -- what future ?

Ariadne: For everyone !!!-- But it’s too late !!!--

[now he moves upstage -- Ariadne goes to stairs]

Theseus: Everyone??  Wait a minute ! .-- maybe [ breath]... maybe I was wrong -


Ariadne: It’s too late! -[ up stairs now] and I’m not a liar ! - there’s no one here --

Theseus: Wait -- !

Ariadne: (turns back) Go ahead and look! ( throws down medallion --clang! )

Theseus: Wait -- little priestess -- please -- Wait . . . I’m sorry --


(Theseus now sees medallion on floor -- stares at it-- looks up--- footsteps echoing]

Theseus: I’m .... [ feeling guilty-- ‘scaring’ an innocent girl]    .. . ..I’m sorry, little priestess . . . I thought of… our danger . . . but I never thought of… yours . . . whoever you are ....[looks around] 

Maybe... [ moves now]   Maybe you’re ... someone like me --

you can’t believe in the things around you -- so you’re just ... reaching out ....


[the eyes of the huge Goddess Statue change color here -- glowing brighter]


and maybe you can’t help us -- but . . what you tried to give me . .Maybe

....maybe it was worth more.. . . . in an empty place ...

(softer, resigned:) Someone...... someone to ...Understand -- .....Here. ...

..... Here and .... NOW ..... [lights change]


Song: “Now”  -- Track 7 – CD

Ariadne returns only at the end of the song- at the top of the staircase –still in the hooded cloak – descending during the ending fanfare – Theseus turns – the cloak drops away – revealing The Princess –

The two walk, marriage-like, to center – right hands extended  --- as the music peaks and LIGHTS OUT – eyes of ‘the Goddess still ‘ glowing in the dark…..
















Scene 7- The Supper Hall -- 12 mins.

Scene Summary :

The Free-thinkers and friends go over the upcoming night’s amusements

via ‘the talking pipes’ --  until the mood changes with an interruption ----

Late from practice - the Athenians [without Theseus] : Ajax, Cassie,

Samantha, Dierdre and Archimedes arrive to a hostile atmosphere as Maice

and his friends converge at the main table of the Supper Hall.

Strained politeness turns to heated argument over the future of the risky,

all-or-nothing 'closed-circle' team-method of the Bulldance -- and then

shifts to the future of Athens as ruling city on the mainland ----

erupting into a near-brawl as each group hurls accusations about the self-serving

motives of the other.

After, it seems Maicedonia still carries a torch for Sinjah -- insisting she

could have been a "free-thinker" like him and his friends. But his friends

disagree, pantomiming the "dark witches of the forest" -- and recreating an

"Omazon Council' -- to decide the courtship of Sinjah -- as Maice sings

hopefully in the full-chorus-dance song: "An Omazon Girl".


Setting : The   Supper Hall -- torch-lighting -- Maice and friends at long table -- Perius and others near “the talking pipes” - up on the steps ---- tap - tap - tap . . .

10-15 other dancers onstage [ tap... tap -- tap .. tap ... loud - from ‘talking pipes’ ]


INTERLUDE 1 --  2 mins

Perius: And . . . Magicians -- magicians from Ethiopia --


Reeba: (to others) Already seen ‘em --

Boca: Already seen ‘em -- (tap - tap - tap)

Slade: They’re not that good --

Boca: Not that good--


Perius: And wait -- Elephants!

{ REACTION Woo-oo-hoo}

Tarku: Elephants?!

Perius: They’re having Elephants -- at the feast of Odessa--!!

Crowd: Wah -Hoo !!!

Tarku: High as the roof -- big as a ship!

Reeba: They’re not that big --

Boca: Not that big --

[ CROWD REACTION -- Not that big?? --- What do you mean not that big ? ]

Slade: What else? There’s got to be something else –

Perius : Something else ?!

CROWD: Come on, Perius !!---

[ tap-tap-tap-tap]

Perius: And … I guess there’s a banquet for . . [ tap-tap].. A-a-h (disappointed)

....the merchants of Babylon --

CROWD: A-a-a-h—disappointed- down note

Reeba: (excited) Merchants of Babylon ?!-- That’s it --

Boca: When do we leave?

Slade: What’ll we wear?!!

Boca: Where do we go?!!

Perius: I don’t believe it – [ coming down steps ]

Tarku: You’d rather see merchants than elephants?

Reeba: Elephants don’t have influence --{ showing jewelry, Boca and Slade also }

Boca: We’re thinking of the future --

Perius: (circling) Oh -- and, uh, just what would you be promising these ah-- men of influence?

Slade: It’s not what you promise --

Reeba: (striking pose) It’s what you imply --

CROWD: Ooh--ooh---

Tarku: Well, you know what they say -- (circling)

Perius: Never imply -- if you don’t think you can .. .. BACK IT UP --!!-

(mischievous -- slaps her rump from behind)

(Reeba reaction, all three chase Perius and Tarku)

Reeba: O-O-O-H-H--- you’re gonna get slapped all over this hall --

Joti : Teach him a lesson - Reeba !!!

Clarisse: Give him what for !!!

CROWD REACTION Other girls block Tarku’s way--- Boca and Slade grab arms

Boca:& Slade: Got him, Reeba !!!

Tarku: But I didn’t even-------PERIUS !!!???

Reeba: HOLD HIM !!!

[ ready to spank now -- Girls: ‘ O-o-oh, time to pay, sport’--

Guys: ‘You’re turn next, Ladies !’ Girls: ‘Uh -uh’ Guys: ‘Ah - huh’ ! ]


Perius: (hiding behind Maice at table) Maice, Maice we need help --

Reeba: That’s right you’re gonna need help -- [pointing over]

Perius: { changing subject } What’ll it be, Maice-- Merchants or Elephants ?

Reeba: What?! Maice said he’s going with US tonight -

-[ letting go of Tarku – quickly all moving to Maice at table]

Maice: (polishing necklace) Not going anywhere tonight --

Perius: (noticing) Hey, Maice -- Who gave you the necklace?


Maice: It’s not from --- but for someone --

Reeba: For someone? [ others surprised at this-- for someone ?? ]

[ Athenians now appear at stage right -- pause -- then approach supper-table ]


INTERLUDE 2 [5 mins. ] The Fight

Boca: (noticing Athenians) Hey -- what are you doing here?

(Athenians stop, then continue)

Ajax: We were practicing late --

Cassie: We’re hungry --

Reeba: This is our TIME here --

Slade: This is our SPACE --

Maice: It’s alright -- [waves off]

(Athenians at table now--- others grumbling, still hostile)

Ajax: The wine please -- thank you -- (pours himself cup, starts to drink)

Deirdre: Cups please -- (starts getting cups for Cassie, Sam, and Archimedes)


Ajax: (puts cup down quickly) I believe this wine is Un-watered --!!

(snickers from Maice’s group)

Reeba: (“concerned”) Un-watered!?

Ajax: Careful athletes don’t drink un-watered wine --

Perius: Well, I don’t understand Maice, I watered that wine myself -- (to others:)

Do you remember, when I took the pitcher, to the corner ?

(Ajax takes another drink to test)

Perius: I gave it all the water I had!

(laughter uproar from friends -- Ajax splurts out wine --more laughter)

Ajax: (slamming cup down) You disgusting animal !

Cassie: He didn’t -- Ajax -- They were drinking from it when we came in --

Deirdre: It’s true -- there’s nothing in it --

Maice: Nothing at all --


Ajax: (wiping off) Damn well better not be !!

Deirdre: (to others) Pass the bread, please --

Boca: What?

Cassie: Pass the bread --

Reeba: I don’t think so --

Archimedes: If you’re not eating it -- there’s no reason not to share --

Maice: Reeba --

Ajax: (loud) Pass the bread, or else!

Reeba: NO WAY !!

Perius: It’s our Bread, Maice !! [standing up now]

Boca: We earned it --!!

OTHERS REACT -- [ Uh-uh .. Who do they think.. better think again… etc ]

Maice: Wait -- (standing up) We wouldn’t deny fellow dancers their daily bread

..... or even . . fellow “trainers ” now -- [others sit down now]

Reeba: Trainers!?--- hah !

Ajax: The closed circle works!

Reeba: You’ve been lucky so far --

Perius: What if it gets more people killed -- sooner ?

Archimedes: It works-- if you work at it --

Ajax: And somebody has to give the slow ones a chance --

Cassie: Not just the so-called “great athletes” around here --

Maice: We spend our time on the ones who have a chance --

Perius: If we waste it on the slow ones, they’d all die anyway!

Ajax: Well, long as the gold goes in your account-- what do you care anyway --

Boca: The Cretans offer gold --

Maice: Are you saying people shouldn’t take care of themselves in this world?

Tarku: You give something, you take something --

Reeba: That’s how it is --

Archimedes: Or you try to make something --

Deirdre: Be part of something --

Slade: Like what, your city?


Reeba: You’re only doing this for the King’s son --

Tarku: Because you wanna be ‘connected’ --

Slade: Aristocrats!

Boca: And live off everybody else --

Cassie: We want growth, opportunity ---

Reeba: Yeah -- growth for your own treasury --

Maice: They say Athens wants to rule the whole mainland --

Deirdre: For the good of the mainland -- One country!

Ajax: What’s the use? They don’t give a damn about their country --

Others: Nobody gave a damn about us -- !!

[ general chatter and assent from others-- ‘yeah’-- that’s right’-- that’s it ]

Ajax: [talking over] Yeah, that’s right -- and that’s your problem--

Perius: What do you mean, ‘Problem’ -- boy ??

Ajax: It’s a big problem -

Cassie: Ajax ! [trying to calm]

Archimedes : [ trying to calm ] Well, maybe it’s just -- an imbalance --really-

Reeba: And who are you calling ‘ imbalanced’, boy ??!! [hub-bub assent]

Archime: [hand up- very logical]   Well --- just a general observation really -----you seem to spend much of your time thinking of all the things you don’t have -- and that you weren’t given -- which, of course would tend to make you feel--

well -- rather ‘ POOR’ --

Perius: You’re damn right it does, Sport --!!

Archime: But the fact is you could be thinking what you DO HAVE -- [holds up bread platter  as exxample] …  And what you CAN GIVE...  [ now extends the bread platter  to Athenians ] -- which by contrast, would make you feel much -------‘ RICHER ‘’---

Deirdre:  And so --   how you feel ----- is strictly up to you -- !

Athenians: [very pleased at this -]

Perius : [ quite put out ]  Yeah ! and he just stole our bread, Maice --

Reeba: [over-ruling]  But  also -- -- how convenient, Maice --

Maice: Yes -- in other words -- all we have to do is serve Athens --

and her Prince --- to feel ‘right’ --and ‘good ‘ --

CROWD REACTION at this -- plate banging -- hoots -- “B-o-o -- wrong, Maice”

Ajax: What he’s saying is -- you don’t believe in anything --

Maice: Maybe, what we believe in .... is ourselves ... [friends assent to this] --


Cassie/Sam: And maybe there has to be More !!

Ajax: More than just You !! [pointing at Maice]

Reeba: Like what ?!!

Deirdre: Like the World you Live in !!

Perius: Who the Hell do you think you Are ??

Maice: [to Ajax-- pointing] I think your time … is just about up ---!

Ajax: [pressing on, angrily sincere- to everyone] Then tell me this : what do you

CARE about? .. for real .. your friends?

Perius: [ caught by this ] What do you mean, friends ??

Deirdre : Friends --Brothers and Sisters --!! All of Us here  ---

Ajax: What about Justin of Odessa?  or Linia from Thebes?

Cassie: (concerned -- over the line) Ajax --

Perius: You better shut your mouth --

Ajax: Don’t see them around here, anymore --

Cassie: (worried) Ajax!

Ajax: Oh well -- some make it, some don’t – right ??

[ all are ready to ‘go off’ now ]

Maice: [pointing] You better shut him up --

Ajax: Why don’t you try and make me -- [pointing back]

Perius: (standing, clearing table) Son of a bitch !!

Tarku: We’ll shut you up !!--

Ajax: (clears table and jumps up) COME ON THEN !!


(Ajax has jumped up on table facing Perius and Tarku -- Girls screaming in general -- Guys also -- Cassie and Sam shouting “Ajax, No” -- dishes flying)

Archimedes: Get him down --

(benches scraping -- things falling)

Ajax: Come on -- I’ll take you both!

Perius: Right here -- OX-FACE !!

Reeba: Take him Perius --!!

(Fight choreography: up on table -- Ajax first encounters Perius -- on table -- knock down with kick -- then Tarku kick -- Ajax falls -- Perius swings -- Ajax ducks)


Maice: (standing up) Alright that’s it -- Get ‘em apart -- Get ‘em apart

Others: Get ‘em apart – get ‘em apart – watch the wine, will you – watch the wine

[ Athenians now have Ajax in hand, wanting to leave ]

Ajax: Damned traitors -- that’s all you are -- [pointing]

Perius: That’s all you are -- Ox-face !! [ derisive laughter]

Cassie & Sam: Shut up --!! [ but continue trying to leave]

Maice: You better get him outa here --

(now Ajax being dragged away by Athenians )

Ajax: Self-serving sons of bitches -- You hear me ?!!--

Cassie: Ajax -- that’s enough --

Deirdre: We have to go --

Ajax: (to Maice) And you’re no leader!

RBS: GO to HELL !! .....


Perius: And take your damned City with you !!

CROWD LAUGHS -- but Deirdre stops at this -- turns back, and says very nicely:]


Deirdre: Maybe we’ll see you there ... [ turns and exits, still pointing ]

Reeba: [pointing back] We’ll see who gets there first !!

CROWD REACTION -- assenting -- then Athenians gone -- lights change -- quieting down collecting dishes, etc. -- Maice steps away now


INTERLUDE 3 [ 2 mins. ]

Reeba: Who needs ‘em, Maice -- or anyone stupid enough to follow them --

Maice: (gets necklace) Damn it -- she could have been one of us, but now she’s one

of them --

Reeba: (to Boca & Slade - about necklace) That’s who the necklace is for --

Tarku: She made her choice, Maice --

Reeba: She’s got nothing to give you ,Maice --

Boca: She’s an Amazon --


Maice: That’s Oma-- zon --

Reeba: Some say Omazons don’t even need men !!! for anything -

{ Crowd reaction---OOH-OOH--} ... if you know what I mean --

Maice: Old Wives Tales!!

Boca: But Maice, don’t you see -- it’s the group mind--

Slade: They’re like a tribe -- a Cult !!

Perius: They do whatever the leaders tell ‘em !

Tarku: That’s why she joined the Athenians---

Maice: I don’t think so –

[comedic progression now starts] :

Reeba: { taking by the arm } But Maice, they’re not free-thinkers like us --

Slade: {pleadingly} And they don’t understand choices!!

Clarisse: But how do you ---

Reeba-Boca-Slade : Shshh !! [to Clarisse]

Boca: And they don’t have ‘free and open discussion ‘—[pleading more]

Clarisse: But how do you –

R-B-S: Shsu-sh !

Reeaba: Maice, they just don’t allow people to Speak -

Clarisse: But how do you  really --–[cut off]-

Reeba, Boca, Slade:   SHUT-UP !!!!   [like dogs--turning on a kitten]

[ possible laugh from audience -- ‘ free and open’ discussion ?? ]


Maice: Reeba!

[ Clarisse - hurt- turns with head down – but Tarku takes hands, touches forehead]

Perius : You see, Maice ? That’s how it gets around here---

Activity continuing: hub-bub: Boys: Ah-hah !  Girls: Uh-uh !


Reeba: [very sincere]  I’m so Sorry, Maice --

Boca/ Slade: [ to others ]  So sorry -- So Sorry --

Reeba: But we’re only concerned for you !! [pouring it on]


Boca: [continuing concerned]  And It’s true, Maice --

Slade: They’re the dark witches of the forest --

Boca: Everybody knows --

Joti: (quick) No -- not the dark witches --

Maice:  No?

Joti: They’re the wild horsewomen -- of the plains --

Maice: (to RBS) There, you see?

Manuelo: From the northern frontier --

Joti: They raid the harvest grain in winter –

Shandrika: They take the Seed Grain !

Manuelo: And they steal children, too --

Maice: Children ?---

Reeba: That’s right --

Slade: And if it’s a boy -- they kill him --

Maice: Not her! You’re all wrong! (to all-- expanding now)

I tell you she’s misunderstood -- just like us -- in her own way --

Reeba: Oh -- misunderstood -- (to all the others) “ Mees- understood”

OTHERS: “Mees-understood” “Mees-understood” [‘scolding’ each other]

Maice: (talking over) I tell you she’s looking for something --

Reeba: (muffled- to Boca and Slade) Then let her look somewhere else --


Maice: (center now, up on bench-- very serious) She comes from a long way -- to

unfamiliar things -- all alone -- Oh Sinjah -- if only we could have----{-cut off)


Others: (razzing) (to each other) Oh Sinjah -O-oo-ooOh Sinjah O-o-h---o-oh, my

darling-- My sweet--darling... Whoa-oh

Maice: Oh, what’s the use.. .. it’s like talking to children—


[ as others carry on –following Maice -- location lite on RBS – coming forward ]

Reeba,Boca,Slade: {bitter, jealous }… “ Oh -Sinjah “---

Reeba: [has idea now]  Or maybe --‘ No Sinjah’-- let’s have a council meeting---

Boca and Slade: Right, Reeba-- anOmazon Council---!!

Reeba: And bring out.... the good wine !

Boca: The good wine !..

Slade: Come on, Gals---

Boca: { loud whisper } Gather round!!

[ Drums -- Music now beginning—“An Omazon Girl” ]

LAUGHTER Gather round! Come on! Come on!!


[ Reeba, Boca and Slade now handing out wine &‘kerchiefs’ for the boys ‘hair’]

Perius: But even if she lives,, Maice --

Tarku: She’ll always be an Omazon -- that’s who she is --

(RBS now setting up on table & others below for upcoming’ pantomime’]


Maice: Well then I’ll have to offer -- something -- something more . . .

Song kicks in: (Chorus) No Sinjah -- No Sinjah --”

Song: “An Omazon Girl” Track 8 - CD

Song choreography ends with Maice offering necklace to ‘Omazons’ all arranged in semicircle -- all rejecting with cross-arm gestures down the line as he ends at stage left,   just as Sinjah is entering, unaware -- almost bumping into -- as the chorus finishes with final lines : “ IT”S ...FOR...YOU --” drums and

music stop abruptly --

Maice: [turns, almost bumps into Sinjah] ..... It’s for You ..!


Sinjah: ....... And so !.... { turns on her heel and marches off stage]


Reeba: It’s like chasin’ your own tail, Maice !!!


Maice: Wait a minute - There’s something I need to know --- { goes after her, exits}


Perius: [to Reeba ] Ah, he’ll be back --

Tarku: Night is young, ladies-- Places to go !!

Shandrika: Places to hide !!

OTHERS: [ loud whispers, excited] Places to go ! Places to hide !

Come on!! Come on!! Come on!! [laughter rising as they all scatter away]


Reeba: [forward into spot, alone now ]... It’s like chasin’ your own SHADOW, Maice? .... {lights change, long shadow]] ....... MAICE ??? [ forlorn now ]

Boca: {re-appearing, taking her hands } Come on, Reeba---Places to go--

Slade : Places to hide !! Come on, girl!

Boca: Come on , girl !!

{ both taking her downstage away as lights go down and MUSIC swells & fades]







Act 2 -- 75 mins. Total


Scene 8- Secret Friends 9 mins.

Scene Summary :

Maice finally gets Sinjah to talk about the haunting secrets that have robbed

her of self-esteem in the past-- and discovers she is an outcast from her own

people, much like he himself was, in Sparta. The girl seems helped by

Maice's philosophy of personal freedom and fairness. And though she is

hesitant -- romance blooms with the hope of a future time together,

concluding with the romantic song/dance: "Scared of Me"


[ Scene opens - soft torch-lite and quiet theme music in the ‘far practice court’

Sinjah-- standing, facing audience -- Maice, listening-- sitting on bench behind ]


Maice: The book?

Sinjah: (very solemn) The book . . . of Oh-ma-ZIN. . [cross-gesture]

So it says -- “ the bad seed is the different one, the coward -- “

Maice: But don’t you see -- when you were captured -- on the ship ...your sisters

Sinjah: They kept their vow --

Maice: They wanted to die -- you only wanted to live --

Sinjah: No -- for is always this way -- always the different one, the selfish one --

the last in the hunt, last with the bow and the spear --

Maice: But that was just you --

Sinjah: (light change -- looking out over audience)

And there is the time -- of the Night of Wishes . . . (glances over slightly)

[ mystical ‘night’ music rises here-- lights change -- Sinjah steps forward ]

Maice: . . . Night of Wishes?

Sinjah: . . the first night of spring -- when the moon is out -- and the stars --

The time to choose a secret friend -- from all the sisters . . to be together --

Maice: Together ....[ realizing the meaning ]

Sinjah: But I am the strange one . . who stay alone in her tent -- the selfish one -- .

who cannot share secrets . . to hear them whisper in the night . . . to hear                                          t            them laughing (eyes totally misted now ]...... How they laugh at Sinjah ....

(Maice listening -- makes gesture, but can't find an answer)

Sinjah: But . . . so the book says: "The Bad Seed is easy to tell... like the ‘chaff ’ . .

.           ...the one who stand apart -"


Maice: [now getting up from bench ] But don’t you see -- it doesn’t mean you were

wrong , just that you were different . . . The thing about books of rules -- they’re

not made for you, to help you live --They’re made for the group -- to make sure the group lives --

Sinjah: And . . . what do you mean --?

Maice: I could show you books of rules in Sparta – to keep everyone marching all in line -- to keep others in control . . . and whoever doesn’t join the parade -- they’re made to feel wrong . . . about themselves . . . even if they’re right --


Sinjah: ...But -- is not the same , Maicedonia --

Maice: Yes, it is -- just tell me this -- when you were captured with your sisters -- If

you wanted to die - Not them - Would you have asked them to die along with you?

Sinjah: . . . No -- I could not --

Maice: How come?

Sinjah: Because . . .

Maice: Why not? --

Sinjah: I could never ask someone to die for a choice I make myself --

Maice: No you wouldn’t -- you couldn’t . . . But what did they ask of you?

Sinjah: (silent reaction -- thinking)

Maice: And tell me this -- when you joined the Athenians . . . Was it because they

could keep you alive?

Sinjah: We . . . could not be sure -- if it would work --

Maice: Then why did you join?

Sinjah: Because --

Maice: (pressing) Why?

Sinjah: Because . . . because they say they need me --

Maice: (conclusive) Because they needed you -- and you’re always getting hurt for

them ... ... (points to bandaged leg) ----- Doesn’t sound very selfish --

And in your whole life I don’t think you’ve ever taken more than you’ve given

- --- and all I’m saying is . . . what’s wrong with that?

Sinjah: (solemn, doubtful) You make it all sound so simple --

Maice: But why can’t it be? -- As long as you don’t take more than you give

 overall -- how can anyone say you’re wrong? And why should you be made to feel wrong -?


Sinjah: You mean -- as long as one is ... “fair”

Maice: Yes -- Fair -- that’s the word -- Don’t you see ...... there has to be .......

a place .... safe place in yourself --- where no one can accuse you

Sinjah:  Safe .... in yourself -- [ really chewing on this ]

Maice: … Absolutely ..

Sinjah:  ….And ... what about other things … beyond this ?

Maice: [more energy now] Beyond this everything else is a matter of choice ...... but only things that are worth it to You -- not someone else --

Sinjah: To me -- ? [ not used to this ]

Maice: Yes! -- like -- if you had to choose to . . . stay with the Athenians or not --

Sinjah: (skeptical, but thinking) Well according to you I should stay -- (flippant) . . .

“only if worth it for me ...”-

Maice: [energized now] Alright - and why would it be worth it ?

‘cause you want to have friends? People to like? People to care for ? --

(challenging now:) You, uh, ... think that’sworthwhile?

Sinjah: (reacting to tone) Yes . . . I think that is worthwhile -- for me --

Maice: [pressing] Well then you wouldn’t stay to prove something … like courage…or bravery ?


Sinjah: (caught by this) . . Do not think . . . I am brave --

Maice: (challenging) Then why would you stay --

Sinjah: (reacting) Stay . . . because . . I .... I ….

Maice: Want to?.... Or have to? .......... there’s a difference --

Sinjah: Because----

Maice: Want to or have to ? [challenging] ...


Sinjah: [struggling] Be - Because ... I ..

Maice: [harsh, conclusive] Or don’t you even KNOW?!!

Sinjah: (now fuse is lit -- very bold) I stay BECAUSE I WISH TO !!-

Maice: WISH TO ?!

Sinjah: (defiant) Something I choose . . . for me -- !!

Maice: (mock anger, matching her) Alright fine! -- Stay with them -- Go ahead --

Sinjah: GOOD! -- I think I will -- !!

[face to face -- high energy-- anger ?]

Maice: And there’s not a damn thing anyone can say about it --- is there ??

Sinjah: No one in this world !

Maice: No one in this world !. . . least of all . . . (turning away now, much softer)

…..least of all . . . ... Me .....

( now Maice walks slowly away, stops-- sits on bench, resigned)

Sinjah: (realization, pause) “Least of all you” ??--

Maice: Well -- that’s it -- ( looks at hands) That’s all I wanted to hear -- the right

reasons -- your own reasons . . . to stay -- (head down -- wipes eye)

... stay with them----


Segment 2  --  [1 ½ mins.]

Sinjah: My own reasons ? ( looking over - obviously thinking --reappraising ]

.. Maicedonia ....... [looks again-- ‘goes out on a limb’]

.....there is another time....... I do not tell you --

Maice: (looking up, quietly) Another time?

[ soft music rises here, theme for “the Burros”-- lights change]

Sinjah: (very gentle, warm) . . The time . . . I take the horses -- to the high ground –

in the spring . . when I see the ‘buuh-rros’ come to the secret valley --

Maice: The ... bur-ros?   (straight pronunciation -- no roll)

Sinjah: The “Buh--rros”... (rolling r’s -- pursing lips) .......He is like a little horse -- But there is not a stallion . . (gesturing) . .always in pairs -- A boy and a girl --


Maice: [charmed)   I see . . .

Sinjah: And so I watch them on their valley meadow – and to wonder . .

. . what would be this? -- Someone to walk with .... to smell the flowers...--

.... Someone to be mad with ...

[slight, scolding glance in his direction -- Maice smiles to himself]

..... and to make me laugh --Someone to“share”“Secrets”

[ ’Secrets’gesture- hands to ribs }

Maice: (carefully choosing the words) Well . . . it sounds like a place you couldn’t

show just anyone . . . only someone . . very special....

.Sinjah: Yes, very special----

Maice: Like---- A secret friend? . . . --

Sinjah: . . . Yes, only that ..

Maice: (standing now-- advances) Well I wonder . . . if, there were  two travelers on separate roads . . but they could see a place ... ahead ... (gesture) where the

roads joined -- like, in a ‘valley ‘--

Sinjah: . . . Yes? . . .

Maice: Could they become Secret friends . . . ?

Sinjah: If they were very sure . . .

Maice: And so... maybe they would give a promise -- or a necklace?

[ takes out ‘the necklace’ -- from previous scene -- ready to present it ]

S injah: But so is written: The one to break the first promise -- also the one to break

the last -- In the time when the others laughed . . . so you were laughing as well

-- [ Sinjah turns away from him now ]

Maice: But sometimes you can break a promise without meaning to . . . and sometimes-- you can be so sure of something --It feels so right -- it only makes you scared of losing it --

[ Sinjah now turns to face him -- looks in his eyes ]


Maice: Hope you’re not -- “scared of me” that way-- -- (tries to smooth her hair)

Sinjah: (turns to break away) ...I am not ‘scared’ of you, Maicedonia -- (sharply

disagreeing)..... But  only of a promise to be broken --


Maice: Well, then I guess I’d have to think of something pretty strong -- that can’t     be broken ---

Sinjah: (school-girlish, walking away) Well then that is what you should do -- and I

do not lis-ten until you are ready --

Maice: Well, alright -- Hope I can think of one today -- [starts to stage right]

Sinjah: I think you will -- [pert smile-- goes to sit on bench]


Maice: Just have to go to my own space, and . . . think my thoughts --

Sinjah: (looking away) I cannot hear you . . . Maicedonia... (on bench -‘ waiting’]

[ Maice acknowledges -- smiling-- goes to stage right ]

Song: “Scared of Me” Track 9 - CD

Music starts -- each on opposite sides of stage ... Maice singing reflectively -- sometimes gesturing -- looking over -- Sinjah, on the bench-- sometimes appearing to listen -- other times looking away -- ‘ignoring’-- like a bride properly awaiting the right overture --at the mid-point of the song she rises gracefully to ‘challenge’ his lyrics - hands behind back - and Maice continues

 “the game’....DIALOGUE:

Sinjah: Maicedonia--I would wish to share a thought-

Maice: Why yes, lovely one---

Sinjah: That you have never had a secret friend..... So you are just as scared..!!

Maice: Then shall we put it to a test ? The first to move away ?!

Sinjah: The first---

{ circling dance begins -- ‘ horses in a field’ --then DURING: }

Sinjah: You moved, Maicedonia--!

Maice: No more than you--

Sinjah: And so... ?

Maice: And so --

[ both walk away, backs to each other -- but Sinjah turns back to surprise him, but he turns just before --Sinjah freezes – then runs]

Maice: And so, who’s running away now?!!

Sinjah: And so... who is the one to follow?!! [ gracefully eludes him ]

Maice: And so ?

Sinjah: And so ??


Maice: And so ? .............. [face to face now ]

Sinjah: And so ? [gently walks him back - hand at his chest, ending in push- away]

Maice: [lyric, return to song] And you know it’s true ....”

{ SONG and finishing choreography – ending with face to face/ one-knee ]





Scene 9- Winds of Rebellion -- 3 mins.

Scene Summary :

Before the upcoming Imperial Banquet, Ariadne reveals to Theseus that

Rhadmanthos is on the verge of majority power in the Council, and the

Emperorship -- but Theseus believes he can contact members of an

underground resistance at the banquet itself -- especially when Ariadne

describes their motivations to bring back "the days before Empire," very

similar to the social vision described in "The Lost Days."


Setting :  In front of main curtain -- "Tone" Description: ("facing crisis") Ariadne

looks anxious, worried -- looking off- stage -- Theseus enters from stage right,

quickly -- excited-looking. Within scene, Ariadne tends to pace—Theseus

keeps to center – more ‘the listener’ -- Ariadne, more the nervous thinker…


Theseus: (urgent whisper) Little Priestess -- ?

Ariadne: (turning, worried relief) Theseus -- I wasn't sure you'd get here -- there's been a double-guard in the palace all week --

Theseus: Then tell them they need more -- [ move to spin-embrace --then he holds up scroll in his hand]

Ariadne: Oh, Theseus -- everything we hoped for -- I don’t have good news --

Theseus: But I do have good news --  Invitation to the Council Banquet -- what we've been waiting for – [gives scroll to her---almost like handing a paycheck ]

Ariadne: (grabs scroll and looks at seal) Does it say who it's from?

Theseus: No -- but it must be your father’s friends -- The vote on trade for Greece -- That's why they invited --


Ariadne: [ distraught) Oh Theseus -- that's not who it's from -- half my father's friends are bankrupt -- they’re losing their Senate seats --They risked

everything in the grain shipment to Troy -- but the fleet went down in the North

Sea --

Theseus: (incredulous) What -? . . . How?

Ariadne: They think Rhadamanthos is behind it -- Now he has a majority -- to vote for conquest -- that's who it’s from -- they’ll either try to Recruit you … [realizing now] ... or Condemn you -- but they’ll go ahead with their plans ...

Theseus: But they need 40 votes to declare war - and the throne - they don't have                     that yet--

Ariadne: It's only a matter of time -- most of the country wants Rhadamanthos --

(bitterly) He's going to be Emperor by the end of the year -- -

Theseus: But --will everyone accept him -- ?

Ariadne: No, and that's even worse -- there's a rumor -- about a resistance --

Theseus: Resistance -- where would it come from?

Ariadne: Not the port cities -- ... only ..... the Santoristo -- the middle valley -- but    they wouldn't have a chance --

Theseus: How do you know? What would they try to do? --

Ariadne: [guessing) They’d ... have to -- take the capitol -- here --   Knossos --

That's where the treasury is . . .but they never could . . .

Theseus: ( insisting) How many men could they raise -- ?

Ariadne: Only the Militia -- But even a full army wouldn't be enough -- That's why the walls are built so high --

Theseus: (turning to her) But if they had help . . . from the inside --

Ariadne: What do you mean --

Theseus: A small force to fight through -- open the gates -- The Bulldancers -- with a diversion, and surprise -- it’s not impossible --

Ariadne:  fearful) Oh Theseus you can't think like this -- there's too many risks --

Theseus: Too many risks if they fail -- Tell me this -- would they be at the Banquet

tonight ? -- Who would I look for?

Ariadne: We can’t be sure -- you couldn't approach any one directly --

Theseus: But maybe indirectly -- just tell me this: How do they feel about things -- What do they want for the future?


Ariadne: (starting to focus- slowing down ] The future? I don't really think they'd be\ doing it for the future -- if anything . . . they'd be doing it for the past --

Theseus: (intense, but perplexed here) The past?

Ariadne: Well the Santoristo - it’s the oldest part of the island -- they prefer the old ways-- the days before “Empire” . . .

Theseus: Before Empire? . . .

Ariadne: Well, everything was simpler then . . . wealth depended on, what you made....... what you built or what you grew -- What you did . . . to make life better

for everyone else -- There’s a word from the early scrolls --  “ Ah-ver-od-wa “--

Theseus: Ah-ver-od-wa ?

Ariadne: It means... harmony -- .... [gesture] .."connected" -- -- but later on -- the word disappears -- .... (searching) ...Now ...people don't understand -- “the Economy” -- how it's supposed to work --

Theseus: Only a few people do -- those at the top --

Ariadne: (affirming) Yes . . . that's why it's different now -- everything is status --

gold deposits -- foreign “influence” -- . . . now -- knowing the law is better than -- “following it” -- . .

and people who make weapons are richer than farmers or craftsmen --

(passionate ) And now they say we have to go to war to keep our wealth -??----

--- In order to Grow -- We have to destroy -- And it doesn’t make any sense

-- (reaching a peak) and that's why the rebels would fight -- to get their

country back -- what they understand ! --

Theseus: (absorbing, paraphrasing) ... A simpler time . . . when it seemed everyone had -- something of value” to give -- And the world was richer because of it -- ?

Ariadne: Yes . . that’s it ... that's what we've lost --

Theseus: Then I understand -- I know what they want --(Toll of Bell } I have to go --

Ariadne: Oh Theseus -- If only I could go with you --

Theseus: { kiss on her forehead } Wish me luck -- (turns to go)

Ariadne: (calling after) I wish you more than luck, Theseus -- I wish you life -- Be

careful, Theseus -- Be careful ..... (exit to down-stage darkness-- out of sight )


( Lights down --- then curtain now opening on The Banquet-- Lights Up )

‘Imperator’ theme -- background  music -- Mandolin, Harpsichord



Scene 10- The Banquet -- 14 mins.

Scene Summary :

At the Imperial banquet for the Cretan Council -- Theseus is invited to a

'friendly debate' on 'the shape of social order .' And though he makes a

worthy argument for the populist viewpoint - the senators insist that the

aggressive northern peoples will always be a threat to Crete and the Southern

nations. And to emphasize the point, they challenge him to present a song from

his homeland exemplifyng "noble social purpose"--(the troubadour's riddle)-- to support his arguments.

Though at a loss at first, Theseus performs the song ‘Memory-the riddle’--

"assisted" by the 'banquet dancers' --- probably hoping that the spirit of the

song, and his arguments, will catch the attention of rebel sympathizers

somewhere in the crowd -- who are known to prefer a former time of peace -- “the days before Empire”.

Afterwards, Rhadamanthos and the senators dismiss the song as

meaningless, except as relating to a bulldancer, who has "seen better days."

But as the Banquet resumes, the lights focus on two discreet figures joining

Theseus who say they liked the song for its connecting of "past and future" --

and that there are "people who would agree." As the three exit, the lighting

shifts again to conversation at Rhadmanthos's table -- and the plan to

bankrupt the remaining opposing senators on the Council. Scene closes with

a toast to "the future of the Cretan Empire."


Setting:  The curtain opens on the colorful, richly appointed splendor of the Imperial Banquet Hall -- a wide array of well-heeled, aristocratic guests -- lords and ladies alike -- populating the low, crowded sumptuous tables or circulating

in standing, stately conversation while a group of musicians play softly from

a raised dais between the pillars of the back wall; impressively bannered

with symbols of the Cretan Empire --

At center stage, attired in a rich, floor-length mantle of shimmering blue

velvet -- one of the guests -- a Persian diplomat -- thoughtfully strums a lyre;

apparently concluding the performance of a song for the banqueters around


Immediately members of the audience begin to offer ‘ guesses’ -- as if in a

game of charades ....


Salamis: Ah, no -- thank you -- thank you all -- but what I portrayed . . . was in fact -- the Ancient Mariner himself!

Audience: Ah -- The Ancient Mariner! How could it not be? Well done, Salamis -- Yes, very well -- disguised --

Rhadamanthos: Is there any challenge? (quickly surveys room)

Audience: (quick random comments: "None here" -- "If we had more time" -- laughter -- "Conceded" -- light genteel applause starting -)

Rhad: Well, Salamis -- I must declare you "Victor" in the Troubadour's Riddle --

(more applause; Salamis bowing graciously -- ‘Banquet dancers’ come out to

get blue robe -- smiling, bowing expansively to banqueters) A toast -- to the ambassador from Persia -- and truly . . . in these barbarous times . .  We must band together to bring order and enlightenment to an otherwise chaotic world around us

Arragon: Here, Here --


(Rhad welcomes Persian to table, turns "the floor" over to Melichor graciously)

Melichor: Ladies and gentlemen -- at your noble discretion -- The second course . .


(as hum and discourse of banquet comes up -- General motion -- etc.

Now Theseus can be seen for the first time entering alone from stage right -- approached by a standing aristocrat near center stage -)

A: Ah, Theseus -- of Athens (very friendly) I must confess -- I've been betting against you on the Bull-dance . . . and losing I must say! (hand on shoulder) --

Carsus: (noticing, coming over) Yes -- and myself as well ---I keep thinking that team of yours will miss a step --but it's a very expensive theory --

Aristocrat: The closed circle -- very interesting, Theseus -- the oddsmakers are still

scratching their heads --

Page: Theseus, Theseus of Athens? [banqueters quiet down]

[ trumpets -- then page waving Theseus to head table -- “ Theseus, of Athens” ]


Rhadamanthos: Theseus -- yes, Theseus of Athens . . .Welcome .... we were wondering if you might  help us with ... the general discussion tonight ---

Exeter: Excuse me, Consul-- but I hardly think the boy is qualified --

Rhad: [playing along] Maybe not, my friend-- but then, he was a ruler in his own

country -- surely he would have some insight as to the ‘ shape ... of social order”

What do you say, Theseus ??

Theseus: The ..... ‘ shape of .. social order ’ ?

Exeter: Why, yes- Theseus --- we would hold that ...sometimes history can be seen   in simple patterns.. even mathematical ‘ shapes ‘ -- if you will --

Rhad: For example, before civilization--- we see the random chaos... primitive people-- tribes-- locked in the dailly struggle to survive .... ‘hunting and gathering’....

Theseus: I see ....

Solomaine: Then of course Agriculture --villages -- and the great struggle for control of precious land.. and resources...

Exeter: We see the rise of nations, armies -- and the emergence of an upper-class ...

to manage these objectives --- and to control the rewards ...

Rhad: And only then do we see Progress -- Organization ... Social Order ...

Theseus: .... I’m .. not sure I agree --

Solomaine: Well, Theseus -- the desire to organize  comes always from the desire for status-- a higher place --

Melichor: A nd the fear of losing it --

Rhad: One might say civilization depends on it ....on ....‘dis-proportion’ ---

Melichor: Because people will always care less for the World -- and More, for their

own place ... within it --

Theseus: Then.... what is the shape of order ?

[Lighting effect here ]

Exeter: Very simple, Theseus --- the shape of order is pre-ordained ---

the everlasting symbol of the pyramid -

Melichor: The distribution of winners and losers ... in a world of limitations ....

Rhad: But there is always a higher place, Theseus...for those who can see it

as it really is ..... would you agree ?

[poignant silence ---possible ‘offer’ here]

Exeter : Yes, Theseus – would you agree-- a higher place ?

Theseus: [slowly] Well ... maybe a higher place .... but in a much  ...... poorer world --- eventually….

Exeter: And what exactly do you mean ?? [ reaction by others, offer rejected?]


Theseus: You speak of limitation, concentration --- when the real wealth ----  lies in the production of common people as a whole ---  ...IF the doors are open .. IF the rewards are shared ... in proportion ... A Social Contract --

Exeter: A social contract ?? And do you mean like the Greek Mainland ? -- a rich

military class, ruling over large peasant populations ?? [ reaction ]

Theseus: Something we wish to change --

Solomaine: Really ?.. and what about your Hindu-Celtic ancestors from the North of Europe ??

Exeter: Yes, we know much about you, Theseus--

Melichor: Both decree a rigid class system -- Royals--Military-- Merchants-- Menials---Each class above the other !

Theseus: [ louder ] Not in the beginning --Classes would be different in function, or type of work -- but all partners, in a richer world---- a World of Balance---

Exeter: Balance??... and where is the evidence of this ‘world of balance’...??

Theseus: I believe there was a time --

Melichor: Nowhere in all of history !! --

Rhad: And there seems to be good evidence, Theseus -- People are not motivated

by  Balance …. or Equality --

Theseus: I speak of ‘fair proportion’ ---

Rhad: We simply follow the example of history, Theseus -- Power flows in only one direction ---

Exeter: [poignant] ... Within nations -- and between nations ...

Melichor: Order occurs from the top down –by force -- throughout history -

Exeter: Undeniably -- [assent by others]

Theseus: [sarcastic] Yes, Senators -- so it has... but only in the short term ...

[bitter] ... only for ashort time .......

Solomaine: I don’t like his tone, Consul --

Lady Noble: What an insolent young man !!

Exeter: [ angry ] So what then is your answer ?? [ reaction ]

Melichor : [ pressing ] What -- is -- the Shape of Order ??

Theseus Real power flows from Outside - to Center -- and back again !--

Exeter: Answer the question !! [others assent]

Theseus:  Those in the Center -- investing throughout ---  [gesture ]

those on the Edge -- included Within ...

Exeter:   Then what -- IS -- the Shape of Order ?? [ assenting reaction ]

Theseus: [louder, over them ] The Shape of Social Order -- is like ...a Circle....

a Great -- WHEEL --- [ arms extended, turning now ]   Driven by opportunity !!


[loud, protesting reaction -- general hub-bub-- specific comments, charges: ]

Exeter : Preposterous-- where is the evidence ?!

Solomaine: Simply makes it up as he goes along --!

Arragon: There is Nowhere in history --

Theseus: I believe there was a time --

Melichor: Utterly ridiculous -- [ rising hub-bub from the others ]

Solomaine: Obvious propaganda !

Exeter: He must think us all peasants here, Consul--

Rhad: [ raising hand for quiet ] Yes, yes-- Gentlemen, I quite agree-- listen to

the words : ‘driven by opportunity’ ... And by Ambition !! -- [ starting to pace]

No doubt this .. ’ theory’ would play very well -- with the peasant

classes of the Mainland -- maybe enough to unify .. a Country ?? [ to Theseus ]

Theseus: ….. Maybe….

Rhad: Well -- and what then, Theseus .... what next for this ... strong, new,

Northern country ??....

Theseus: We seek a fair place ... in a World of Balance....--

Rhad: Balance??

Exeter: Balance-- there’s that term again---

Melichor: They would balance us right out of the Asian Trade ! -- [ reaction ]

Rhad : [ orchestrating now ] Yes, gentlemen.... and I seem to sense... another..

Grand Circle forming -- perhaps--- a Circle of Nations, Theseus ??

Theseus: If it were possible-- yes... we would support that--

Rhad: Well, what a great relief to hear you say that ... [ sophisticated laughter ]

But would there be no conflicts of interest here ?- No possibility of war ??

Theseus: --- Only to safeguard the circle --


[ reaction to this -- hub-bub --quite skeptical]

Rhad: [expanding] And - what about Racial--Regional--Religous differences --

would they all just.... disappear ??

Theseus: Differences ??  Differences Yes, there would always be --have to be --- have to be -But overall one common, guiding principle-- above all others--- the Higher Law--

Exeter: The Higher Law?? And by what Authority ??


[ echoing reaction ” What authority? What Law? How dare he? Such insolence! ]

Rhad: And just what -- exactly --would this ‘ Higher Law ‘ be ?? [reaction]

Theseus: The Highest Law... ... .. is the Value of People all people...

[ very serious now ] Every nation ... every village.....

.. EVERY.... ..... SINGLE .......... LIFE !-- [ now facing theater audience ]


…. BE--LIEF ! … in THIS !! [turning back to Rhad & senators-with a bow]



Theseus turns back to audience -- obvious pain /disappointment on face


Andreas: [grandly joking] .. Shall we not all flock to his banner -- !!

Other Noble:  Sweepingly inspirational !! [more laughter]

Noble 3:   I confess I could almost believe him myself !!


Then -- Shifting to specific comments, accusations and demands --- :

Exeter: I think we’ve had quite enough, Consul --

Solomaine: I submit the young man be removed---

Melichor: As an obvious manipulator and LIAR !!

[ laughter fades to loud, assenting reaction: ‘agreed’- ‘seconded’-- ‘so ordered’ ]


Rhad: [ restoring order ] Gentlemen--- gentlemen, please -- I see no threat here -- and after all, we did invite him....[quieting down]...Theseus, .. there is a game here on Crete, you might enjoy --

Exeter: What do you mean, Consul?

Rhad: The Troubadour’s Riddle---- if he cannot convince us with words-- then possibly with music...

Theseus: I.... I’ve never heard of it---

Solomaine: Simple game, really-- player describes an idea, concept,

even a person --- in a song -- and the audience tries to guess the true meaning.....


Exeter: Ah, yes Consul -- well thought --- But I think the Northern songs

deal mostly with conquest .... victory  .... the attainment of Gold --

Solomaine: OR A Woman !! [ laughter from All ]

Melichor: Which would not support his arguments -- very well ....


Rhad: Well -- I don’t know, gentlemen -- what do you say, Theseus---

Are there any songs about .. noble social purpose  .... from your homeland ??

Exeter:  From your talk --surely, there must be many ---

Theseus: . . . I . . . (ah) . . . I ...

Rhad: Well then -- everyone -- (graciously) -- It seems that "Theseus" -- would like to share some of his compassionate culture with us -- He will present ---

"The Troubadour's Riddle" --  [Crowd: light applause --]

Rhadamanthos: Ladies, if you please -- The Robe of the Troubadour (very genteel)


(Mandolin music again as Banquet Dancers graciously sweep out with the large,

shimmering blue robe, seen before. Placing it on Theseus' shoulders with smiles and nods --Crowd murmuring with anticipation -)

(Rhadamanthos gestures to maidens again -- who bring the lyre out to Theseus ---- Placing it in his hands -- Theseus confused -- trying to keep his bearings:)

Exeter: Is there a problem, Theseus ??

Theseus: (all eyes on him -- stubborn) No, I --uh . . . there’s no problem --

Lady Aristocrat: Oh -- I think the poor boy is embarrassed --

(Theseus strums 3 notes tentatively -- murmuring increases)

[ opening notes to ‘ Memory: the Riddle’ start here ]


Melichor: Trouble thinking, Theseus ?!

Exeter: Appears to be at a loss, Consul---

Rhad: Then we must let him say so -- either something is Real -- or it is not!

Maybe it isn’t your time, Theseus......

Theseus: [quietly, to himself]........ But there is a time of Balance in the World ...[shimmer]

And there is always a time ... to remember..... [ softer: ] remember ....


( Song/lyric kicks in -- Big Sound -- Lights change automatically to eerie semi-darkness -- Now all banqueters are in silhouette. Theseus/Dancers at center)

Song: Memory - the Riddle Track 10 - CD

Choreographic Tone/Pattern for "presentation" during Banquet Scene -- During first half of song -- before instrumental: Banquet Dancers apparently carrying out function assigned to them by Rhadamanthos: (3-4 on each side of Theseus) obviously trying to cheapen, dampen or even subtly ridicule his attempt at a "cultured" presentation --

But by the end of the song the tone of their choreography will turn full circle to the

beautiful, sweeping classic mode perfectly in time with Theseus -- almost as if the spirit of the song has touched some deeper chord of value and inherent respect within themselves -- something much bigger than the banquet itself.

CHOREO : Key Transition Point -- just before the instrumental, dancers crowd out

Theseus with silk-waving banner interlude—thru the instrumental bridge.

When he returns , they part in 2 angled lines, some on steps – [like a ‘pyramid’] – with the banners down. Something about the way he kneels to the audience --almost in prayer --  catches their curiosity – quickly surrounding him in a circle of intense interest as he makes the ‘heart-mind- soul gesture’, to each side -- just as the evening breeze sweeps in –  they seem visibly affected by this --

And from this point, they will follow his lead to the end, often repeating the move in sweeping , dramatic spins– perfectly in time…..….

After song: Smattering of applause (ironic). Theseus gets up slowly -- Maidens also get up -- apparently realizing they may have totally blown their original assignment at this point -- now fluttering back with obvious trepidation before Rhadamanthos -- who dismisses them with a curt, angry gesture --- to which the maidens obediently dispatch themselves to stage right --

Quickly -- the banqueters offer possible solutions to "The Troubadours' Riddle" --

Theseus at center stage, politely-- waving off the inquiries much as 'the Persian' did

before -- :


Lady Aria: (intense, hopeful) A general -- losing command --

Theseus: I’m sorry -- no --

Malabar: An admiral, grounded at port?

Theseus: So sorry, no --

Draker: A lender who has -- overlent! (some mild laughter at this)

Theseus: Well, no --

Rhad: I must remind you, Theseus -- the rules of the game -- You cannot simply

refuse every answer -- If any solution is true to the lyric -- (patronizing)

then you lose the game -- and very badly at that --

Theseus: ( politely -- yet some defiance) I understand that --

Persian: I would only suggest with such a simple lyric -- the answer is often just as

simple --

Rhadaman: Yes, Salamis -- I quite agree -- in fact, I think we give the boy too much credit -- for imagination -- (confident, expanding) We need to see things as

they really are -- He portrays exactly what he is -- a Bulldancer,

nothing more --

Aristocrat: Explanation?

Rhad: (continuing quickly) .. And this 'Memory' will haunt him, you see –

if he returns to Greece -- becuase he found more glory here -- as a

Gladiator -- than he ever could in his own little country -- as a Prince --

Arragon: And once again, Theseus -- you cannot win the game by lying ---

Theseus: With all respect sir -- I would not lie to win the game -- and the Senator has offered a level of truth and fact -- in his solution -- I am, in fact -- a Bulldancer -- therefore. . …I believe the game --must be conceded -- to the Senator Consul --

Mel-ichor: Well then! The game is over -- conceded!. . .

( applause, audience follows)

Arragon: To the victor, then . . . in the Troubadour's Riddle --

(people toasting, Rhadamanthos accepting-Maidens come out to remove robe]

Rhadamanthos: Thank you my friends -- but may we offer 3 silver talents to the young man’s account -- a gift, shall we say -- from the higher culture -- and

once again a toast ..... to the greater mission of Crete --

Arragon: Here, Here -- (everyone toasts, enthusiastic murmurings)

Mel-choir: May the festivities continue -- (gesturing to orchestra) Maestro --

something "sophisticated" -- please.


(Banquet resumes, more servants come in -- motion, movement -- Theseus circulates to stage left -- several aristocrats approach, comment and leave like before-- quickly)

Aristocrat: Interesting, presentation, Theseus -- rather simplistic -- but interesting --

Other: ( arrogant) Yes -- musically -- the chords . . . far too simple --

And obviously -- you’re not a player --

Theseus: Well . . . very kind comments, sir --

Lady Aria: (very socialite, chirping right in) Well, Theseus, I thought your little song was very entertaining -- would you come to our autumn festival  ?

-- I'm sure you know lots of colorful songs from your homeland --

Theseus: Well, madam, thank-you -- but that is the only song I know—[ironic]

Lady Aria: Oh Theseus -- you're as good a jester as a singer -- isn't he? I'll send you an invitation! -- (leaves happily)

(3 distinguished gentlemen now appear to left of Theseus -- lights now change -- effect of semi-spotlight on Theseus and the 3 men -- to give feeling they are talking so as not to be heard in general -- while banquet continues somewhat darker behind them)

Cadmus: May we have a word -- Theseus?

(Theseus comes a bit closer -- now light change effect)

[ MUSIC : quiet, haunting strains from ‘Memory’ ]


Your presentation, Theseus -- very intriguing --

Borius: Yes, very intriguing --

Cadmus: Almost haunting, as a matter of fact . . .

Borius: Indicating something lost . . . and yet  a great desire to find it again --

Cadmus: Something like your 'closed circle' technique -- in the arena . . .

Borius: Yes, -- we thought it was lost -- but now -- we see it's found again --

Cadmus: And we were thinking -- it would take much more than ‘a simple  bull-dancer’- to do that --

Borius: Even in your song, Theseus -- we do not think you’re just a

“bulldancer” --

Theseus: Well, Gentlemen, and what do you think? uh -- in the song --

Cadmus: We think, you are an empire -- and there are people you should meet --


(All three extend hands briefly, - then they all exit stage left, as spotlight now shifts over to Rhadamanthos' table)


Melichor: Word from the Emperor’s bodyguard -- the illness seems to be spreading

Other: Hasn’t shown his face in a week --

Melichor: As we projected -- Consul.

Rhad: What else?

Draker: ( reporting to table) Final tally, Consul -- trade for Greece is dead -- 36

votes -- more than we need --

Rhad: Yes -- more than we need -- but less than we want --To make all the

changes -- Gentlemen -- we need a war in the first year -- before spring --

we need those 40 votes --

Malabar: Well -- Consul -- bodyguards can be careless --

Rhad: Peacefully, Exeter -- peacefully --

Mel-choir: There is an option, Consul - 5 Senators --no current income -- whatsoever.

Rhad: What about credit?

Melichor: None -- we've seen to that --

Rhad: Well then -- Why aren't they withdrawing their Senate deposits --

Melichor: It seems they've found a second income for the time being -- wagering   on the Bulldance, of all things --

Rhadamanthos: (incredulous) The Bulldance -- ?

Melichor: Yes, and they've been winning -- but always on one particular team --

Rhadamanthos: (suspicious) . . . and which particular team ??

Melichor: [ gestures dramatically to offstage ] His team --

(Rhadamanthos slaps table with recognition, excitement building now)

Rhadaman: Tell me -- do we still have a man in the Temple Stable Guard ??

Melichor: We have a Man everywhere, Consul --- this one handles the feeding of the animals…….

Malabar: But we could only use him once...

Rhad: Once will be quite enough, I think -- Are you feeling lucky, my friend -?

Melichor: Quite so, Consul -- but I think our opponents luck is about to run out -- not to mention their deposits --

Rhad: Yes, my friend -- shall we make the arrangements then -- any time in the

next week ?

Melichor: Consider it done, Consul -- ‘ Here, Here ‘ -- [ tinking glass for Toast ]

Rhad: Ladies and Gentlemen -- may we offer a toast ..... to the Future .....

.............of the Cretan Empire ....

( All raise glasses in salute -- ‘here,here’- ‘to the future’ etc. -- as lights go down on Banquet -- curtain closes-- MUSIC rises -- Emperor’s Theme- ‘Imperator’ )



Scene 11- Village Children --- 6 mins.

Scene Summary --

The three close friends -- Reeba, Boca and Slade -- now realize that

even if they are given their freedom after a period of service in the Cretan Bulldance -- there will be no life for them in the villages of their homeland --- and that their friend and mentor, Maicedonia --- will probably choose to stay with the Omazon girl, Sinjah -- and not with them.

[ ‘Free-thinkers’ theme music plays as lights go up on Perius and Tarku -- in conversation with Boca and Slade-- as Reeba stands alone to the side, unhappy]


Perius: In less than a month we’ll have our gold -- and freedom !--

Tarku: Then we’re gonna run a ship-- off the Levantine coast--

Boca: But we already told you -- we’re gonna have a silk shop in Babylon --

Tarku: Right -- that’s all part of the plan – we’ll be your suppliers !--

Slade: O-o-h -- suppliers

Perius: Sometimes we stay with you [outward gesture]

Tarku: Sometimes you come with us [sincere, inclusive gesture]

Boca: [quickly conferring to Slade] Well – that could be acceptable --

Slade: Yes, and we’d get to travel as well --[cut off]


Reeba: [harsh, breaking in] You don’t know anything about running a ship --!!

Perius: Doesn’t matter, we can learn -- Maice says if you believe in yourself, you can do any -- [cut-off]

Reeba: You only believe in yourselves when he’s around -- Same as us !!

Tarku: He said he would wait for us --

Reeba: He’ll be waiting alright -- for Her -- not us !

Perius: He never said that, Reeba --

Reeba: He doesn’t have to --

Tarku: [flustered at this] You --You’re wrong, Reeba --!

Perius: [ to Boca and Slade] We have to go -- something in the catacombs --

the Athenians -- Maice said to keep an eye out --

Slade: [subdued] See you at kurfew -- [all four touch hands here]

Perius: Kurfew ---

Tarku: [ exiting, still upset, jaw clenched]   I said you’re wrong, Reeba !

[ Perius and Tarku now gone ]

Boca: [scolding] Why do you talk like that Reeba ?!

Slade: You know how it’s been for them .... and us --

Reeba: [regretful now, looks down] .... … I know .......


[ instrumental opening to Song starts here / oboe/strings –mood ]

Boca: If we were home -- we would have been betrothed this year ---

Slade: .... Late summer .... just before the village harvest ---

Boca: ..... ‘Autumn Signs’ ....

Slade: .... ‘ Demeter’s Moon’ ..... [nostalgic]

Reba: You know we can never go back..... after they sent us here ....

Boca: Then where, Reeba --- ?

Slade: Where do we go ??

Reeba: Don’t you see ... everything would have been different if not for Her ...

.... I mean ..... if ..... if he were mine ...

Boca: .... Or even -- if he were mine --- [insistent]

Slade: [more insistent] Or mine !

Reeba: [quietly] ......... I know ...

[ the three touch hands -- heads bowed -- then Reeba steps forward-- song]

SONG -- “ If You Were Mine” Track 11 - CD



SCENE 12 -- Dark Meetings 2 mins.

Scene Summary

In a dark hallway of the catacombs, Theseus and the Athenians quickly

plan a secret meeting of the "team dancers" to support the Rebel attack on

the city of Knossos -- by opening the city gates from the inside.

Setting Spotlight in front of curtain - dark everywhere else -- “Midconversation”

opening: quick, urgent –[ ATHENIANS’ Music]

Archimedes: She’s still in the house of healing -- It’s her leg again --

Cassie: But she gets out tomorrow --

Sam: And she’ll be with us --

Deirdre: We’re sure --

Theseus: Alright -- the Rebels have the Militia -- but everything depends on the

diversion . . . and surprise -- They pick the day and the time --

Archimedes: It has to be before Kurfew --

Theseus: They need us to open the city gates -- But we’d have to beat the palace

guards -- What about weapons?

Archimedes: Copper, Theseus -- from the old storerooms --

Deirdre: We can hide ‘em in the Supper Hall -- but they’re Copper --

Ajax: We’ll be OK -- with all the team dancers- we’ll be a hundred strong --

Theseus: Palace guard is 300 --

Ajax: (quickly) But we won’t run into all of them --

Theseus: Maybe not . . . But our chances would be better -- maybe double if ...

[ takes a breath ] if we had Maice and the others --

Ajax : There’s no-o WAY !!

Archimedes: They’d never support us, Theseus --

Ajax: We couldn’t trust him!

Cassie: Maybe there’s a chance --

Ajax: What chance!?

Sam: Well, because we think Sinjah . . . and Maice --

Cassie: We just think------

Ajax: Yes ???

Deirdre: We think . . . maybe . . . they’re in love --

Ajax: What !? You’re – you’re crazy! (pacing now)

Sam: That’s why she always stays so late in the far practice court --

Deirdre: She’s waiting for him!

Ajax: (pointing) I don’t believe it -- I’ve never seen them together --

Archimed: (analyzing) Omazon custom -- never show affection in public --

Cassie: And we think he’s been helping her -- how to train the vaulters --

Archimed: That would explain how she does it so fast --

Cassie: Remember how nervous she was at first --

Deirdre: But she settled down after -- I wonder if --

Ajax: I’m telling you I’m against this!

Cassie: We think there’s a chance --

Deirdre: Maybe -- if Sinjah asked him -- (looks at Archimedes)

Archimedes: Maybe -- [Deirdre nudges him/  Could be a ... possibility --

Ajax: Possibility!! [incredulous] -- No way on earth!

Theseus: Alright . [ to Ajax ] . . we leave it at maybe, for now --

Cassie: Theseus, we called a meeting of the team leaders -- tonight --

Sam: Down in the catacombs --

Deirdre: Just the leaders --

Theseus: After I see the princess -- I’ll be there --

Archimedes: Theseus -- we know the plan is high risk --

Deirdre: What do you think we should tell them --

Cassie: About the future?

Theseus: (pause)  The future ? ..We tell them that the Future is Now! ..”Athens”---

[All point to each other as exiting opposite sides -- lights go down]

Others: ATHENS ---!!  



Scene 13- “Slowdown” --- 8 mins.

Scene Summary :

Maice and his friends believe Theseus and the Athenians are planning a

large-scale escape attempt. Whereby Maice leads the group in the dance chorus

number "Slowdown" -- which is meant as a warning to all the other

athletes not to follow Theseus -- or self-appointed leaders in general. But

they are unaware that the "escape plan" is really an actual alliance between

the Bulldancers and the rebel forces against Rhadamanthos.


Setting : Curtain Opens: Maice and the ‘free-thinkers’-- very anxious, pacing.

Perius and Tarku apparently just arrived; urgent, almost breathless.

“Mid-conversation” feeling:


Maice: Down in the catacombs?

Perius: Yeah --Just like we thought -- the Athenians --

Tarku: and 22 people -- besides them --

Maice: (quickly) And what did you hear?

Perius: We couldn’t get close enough --

Reeba: What do you think now, Maice?

Maice: (now refocuses; others lean close) Alright -- it’s all adding up -- . . . I think

. . . it’s an Escape! --

Reeba: With 22 people?!

Boca: That’s crazy!

Maice: Enough to run a Cretan ship--- And besides, He’d want to go back as a

hero--- to get support for his city--

Perius: (discerning, agreeing) That’s how it is --

Reeba: They say it’s for the country --

Tarku: But it’s all for them and their own --

Perius: Maice -- What if they get caught! -- And drag us down too!?

Maice: That wouldn’t happen --

Reeba: (steamed, pleading) Maice -- We’ve all got less than a month to go --

Boca: (panicked) What about our future!?

Tarku: What about our gold!?

Maice: (almost over-run) It won’t affect us --

(All still upset -- Maice can’t control – as they erupt)

Slade: I say we turn ‘em all in ! Everyone at the meeting --

Tarku: We gotta look out for US --!!

Maice: But t hey’re not doing anything to US -- They’re just makin’ a choice -- to

survive -- because of what he’s telling them --

Perius: Then we turn HIM in -- him and the Athenians ! –

ALL : Right ! That’s it ! Let’s go !

Maice: [over them] We’re not doin’ that either –

Reeba : Well what do we do then -- NOTHING  ?!!

Tarku: [ pent up emotions now coming out]   Maice, we don’t even know where    YOU’RE GOING after this !!

Boca : He’s right, Maice – you NEVER talk about it !!


[ Others react to outburst – tension – hands on belts – looking away]

Perius: [lower] It’s true, Maice … .

Maice: [ surprised, needs a breath here ] … Listen .. I’m not abandoning anyone

[looks around -- all looking down ] .. Do you understand me ?? Tarku ? ..


Tarku: [looks up,very upset - pointing]  All I know is .. I’m sick and tired of being nothin’ in this World, Maice -- and goin’ nowhere !! Goin’ nowhere --


Perius: [sees the emotion ] … Tark ---

Reeba: [ concerned – big sister ] … hold on, Sport –

Tarku: [turned away – muffled] …. bloody hell ..

Boca; He’s right, Maice --

Slade: That’s how it feels sometimes ...goin’ nowhere--

[Maice holds up hand – knows it’s up to him]


Maice: [ to Tarku] …Listen to me -- You’re not ‘nothin’ and you’re not going nowhere --  All of You !! We’re gonna beat this place  and we’re gonna have a real life -- just like we always said --if it’s the last thing I ever do !! -- You think I  could forget all we been through here ??

Others: [sheepish]  “ Well -- No.. not really.”. “don’t think so”  .”.not saying that “..

Maice: [passionate] You think I could ever stop caring about you- even a little?

Others: [clearly touched now- drawing closer]]  “ No Way, Maice -- Never -- Uh-uh- --Wouldn’t - Couldn’t  happen”

Maice: Still with me then ??

Others: Still with ya’, Maice !! [all in for a group hug, Tarku not inside]

Perius: … Tarku ?? …

Tarku:  Well let me in there, Will Ya !! [pushes in]

Reeba, Boca, Slade: [toussling his hair - happy]  Kamm on, Big Fellow !!

Maice: Are we the Best ??

Others: [ loud-- all hands in hi-5}   BEST !! Damn right - alright

Tarku: [still vulnerable]   Always,  Maice ??

Maice:  [to all] Listen to me - --- Always--


Others maybe realizing they’re older now – seeing Maice at his limit first time

ALL: Together – [ hands altogether down and up –then pointing] – “ Always “—


[ lights and mood  change here]

Reeba: Make the call, Maice -- what do we do about this ??

[ all coming forward -stage now – Maice thinking- anticipation]

Maice: What do we do ? – … what we do is …we tell them what we know ---

what we’ve always known …about ‘Leaders’ --

Perius: What do you mean, Maice ?

Maice: Simple -- we’re gonna put out a warning -- to everyone at the meeting -

{ looks out over audience—gestures across—as if addressing them}

- Everyone out there -- that they’re only being used---just like always---

(Others perk up now again -- Yeah – that’s right -- you know that’s right ]

Maice: So he says he’s got a fast ship, sun in the sky, all the way home -- . . . but

they better think about it first --

Perius: (demonstrative) Better watch it, Vade --


Reeba: Better step back ,Vade---

Bocca: ‘Cause you’re gonna lose --

Slade: You’re gonna fall

Maice: So you better just -- Slowdown --

(Music starts:)

Song: SLOWDOWN Track 12 - CD

High energy dance number -- Maice sings stage left or center -- Others formed out on either side -- Song ends with eerie, descending stillness -- Conversation ensues:

All of them still in their final formation , facing audience, staring ahead --


Perius: Maice, the ones at the meeting , I remember now

-- they were the team leaders


Tarku: From the ones they trained -- that’s over half the bullcourt now -- a hundred

or more --

Reeba: (poignant) Maice, that’s definitely going to affect us --

(Maice turns head to each, but doesn’t answer --)

Perius: Maice --if it’s that big, --

Tarku: She’s gotta be part of it -- She’s one of them ! --

Maice: (Long pause -- hands clench and unclench -- tight controlled voice:)

We’ll find out tonight --

Lights go down – low strings rise and fading out



Scene 14- The Ancient Door 7 mins.


Scene Summary :

Ailing and weary, Emperor Minos warns Theseus that even if the Rebels

win -- the pendulum will always swing back between the two great forces

of the world -- and also reveals a "final plan," a final gesture to help the

revolution [his own funeral] in his personal/exit song: "The King with No


Scene opens with Theseus and Ariadne in front of

curtain, mid-conversation -- urgent :


Ariadne: They sent him servants from Iberia -- last year -- that’s when the illness

started -- [may have been crying just before this]

Theseus: Iberia -- then that’s Rhadamanthos ...

Ariadne: The creeping disease -- that’s where it comes from --

Theseus: Something to work slow ... so he wouldn’t appear in public --

Ariadne: My father said he had a plan - a final plan - but I think he’s dying, Theseus -- I think my father is dying !! ... [starting to lose it]

Theseus: No, there’s still time [embracing, but sobbing Ariadne breaks away, exits]

..... We’ve still got time !.... [ calling after her ]  … there’s still time !!


[ Huge shimmering GONG now as curtain opens on the ‘Chamber of the King’--dark blue lighting, misty fog -- Minos visible on raised platform wearing Taurean Crown --almost looks like ‘the Minotaur’ ? -- torches and ‘sentinel guard’ on each side ]

[ deep, echoing voice ] :


Minos: Return for these orders -- when the moon is past its peak . . .

(guards, hands to chest -- then exiting with the scroll-orders in hand)

Theseus: (hand to chest) . . . “Imperatori” --

Minos: You may approach, Theseus -- The mask you see is not meant to intimidate

-- but the creeping disease . . . can be far less forgiving -- A gift, shall we

say -- from the opposition --

Theseus: Your daughter told me --

Minos: The enemy controls the port cities and all of the west -- in the great game

unfolding --

Theseus: Yes, sire -- and yet all of it could have been avoided - all of it - if not for

one man --

Minos: No, Theseus -- no leader leads by his own will -- but only by capturing what people already feel -- already want –and what they want ….. is More -

Theseus: More?

Minos: Yes, more than each other, more than other countries ----more than the last generation -- Simply More -- and the fear of having less – there are forces at work here --

Theseus: Forces? Yes, forces of greed, jealousy, pride, cruelty, arrogance -- All the

forces of evil --

Minos: (over-ruling) NO, Theseus-- there are but TWO forces in this world --

only two -- The one fueled by hope and the other by fear --

So you think of them as good and evil -- virtue and greed -- Yet both are real --

both will always be -- . . . ‘Ero and Logo’ ..... “Give” and “Take” --

Theseus: (off-balance) Give and take? --

Minos: For every person may Give -- But every person MUST Take-- so to live --

there is compassion, and love -- but the NEED to SURVIVE -- Two forces, Theseus -- and the key to the Ancient Door --It is the balance between them --

Theseus: The Ancient Door?…… Then it’s up to every person --every country--to

seek out that balance -- whatever it takes --

Minos: Yes, Theseus -- but balance -- Real Balance-- we can only see it . . .

behind us -- Only in a memory ...... [voice ehoing even more now]

-- Only on the Pendulum where Give and Take equal happiness, only

there...... But there is no formula -- none that we can hold -- For the key to

the Ancient Door ----Does not Lie in This World --


Theseus: (subdued now, pause -- unarguable) Your daughter spoke of a plan, sire -- A final plan -- for the revolution --

(music starts here – French Horns – “The King with No Kingdom”)

Minos: All in good time, Theseus----

: I was like you once, -- You see the world -- through a young man’s eyes --

(stands up) So you must listen to me -- (Theseus to one knee-- stage left)


Song: “The King with No Kingdom” Track 14 – CD

See lyrics –some spoken parts between -- within the song, Minos will reveal the huge Cretan ‘pendulum’axe – and ask for Theseus’ help in creating a final ‘diversion’ to aid the revolution –

what he hopes to offer is his own funeral….


Scene 15- The Night of Wishes 8 mins.



Sinjah reveals to Maice the upcoming revolution – led by the Athenians -

and the need to help, then reinjures her wounded leg -- trying to keep Maice

from leaving. Sinjah returns to the "House of Healing" as Theseus arrives to

ask for Maice's support. But Maice appears to reject him and all other

nobles, finishing with the solo/destiny song: " In Sparta"

Setting Start --As music begins –

Music - The Nite of Wishes – track 15 – CD

Sinjah appears in the starlight shadows of the empty practice arena,

waiting for Maicedonia, then gracefully exercising the injured leg,

dancing -- Maice enters but hesitates behind pillar in foreground before

stepping out, then Sinjah sees him, runs to him, embrace -- [ as music fades ]


Sinjah: Maicedonia, I am so scared you do not come tonight (affectionate

scolding) will you always make me wait and worry for you?

Maicedonia: (hesitant, serious) Your leg, I'm not sure it's all right yet.

Sinjah: (romantic, exuberant still) Of course it is all right, as everything will be

all right. (beckoning, turning now)


Look, Maicedonia, (gesturing to the high windows) the moon is out, and

the stars, it is a ‘Night of Wishes.

Maicedonia: (still within himself, restrained) It's not even spring yet.

Sinjah: Why do you speak this way -- when there is so much I have to tell you.

Maice: And there’s something I have to ask you - there's a rumor about an escape


Sinjah: Escape? And -- you think I could leave this place without you?

Maicedonia: (harsh, anguished) It’s planned by Theseus!!

Sinjah: (confused, urgent) Theseus? escape.

Maice: What?

Sinjah: Maicedonia -- there will be a revolution in this place --

Maice: . . . Revolution!? -- What ? -- what are you talking about?

Sinjah: (searching for the words, urgently) There is a new empire coming. We

would not be free, (blurting out now) and then they go to the main-land --

Maice: Theseus and his friends -- they told you this?

Sinjah: They would not lie -- I trust my life with them.

Maice: And what about our life? Our future?

Sinjah: He said it was the only way, the right way, if all of us help --

Maice: Oh, and you want me to help-- Send a hundred people to follow him? And

what if they all die? Is that the right way?

Sinjah: I do not know what is the right way. -- If there is a way to be together --

then that is the right way.

Maice: Don't you see? We could have been together! -- If they do this, then

nobody gets out of here --

(Maice turns away, thrusts her with the last impassioned word. Sinjah stumbles with a

whimper on the leg).

Sinjah: Please, Maicedonia. [ Maice turns back as she falls into arms)

Maice: What's wrong!? What’ve I done ??—It's your leg !! .

(Stoops down immediately. Frantically examining bandage)

Sinjah: It is nothing . . .

Maice: It's opened up again -- Almost to the muscle --

Sinjah: It is alright -- I cannot even feel it -- now --

Maice: Can’t even feel it ??---(looks up) -- I'm not letting you dance like this

tomorrow --

Sinjah: (feminine, brave) But -- I would have to ask --

Maice: You're not dancing on one leg -- I'm taking your place. Do you


Sinjah: (quickly) But what -- what will you tell Theseus?

Maice: I'll tell him what he needs to hear -- Now you’ve gotta to get back -to the

House of Healing----

Sinjah: Then...Promise you meet me here tomorrow. Promise we find a way --

Maice: (hand to head) Yes-- No -- .... I'll try.

Sinjah: (urgently,) Promise me!

Maice: Yes, I promise! Now you have to go back -- don't put your weight on it --

(Sinjah withdraws maintaining eye contact, quick turn and exit.)

Maice: (Calls after her...) And tell them to use the double bandage --

(Long shadow of Theseus falls across stage now, Maice turns to face:)

Theseus: Well, I wasn't sure you'd come --

Maice: ( barely constrained) I’ve heard all I want to hear --

Theseus: Sometimes it pays, to stay a little longer ......

Maice: And just why would you say that? --

Theseus: Well …once I traveled near Sparta -- heard of a student in the city --

swordsman -- He could beat all of the teachers and all of the masters ---

and all the children said ‘oh yes, greatest athlete the city’s ever seen --’

Wish I could have stayed to hear more --

Maice: [pause, searching for response].... And so ? [ borrowed from Sinjah ? ]

Theseus: So now the time and place are different, but still they say:

‘greatest athlete the city’s ever [cut-off] --

Maice: { interrupting] Well, maybe you should’ve stayed -- they would’ve told

you he was no good -- to the city or anyone else -- that he followed his

own music, not -- somebody else’s drum -------

I don’t want her in that stadium tomorrow --I take her place !!--

Theseus: (pause) Maybe -- could be arranged -- for tomorrow --

Maice: And as long as it takes --


Theseus: And what if I told you it doesn’t matter then -- When the new order comes, everything they promised’ll be swept away -- And when they come to the

mainland, worse than all the nobles put together, for all of us -

Maice: All of us? And what do you know about us? You and your -- ‘Leaders’--

You’d say anything to get what you want --

Theseus: What do you mean?

Maice: [bitter, sarcastic] Every couple of years -- “Save our country", “ Save

our people”-- for what? To see which one of you lives in the castle --

That’s all -- (renewed) And no proof of anything but your own

guarantee. Well, who are you to ask? -- In fact, who the hell do you think

you are?

Theseus: Who do I have to be? By the time I had proof it’d be too late.

(passionate) I'm telling you we need you. And oh yes, -- everybody's free

to make their own choices in this world --

Maice: You’re damn right they are ! ..

Theseus: But if the right people don’t step up at the right time, then there’s

nothing worth having--!!- and I think you know that better than anyone --

Maice: [ silent reaction ... turns away ]

Theseus: So maybe you’re not even asking who I am -- not really --(gets sword]

Maybe... the real question is --- Who --(throws sword) .... are you?!

Maice: (catches sword, but indignant) You can go to hell!

Theseus: (walking away, cape flowing) I know what I believe --

Maice: Oh, don't put that on me -- (gesturing with sword)

Theseus: [cool, crisp) I need an answer by tomorrow night ...(exiting)

Maice: You’ve already got one --you hear me !?--- You’ve already got one !!--

(Lights go down -- Maice still has sword, then ----at centerstage ... music starts )

Maice: Oh, how they would love you in Sparta, Theseus -- you are so like them -

How you draw your lines for men to fall one side or the other --

good or bad -- whileyou call the tune --

Song - My Friends in Sparta Track 13 - CD


Maice has the sword for opening flourish – but then lays it down at center before going to lyric. Very pensive movement in 1 st half – going to one knee or crouch at edge of stage like ‘story-teller’ to the audience just before instrumental – during which he will pick up the sword for dramatic ‘sword-dance’ ---

which must convey both the athletic flash and skill – but mostly the anguish and shame he actually feels for the ‘facts of war’. He drops the sword at ‘the audience feet’ at the end of this display – then continues lyric expressively, sometimes looking at ‘the stars’ – but will pick up the sword one more time at center for the very last lyric……and lites out



Scene 16- The Last Promise 7 mins.

Scene Summary :

The bulldancing event in which Maice replaces the injured Sinjah unfolds

like an ancient radio broadcast over "The Talking Pipes." -- with Perius interpreting the staccato tapping coming all the way from the stadium event.

Final outcome:

Maice dies while ironically saving Theseus' life. Sinjah arrives, unable to

accept Maice's death in her final tragic song "Maice" which appears to bring

together the formerly hostile factions representing Theseus and Maice.


Setting : Early evening, the Supper Hall : a number of athletes filter in from the

main practice court to serve themselves at the long trestle table -- but the

focus of attention is on the raised landing behind where the ‘Freethinkers’--

Reeba, Boca, Slade, Perius and Tarku -- are anxiously gathered

around the large, Cretan water conduits -- “the talking pipes” -- from

which a steady tapping can be heard; and Perius, bending close, appears

to be getting a sort of ‘live report’ from someone ‘reporting’ at the stadium .


Reeba: I don’t feel like waiting anymore --

Boca: (very impatient) When is it gonna start? -- can’t they just say when it’s

gonna start? --

Perius: They’re waiting for the ruling -- I told you --

Slade: It should have been cancelled -- as soon as it looked like rain --

Tarku: (more thoughtful) But they won’t -- the betting is too heavy --

Boca: Because Maice is in it --

Dancer 1: Or, because he’s dancing with the best team --

Reeba: No-o- (very sarcastic) -- Because he’s the best, period! --

Boca: Ever! And he shouldn’t even be out there --

Slade: (bitter) All because of Her --

Perius: (holds up hand) Wait -- it looks like they’ve got a ruling -- (more tapping)

It’s coming through -- Yes -- Alright -- I think they’re ready --


CROWD REACT –[ all converge to bottom platform steps]

Boca: (leaning close, breathless) Already!?

Perius: Quiet! (very urgent, more tapping) They’re going ahead -- now -- this is it -

- wait -- the flag is up --

Slade: The flag is up?! (leaning in -- five or six more come closer  to listen)

Joti: It’s not cancelled?! They’re starting --


Perius: Quiet!

(Now distant trumpet and roar of crowd --DANCERS EXCITED AFTER EACH

Perius: The gate is up -- wait -- something is wrong -- the bull’s out too fast, he’s

already charging . . .

CROWD REACT:Already charging?

Perius: Wait -- there’s been a hit -- someone is down already --


Reeba: Who is it? Who is it?

Perius: I don’t know who -- wait -- someone else now . . . grabbing the horns --


Perius: I don’t know -- it’s moving too fast -- Wait -- He’s in trouble -- they’re

going to the wall --


Perius: They can’t stop him -- He’s pinned at the wall -- They can’t get him free !

- They can’t get him free !

RBS: (frantic) What’s happening? -- what’s happening?

Perius: (shouting back) I can’t tell -- wait -- the flag is up -- wait -- (then urgently)

There’s been a DEATH  !!



RBS: [frantic now] Who is it? Who is it? Can’t they tell who it is?

Perius: Be quiet -- I can’t hear! Wait -- the handlers are out -- they’re coming out!

Wait now . . .

Reeba: What Perius -- what?!

Boca: Call ‘em back --

Slade: Call ‘em back --


Perius: Alright -- wait -- be quiet -- Ssh-sh

RBS: Ssh-sh-

Others: Ssh-sh-sh

Perius: (tapping 1-1,2,3 . . . 1-1,2,3 - )

Return: (1,2,3-1 . . . 1,2,3-1)

[ LOW, OMINOUS Music Chords HERE ]

CROWD REACT: Ssh-sh -- Ssh-sh

Perius: (tapping 1-1,2,3 . . . 1-1,2,3 -)

Return: (1,2,3-1 . . . 1,2,3-1)

(Perius staggers two steps forward, drops the heavy medallion, and freezes in utter shockand disbelief:)

Perius: IT’S MAICE -- !!

The name, pronounced -- is traumatic -- Perius and Tarku slumping to one knee, Boca clutching her stomach, Slade covering her ears, and Reeba -- face buried in her hands --

RBS: MA-ICE ?!! (incredulous whimper)

CROWD REACT: Maice -- it’s Maice -- Maice is dead! -- Maice is dead! --

That’s what they said -- No way! -- Can’t be -- No, it’s true --

(Reeba,Boca, Slade, Perius, Tarku go into close huddle -- sinking to one knee)


(Tapping continues with Diomedes now interpreting at the water pipes -- )

Diomedes: Theseus - Theseus is still alive --because Maice . .Maice saved his life!

Get everyone in from the far practice court !!


(Some dancers leave --  Olivieri sweeps in with two of his assistants:)

Olivieri: We need bandages -- and astringent -- anything you’ve got!

Manuelo: Capt. Olivieri ?! …What the hell is happening?

Olivieri: They wouldn’t take him at the House of Healing --

CROWD REACT: Why not? Who said? What’s going on?

Olivieri: I don’t know why! -- they turned him back over to us --

CROWD REACT: What can we do? How bad is it?!

Olivieri: Broken ribs and a nasty gash -- but I think I can help -- I’ll do what I can -

(sweeps out again)


Now Ajax, Cassie, Sam, Deirdre, Archimedes enter limping and hurt:

CROWD REACT : What happened?! How did it happen ?! (general murmuring)

Ajax: I tell you there was something wrong!

Cassie: The bull came right at us --

Sam: (bitterly) Even before the trumpet --

Ajax: He got to Theseus before we could form the circle -- but Maice went for the

head --. .

Cassie: That’s when the bull went crazy . . .

Sam: He dragged us all to the wall . . .

Ajax: (head down, grimacing) But Maice . . . Maice was on the horns!

[The crowd shudders in reaction to this ]

Sam: I tell you there was something wrong . . .

Cassie: The restraints broke as soon as he came out – the hobble was off --!

Zenja: (ominously) That’s never happened before . . . ever . . .

Dorian: Nobody can fix the wagering -- Nobody! They have laws about this--

Shandrika: Laws ? They’ll do anything they want----

Claris: Because we’re nothing to them ---!!

Manuelo: { excuse-like } It never happened before --

Cassie: If Maice hadn’t been there . . .


Sam: It would have been over --- .

Deirdre: (solemnly) He must have known if he went for the head . . . he wouldn’t

have a chance . . .

Ajax: (stonefaced, ashamed) I was wrong about him, all this time -I was wrong

(Then Ajax looks over to the elite dancers -- Reeba, Boca, Slade, Perius and Tarku --rising up now -- washed out)

Ajax: I don’t understand . . . why did he do it . . . Why did he save his life?

[ with a long, grim sigh -- Perius attempts to frame an answer -- staring ahead)

Perius:  Maice always said .... everything’s a matter of choice .... You don’t have to do anything in this world-- unless you think it’s worth it ------ for you ......


[then Reeba finishes the thought -- soberly -- sadly --)

Reeba: He . . . he must have thought -- (choked up, resignedly) ... it was worth it --

She looks to Ajax, Cassie, and Sam – who bow their heads --

Sinjah: (off-stage) Maicedonia . . . Maicedonia!


CROWD REACT Murmuring -- seem perplexed now as to what to do -- looking at each other and the ground -- Sinjah arrives stage right -- stops short -- pauses -- then goes to Ajax:

Sinjah: Ajax, where is Maicedonia? . . . Has he come back with the others?

Ajax: (weakly) He . . . he didn’t come back with us --

Sinjah breaks past Cassie and Sam to stage right, calling out to the emptiness beyond:

Sinjah: Maicedonia? !!

But Deirdre gently blocks her way -- slowly intoning:

Deirdre: You don’t understand -- he didn’t come back . . .

Sinjah: Then he is only fooling you -. . . I will find him myself! --

(already fighting back the tears and the mounting realization -- as Sam and Cassie

attempt to converge from the other side)

Sam: Please, Sinjah -- you have to come with us now . . .

Cassie: . . Please . . .

But the young girl breaks away in panic, wide-eyed now -- refusing to believe:

Sinjah: No! You don’t know-- He made a promise to me !!


[ Here the two groups now recede , heads bowed, to backstage - as lights go down


Sinjah: (stage right) .... Maicedonia! (stage left) .....Maicedonia!!!

Then, suppressing the pain with both hands to her temples, pivots back to

center stage with a final plea that echoes out over the audience :

........ MAICE !!! .......


SONG : ‘MAICE’ Track 16 - CD

As the ‘music box’ quality of the song opens up -- the pain seems to recede from the young girl’s mind -- the hands coming away from the temples -- allowing her to cling to her own wishful reality -- for now--

She begins to sing against the silent, silhouetted forms of the others -- and by the end of the song it appears the rainstorm, threatened earlier, has arrived with full thundering power of effect -- diminishing to a steady rain by the end of the song -- as the curtains close and the others converge around her -- the two formerly hostile groups joining from left and right in stage center-- hands on shoulders -- slumping to kneel positions.

NOTE : Choreography -- at midway point of song -- instrumental section ---Reeba, Boca and Slade join Sinjah at centerstage -- acting out the grief and the ‘mock search’ for Maice to stage right and left -- then racing to form ‘support--backdrop’ posture behind her up on platform during the peak and finish of Song.



Scene 17- The Battle 8 mins.

Scene Summary

An injured Theseus awakens to a grim update from from his comrades who

are now locked in the Bullcourt by Rhadamanthos on the eve of his

coronation -- apparently fully aware of their plans -- as the rebels launch a

hopeless attack on the city – with no one to open the gates.

The Athenians and FreeThinkers lead all of the Bull-dancers in a final chorus  [SONG: One Way Home]  before the palace army inevitably arrives in what will be a hopeless last stand.

Theseus' final, desperate prayer is interrupted by a massive earthquake --

opening the huge, stone 'curfew' doors -- as the Bull-dancers escape. The

curtain closes,[while ‘Earthquake Overture’ plays ---  then reopens on the coronation chamber and a final sword confrontation between Theseus and Rhadamanthos.


Setting :  Dark Stage -- painful moaning  can be heard in the darkness -- dim cone of light over Theseus on stretcher, center stage -- friends gathered:


Deirdre: We’re sorry, Theseus -- we have to change the bandage --

Theseus: What . . . (breathless) . . . What day is it?

Archime: Two days after the Bulldance, Theseus -- It was fixed, just like we thought --

Ajax: We’ve gotten word over the pipes -- Five Senators -- bankrupt --

Cassie: They’re holding an emergency council meeting -- after the murder of Minos -

Theseus: But -- Minos wasn’t murdered!

Sam: But that’s what they’re saying --

Cassie: Must’ve had a spy in the Emperor’s guard --

Archime: Doesn’t matter, Theseus -- He has the 40 votes -- he’s to be sworn in today -

Deirdre: He’s to marry the princess --

Theseus: The Princess ? What about the Rebels?

Archimedes: They couldn’t wait --

Ajax: We’ve been getting reports over the pipes all day -- There’s a large force

coming up from the middle valley -- headed for the city --

Theseus: Then somebody’s got to open the gates -- (trying to rise up)

Ajax: (holds gently) Can’t, Theseus -- We’re locked in -- they must’ve known

we’re involved -- from their spies -- All the doors are sealed --


Cassie: The whole garrison’s up on the walls -- waiting for the rebels --

Theseus: But with no one to open the gates -- they won’t have a chance -- they’ll be

slaughtered . . . (friends heads go down) -- and then they’ll come for us --

.........looking for conspirators --


( friends attitude -- have already accepted situation-- but sympathetic to Theseus )

Ajax: They said they’re gonna hold public trials --

Cassie: Promising a lifetime of gold to anyone who testifies -- against the rest --

Sam: Trying to split us up --

Perius: But it won’t work --

Tarku: .... Because it’s not enough --

Theseus: Not enough?

Boca: Because we’re worth more than that --

Slade: More than gold --

Reeba: All of us --

Perius: Right down to the last one --

Theseus: (ominous) The last one -- ??

Boca: And that’s what they’ll have to remember --

Slade: From here …. all the way to the Mainland ---

Perius: Only one regret, Theseus -- I would’ve liked to see your city --

(Maice’s friends now proceed to backstage darkness)

Cassie: We gave out all the copper weapons, Theseus --

Sam: The ones in the catacombs --

Ajax: And we can jam the doors when they come, Theseus -- to slow them down -- So it’ll cost them, Theseus -- Cost them alot---

(now withdraws after hand to shoulder)

(now audience can hear banging of the chisel bar -- against the door]


Archimedes: Progress on the main door, Theseus --

Theseus: The Main door?

Archime: We‘ve chiseled out 3” so far -- since morning --

Theseus: (still in shock) 3”? . . . Out of how much?

Archimedes: About 36 -- But Ajax has a theory -- Sometimes you hit a place in the stone --where all the different veins come together -- and everything shatters --

everything falls apart ....... Do you think he could be right for once ?

Theseus: (devastated, very poignant) Yes . . . Yes, I think he could be .....

Archime: Ha --I knew you’d say that ...uh ... don’t ever change, Theseus....[ironic]


[ DEEP LOW CHORDS can now be heard for upcoming SONG [

Cassie: Theseus, Deirdre made up a final prayer for everybody ..... for the battle

......whenever you’re ready --


(Now the lights change -- Theseus slumps to kneel, head resting on one knee -- lights off of Theseus but now they come up behind him -- Misty Blue-ish glow on all dancers 40-50 -- arranged like “tabernacle choir”on platform steps leading

to the large Stone ‘Kurfew Door’ at center top.

Deirdre clearly visible at lower front-- like ‘choir-director’ -- back to audience ---

strikes pose --raises hands dramatically with the Indo-European phrase:

“ MANNA-BAE ....E-tu … NEDT-ZEA .. [then translated]: .. “ JOIN HANDS” ....

ALL Dancers join hands-- as MUSIC CHORDS rise -- but Deirdre stops -- pauses -and repeats request with a wide, inclusive gesture -- “ Manna-bae.. etu.. Nedzea”

then turns back as “CHOIR” repeats the climbing chant- lyrics to peak of SONG –

SONG : One Way Home - Track 17 – CD

At the end of the Song --- all come to stop as lights shift to Theseus at centerstage :

Low Music Chords only—supported by chorus with hum only :

[ background now changes]


Theseus: [ slumps to one knee -- low voice : ]

.... Please . . . do not let them die like this -- like animals … in a cage--

brothers and sisters !! -- (shiver, glance behind]


...... Whatever I am -- it was never enough .....

But -- Show them a way -- Give them a chance --

(desperate whisper) ..... Show them a way -- .....PLEASE ..

[pause-- then hoarse, final-- hands out, horizontal]

..... Show them a Way !

( looks up, then down -- hands slowly drop -- Resignation --Silence -- 2 SECS --THEN



(Theseus knocked flat as dancers seen hurled from steps -- 2-3 more Big Sound Effects - Pillars Fall -- ‘Kurfew Doors’ lean in -- totter - Screams)

SONG : Tremors - Track 18 – CD Cont’d thru dialogue

(after 1st crash)

Ajax: Earthquake --!!!

Archimedes: It’s under the city --!!

(then 2nd & 3rd crash -- screams)

Cassie: The door’s cracked --

Sam: It’s coming down!

(Dancers getting up -- Theseus also -- Door totters and fall -- orchestral MUSIC

continues here -- Rumbling continues --)

Deirdre: It’s open! It’s open --

Ajax: Get your weapons --

Theseus: Through the door -- head for the upper hall --

Ajax: (next to door, waving on) Come on -- Come on --

Cassie/Sam: NOW -- NOW -- Go! Go! --

Theseus: Head for the South gate! South gate -- Through the Royal Wing --

Reeba: Don’t stop for anything --!!

Perius: Don’t stop for anything !!! ... Come on – Come on –Come on

(Lights fading -- Music and Rumble come up -- Stage goes Black -- Curtains closing --Dancers get ready to re-enter from front-- Sound effects of battle -- cheering, etc.


Set change must occur in approximately 30 seconds -- Convert to Coronation room --

Curtains now re-open ---Then lights up on Rhadamanthos at Coronation, center stage --Ariadne next to Priests and Guards -- Golden Taurus Crown being put on

Rhadamanthos -- he stands up and turns --

Now bulldancers heard entering from wings entrance)

Guard: Force approaching, Consul --

Rhadaman: Call every guard in the wing! --- Send to the walls -- Cut them off --


(Dancers now on or entering stage, from each side – but encountering guards )

Ajax: Take the perimeter --

Cassie: Drive ‘em back --

Sam: Set ‘em back --

Rhadama: Guards -- Seal off the exit -- Send to the walls --

Theseus: Keep the perimeter -- Open the South exit --

(Dancer/Guard confrontation happens on each side of Stage -- mostly out of view)

(Rhadamanthos now taking off helmet -- to use as shield -also has ceremonial axe )

(Music shifts to lower-subdued-version -- Low pads of melody --string accents)


Rhadama: Well, Theseus -- we meet again -- Have you come to help us celebrate --

to raise your voice in song .... ?

Theseus: It seems I’m too late Consul -- (points to helmet --Taurean) “ The man becomes a Beast  “ who would raise his voice above all the others....”

(both squaring off now)

Rhadama: Only the Pretender is afraid to speak, Theseus -- to see the world as it really is-- my voice will never be silent --

Theseus: Then you will never hear the Truth --!!

Rhadama: (moving in with attack) ... Ha .. and you shall hear it soon --

(Two or three blows traded)

Rhadaman: You shouldn’t have stolen copper weapons, Theseus -- [2 blows axe]

Theseus: Why not?! (clang --)

Rhadaman: You’ll never build a world -- on Copper -- (knocks sword from Theseus]

Theseus: And you’ll never build one on Gold! (Kicks golden helmet- shield away

from Rhad )

Rhadaman: (re-attack; clang) You’ll never get the world you wish for, Theseus --

(clang) But I’ll  give you something else --(clang)

Theseus: [losing ground] .. Ajax! (clang)

(Ajax now in view on right, engaged in sword fight)

Ajax: Theseus --?!

Rhadamanthos: (clang) I give you the world as it really -- (clang)

Theseus: AJAX !

Rhadaman: As it really -- (clang--Theseus loses shield -- Rhad up on step)

Theseus: Ajax!

Rhadamanthos: (raising axe high over Theseus slumping on floor, clutching ribs )


(Now Ajax fends off soldier -- grabs sword and throws it into Rhadamanthos)

Ajax: “THESEUS!”

Rhadamanthos:  AS IT REALLY -- [sword hits]-- A-AH -- (cough)

As it really . . . (backs up to window ledge) -- I-- I-- I-- SS-- !! (falls out of view)


(Ariadne runs in from side now to hug Theseus, slumping)

Ariadne: Theseus!

Theseus: Princess!

Ajax: (running over) I was there, Theseus -- I was really THERE !! -- [high-5]

Archimedes: Exit is open, Theseus --

Cassie: They’re retreating --

Ajax: Abandoning the whole wing --

Theseus: Head for the South gate- go with the Rebels --Don’t stop for anything! --

(Dancers all converging from perimeter, rushing off stage left -- waving them on --)

Perius: It’s all open -- it’s all open --

Reeba: Don’t stop for anything --!! [ echoing by others]

(Lights out before stage is empty -- Music reaches crescendo in darkness, then fades)



Scene 18- The White Horse 3 ½ mins.

Scene Setting: On the docks of the port outside of Knossos -- as the tremors subside--


Scene Summary  : After the battle -- Theseus and Ariadne receive the "new alliance" from rebel leaders now in control of the city -- as the whole company boards the Cretan ship with the White Horse sail bound for Athens and.....the Future.....


  (Theseus and Ariadne entering from left with others as Archimedes, Ajax,

Cassie, Sam, Deirdre entering from right)

Ajax: The rest are coming down the hill, Theseus --

Archimedes: All accounted --

Deirdre: (very poignant) But for.... some losses . . .

(Ariadne embrace Deirdre -- whisper in ear -- she goes to ship with Archimedes)

( 2 Rebels quickly enter from left -- guards with provisions right behind -- go to ship -- start loading-- some dancers on ship)

Boreas: The city’s secure, Theseus -- most of the Garrison has fled --

Polynice: Now that they have no leaders left --

Theseus: What about the port cities ?

Boreas: Heavy damages from the earthquake--

Polynice: They might regroup -- But by then we’ll have a strong ally in the North --... here it is -- (now hands over scroll)

Boreas: The new council would be honored if the alliance could be sealed ‘in treaty’ by our own high priestess -- (looks at Ariadne)

Polynice: That is if you . . .

Boreas: (Cassie, Sam, Ajax looking).... or if both of you ... would ...think you wish-

Cassie, Ajax: They wish, they wish --

Theseus: (getting hug from Ariadne taking scroll) We’ll send back help to rebuild --

Rebels: (turning to go) And the first trade shipment, Theseus -- the first of many --

Theseus: The first --

Deirdre: (up on ship, calling down) Theseus, Princess --

Ajax: ‘ Libation ‘--

(All go up to ship edge -- Reeba, Boca, Slade, Sinjah, and Deirdre there)

Deirdre: Libation, Princess --

Reeba: (looks at others) As a blessing for the journey --

Sinjah: (very grave) And . . . and for those we leave behind --

(All four take off necklaces, hold out)

Ariadne: (ceremonial, with vase ) Life unto life -- to the Gods of Sky, and Goddess of Earth -- Days of future -- Days of past ....and those......Unforgotten --

R,B,S & Sinjah: ‘Unforgotten’ .... [ everybody bow heads )

(R,B,S and Sinjah hug -- put on necklaces)

Archimed: (up on mast) Theseus -- we need a point of return on the mainland -- the

different kingdoms -- They’re all over --

Theseus: (to all) Then we’ll have to take a vote .....where do we go first?

Perius: Already decided, Theseus --

Reeba: We’re looking for a new place --

Boca: A ‘new city ‘--

Ariadne: The new city, Theseus -- (opens her scroll) -- “ Look for the key where the white horse walks -- In the place where the gifts are gathered -- In the land

of the new city “........ Athens, Theseus -- ATHENS -

Reeba: We’ve got gifts to give -- [ sheepish, but sincere ]

Ajax: (hand on her shoulder) And there’ll be gifts to keep --

(dancers all whispering to each other, gesturing)

Archimedes: Final course, Theseus!

Theseus: (looks to all) It may not be paradise --

Perius: Don’t want to go back to the past, Theseus --

Tarku: Not like it was --

Reeba, Slade, Boca: Not like it’s been ....


(Music -- introduction of Overture starts)

Archimedes: Northeast breeze coming up, Theseus -- Final Course ?!

Theseus: Then ....... set course..... for the future, Archimedes -- (faces audience)

Archimedes: Up Sail --

Others: Up Sail --up sail --up sail-- (maybe hauling crosspiece to top)

Theseus: And set course for home --

Others: Set Course -- Set Course -- Set Course --

Theseus: (raises scroll with Ariadne ) We’re Going HOME!


All others: (throw headbands into air -- and altogather] : “ Sail Down --”

(Sail drops down --- as big down note of Overture kicks in)


( ‘Sailing Orders’ -- repeated as Overture continues -- Curtains closing and lights

starting to fade ]

Chants: Gangway -- Gangway -- Gangway -- (gangplanks come up)

Cast moorings -- Cast moorings -- Cast Moorings -- [ropes off]

Clear -- Clear -- Clear --

Oars -- Oars -- Oars

Theseus: Steady as she goes -- [turns with Ariadne]

Archimedes: Steady as she goes –

[ MUSIC goes way up as lights fade out]

Curtain Calls

(-- CURTAIN CALLS -- Curtains closed and lights out -- then lights back on --

Overture continue through first few Curtain Calls -- leading to specialized music for:

Athenians (strains of “The Bull-dance”)

Maice’s friends (strains of “The Bullcourt”)

Sinjah --looking, searching (strains of “Maice”)

Maice, backing in, turns around (strains of bridge of “Maice”)

then seeing each other; big embrace Maice & Sinjah

Athenians and ‘Free-thinkers’ form ‘sword colonnade’ -- Maice and Sinjah go through, Colonnade angles out -- Sword Canopy

Theseus and Ariadne walk through  sword canopy  to ending fan-fare of “Now” -- three bows then lift --guys and girls on last big hit -- -- Lights Out -- THE END


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